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All user reviews for the Taylor 110

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

Taylor 110
The Taylor 110 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar, without any pick ups or electronics. I don't know all of the woods that this guitar is made out of, but the neck is made out of mahogany. Since there aren't any pick ups, it doesn't have any setting controls or anything.


Playing the Taylor 110 is definitely a pleasure as it's an easy instrument to play. In general Taylor guitars don't have the best feel for me, but it's still very smooth and I find it easy to navigate up and down the neck without a problem. Since there aren't any parameters or settings to mess with, playing the guitar itself is your main concern! The guitar is about average in weight and size for a dreadnought acoustic guitar.


The sound of the Taylor 110 is vibrant and overall pretty full, but bright. It does have a well rounded sound, but my first impression of the guitar was that it was full bodied with a hint of brightness. I haven't done any recording with the Taylor 110, as I've only used it for practicing and messing around on. It definitely has the Taylor sound for those of you who have played Taylor guitars and are looking for that sort of vibe. I wouldn't say that the 110 is any better for one genre over another, as it will fit well in any situation where you'd want an acoustic guitar.


As far as mid level acoustic guitars are concerned, the Taylor 110 is really a great instrument. It's got a great blend of quality craftsmanship, playability, and sound, all for a price that is more than reasonable. While I'd rather have a Martin over a Taylor, I know plenty of people who would rather have a Taylor. The 110 must be a popular model because of it's high quality at this price. If you're looking to get some bang for your buck in an acoustic guitar, you'll definitely find a whole lot of it with the Taylor 110...

MGR/ASH's review"Taylor 110"

Taylor 110
Purchased from Cherry Hill Guitar Center for $500. I play mostly electric, but wanted a decent acoustic guitar to play when I don't have an amp around when I travel

I love the wooden neck. Other guitars in the range $500-$600 did not have the a wooden neck. This guitar is the perfect weight comes setup with very well. Once again other guitars in this price range were much heavier.

The fact that the back does not have a brace.

Ignoring the Taylor motto of "quality guitars," this guitar shows signs of great craftsmenship. The guitar has a laminate top and plastic binding. I looked for about an hour combing over every detail, but was unable to find a single flaw in this guitar. The 110 is full bodied acoustic that has tonal qualities of its more expensive Taylor lines.

This guitar is excellent right out of the box. It comes with a taylor gig bag that had thick padding and a large pouch. THe guitar has good quality tone. It comes with Elixer nanoweb light strings that reelly make this guitar sing. I would recommend this as a first acoustic for someone who is serious about playing guitar or as a second guitar to have around.

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MGR/Derek Mok10/25/2004

MGR/Derek Mok's review"Taylor 110"

Taylor 110
I played this guitar for half an hour at Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood.

I was just killing time in the acoustic section and started playing this one on a whim. I was surprised to find a beautiful-sounding and great-feeling instrument whose acoustic volume is probably loud enough to compensate for the lack of a pickup. And it's a lovely acoustic sound, with plenty of chime yet warm and detailed.

No cutaway, no pickup. This instrument was obviously meant more for personal use than gigging. Also, it's plain-looking, which probably contributes to its friendly price tag.

Great, no complaints. Typical Taylor quality.

For a guitar aimed at the beginner market, this is one fine instrument. Obviously upper-end Taylors would look and sound even better

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Ron's review"Taylor 110"

Taylor 110
I purchased this guitar in Waynesboro, Virginia at Tim Spears Music City. The cost was $560. This included the soft case. Tim has a large selection of Taylor guitars from the least expensive to the more expensive.

The 110 has a great price for a full size (dreadnaught) guitar. I have tried a number of Taylor and Martin Guitars. This guitar has a sound that compares with any of the more expensive guitars. It does have a solid spruce top with laminated side and back. The finish is flat and the back, side and neck have the appearance of Seagull guitars (a more natural look).

I had to try several before I found one that had a good sound. I also do not like Elixir strings which come standard. I switched from medium to light gauge and noticed little if any changes except it is easier to play and chord. A hardshell case would be nice, but the gig bag is okay (well made). It lacks some of the fancy designs of more expensive guitar but I really like the plain look.

The guitar appears to be constructed well. There is no back bracing but the back has an arch. I will install a mike or pickup later (AudioTechnica mike of a Fishman pickup with a preamp). I did not want a guitar with a hole in the side for pickup controls. This does not have a pickup system although the 110 does come with a stock pickup system. By the way, the intonation on this guitar, like all Taylors, is great.

This is an outstanding guitar for the price. Better than Martin's I have tried with similar price. It compares favorably with higher priced Taylors. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a full size guitar in a lower price range. It is much better than a number of cheaper guitar lines.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 110
Scale 650mm width at nut 43mm (this is the best rating that is in my opinion)
Made in Mexico, with obvious cost-saving research as in the finish ... simple as in the choice of materials: it is not I will remove the idea that it's tusq lambda plastic despite all About dythirambiques we hear everywhere on the web, rope end into the tusq by digging and sound loses a lot. I intend to put the bone.
the action is a little high, I have the 1.5mm down for better playability.


the handle is nice although 10mm longer than my ovation but with a width at nut 43mm which suits me well. form from C and ends in D. patina handle polishes quickly playing, which facilitates the movement not so obvious to First utilisation.L 'access to acute is that of a dreadnought and the sound is really nice, shiny, powerful with a slight lack of low in my opinion.


Impec for Britsh 60s pop-rock and folk.


A week, ie 40 hours.
no regrets.

cbrives's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best in this price for my taste."

Taylor 110
I'll let you visit the merchants for details of features, why make a copy and paste. The noteworthy points are probably handle very flat and very comfortable, I honed the action following the information booklet supplied with the guitar, and then arched back. The guys who try are always surprised by the contact of the bottom of the box.


It is a very light guitar, it looks like construction for aeronautics. In short, everything is made to sound.


I used to play folk and also more things ... anything else? How different, I love instrumental Gustavo Santaolalla for example. She has a very bright sound, especially if you keep up with the Elixir nanoweb, the original equipment of the era.


Purchase in 2005 so 7 years in my hands. To buy I had the chance a music store and can accept Grenoble to settle in an isolated room with guitars of my choice then I proceeded by elimination. I remember asking a half-day to avoid the hustle and bustle of Saturday. I also remember the selection of brands in the same budget. An electro Martin, a Guild, then a Yamaha Taylor. This is a really good memory these past two hours and I invite you to do the same. Good music.

patacha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 110
Made in Mexico.
Channel Sapele (similar to mahogany).
Massive table.
20 frets, body of moderate size.


Handle very nice, not very wide, which does not interfere in anything.
Action set correctly on the original model tested.
Rather light weight.
Access to acute as difficult as all Dreadnought without cutting.
This guitar is not hard to play, the sound is too "easy" to leave at the top or the bottom of the handle: no such decline in the high noise level, that we find on many of entry-level guitars.
I have not noticed anything regarding the curvature of the handle.


It can play anything convincingly: blues, folk, picking ... she never seems jettisoned.
Bright and balanced notes stand out well, and this remains the case even when played louder.
Good dynamic: it is possible to play softly or harder, the game variations are transmitted.


€ 619 bought in stores today in Bordeaux through comparisons with two entries range from Art & Lutherie (about 350 €) and Seagull (S6 for about 450 €).
No photo, the order price is met in terms of approval for gaming and sound quality. The Seagull is really good if you do not want or can not exceed 450 €.
But here, the Taylor 110 is easier, more brilliant and balanced ... Briefly, all better.
It is the result of reflection started two years ago to buy the first "folk" (I'm pretty electric). After testing LL6 Yamaha, Fender Ensenada, "small" Martin, Simon & Patrick, Cort, Guild (very good) ... I opted to purchase a piece of wood at 70 € on the net just to see, without regret. Today I am more able to understand what I expect from a folk and Taylor brings me 110.
This is subjective and I advise you to try in store first. I am very happy not to have put € 300 into a guitar two years ago because I still had some gaps in this price range.
Excellent value for money (600 €).

djspatule's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Taylor 110
- Made in United States
- The handle is plutt curve for comfortable gaming


The mahogany neck satin (not polished) is particulirement enjoyable. It is like wide, which does not limit the game to the rhythm and thus allow andother argpges pickings.
Access in acute particulirement is not difficult.
Ergonomics is good enough for a dreadnought and satinwood particulirement enjoyable touch to make it a great multi-purpose way.
- We obtain easily a good sound but paradoxically, it is quite difficult to get excellent because it really does not forgive mistakes.


- Sound is particulirement brilliant, profound, and powerful, making it a great rhythm guitar to accompany a singer who's voice!
- Resonance is really impressive and enjoyable.


- The purchase date for a big week ...
- I tried to beacoup MODELS before and it is, I think, the one with the sound with the most "characters." It is really brilliant trs. However, it requires a very strong left hand (which is certainly due to the curvature of the handle).
- The guitar comes with Elixir strings which makes the shift of the left hand particulirement enjoyable.
- I found it better than Martin and yet more Chres equivalents.