Korg Ddd-1
Korg Ddd-1

Ddd-1, Drum Machine from Korg in the DDD series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Korg Ddd-1

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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daril's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ddd-1
12 bits
separated out (I know how many)
twelve o'clock fullest old connection
pad or not sensitive to velocity


The 12-bit sound for any price!
The pads are sensitive to violence keuponne, not the velocity of the fingers of a golden pianniste RENOWNED ;) ))))
With a little distortion or a combo guitar saturates c is monstrous potato
grain of sound when you go up the pitch is daunting, it seems not even regular, long live the 12 bits!


C is sometimes the least that can be more, funk, hip-hop, d'n'b, tekno punk and even with the imagination. By combining low kick + tom + side stick can be a super kick hardtekno, especially with a disto behind!
J had no card on it but I'd really like to hear another sound bank. Sampler with the card to enter the big kick in the 12 bits that must be fortissimo!
J had no tables, but that is what I would use the separate outputs gets off with a set of guitar pedals!


Top, c is the kind of stuff indestructible al opposes new groovebox! And to paraphrase the other, heavier is better c you can hit with tjrs if its not working!
Ferocious super money if you have the place;)

michel_olivier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ddd-1
Bone BAR not well known with cool features:
_ 100 paterns
_ Sequencing real time or step
_ Four slot sounds kits expansion cards
_ Possibility of a card for sampler (but not found, I want a !!)
_ Decay setting and volume output
_ 7 separate outputs
Twelve o'clock _ In & OUT
_ Tap tempo
_ Trig out


Simple and effective.
Manual available on the forum


Although old school 12-bit
It's old-fashioned, but nice for electro with lots of possibilities with additional cards.
I have not the "electronic kit", but it seems that although tape (if someone wants to give me)


Good Bar, beefy and "fairly pro" provided with enough features (many outings, noon, settings ...) and that sounds good to electro.
She quotes a little because it is not widespread, but it is a good BAR (my rating is high, but I only compare to other BAR of the time and not a current analog BAR).