Korg Volca Beats
Korg Volca Beats

Volca Beats, Drum Machine from Korg in the Volca series.

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All user reviews for the Korg Volca Beats

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 3 reviews33 %
 4 reviews44 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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cf357's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent mobile accessory"

Korg Volca Beats
Notable features:

o MIDI input, but not out!
o Audio out mono
o Section "keys" but not tactile Management velocity
o Storage of 8 sequences: too light, especially without export
o No power sector provided! (Batteries included but it's something)
o The global hash functions or pattern ("share") of good quality
o The rest has already been widely said again:-)


Super subjective opinion, but probably consensual:

The use is top, very intuitive interface, and a few "hidden" features fully explained in the manual that extend a few more features (for example: press <Func> + <Power> start to change global settings).


I was not sure what to expect:

o Excellent sound overall, slap in the ears!
o The bass drum is great, especially with the decay!
o The snare is not so successful as that, I think, contrary to other opinions
o PCM sounds are really well chosen and playing with the PCM Speed ​​knob, it gets cool sounds!
o No panoramic


The Q / P is really excellent, definitely.
Remains to be seen as part of the offer because demands Volca Beats in his studio. I think the use companions to create rhythmic slightly anywhere / anytime, other than with an MPC-like.

o Super nice to work with
o Sons PCM
o Sounds pro, it is not in the gadget
o tactile keys that I feared are excellent
o Effects hash well rendered

o lack of memory slots and the inability to export
o not velocity sensitive (but volumes of shares remain adjustable)
o No AC adapter ...

linn134's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Volca the Devil."

Korg Volca Beats
The Volca Beats is a small box mid-analog rhythms, mid-PCM, very simple and very compact.
It's a little back to basics with a BAR that is to be nomadic, evidenced by the batteries and the small built-in speaker, but especially affordable.

Cohabit four analog sources:
- Kick
- Snare
- Hats
- Toms
and four sources sampled (conversion output 10bits):
- Clap
- Claves
- Agogo
- Crash

One effect, assignable to a source or all: the stutter, sort of contraption whose purpose is to produce repetitions.

Battery, speaker, grafted and output sync (mini-jack), MIDI in and headphone / line mono.
No separate outputs, a change is possible but risky.

The sequencer allows 16 steps, real-time or "TR" edition.


VB is simple, no submenu twenty pages, no twisted configuration.
The manual is brief, it will be used to get an idea of ​​how the beast, but do not expect the moon.
Editing is the same taste: easy.


VB has a great sound in general, and more specifically a superb kick.
The Snare is average but nowhere near as bad as some say, it's a matter of taste. For a more dynamic and broad Snare Drumulator I prefer the E-Mu, but again it's personal.

Toms are really good (I like the little toms but usually those of the VB are great), the Hats are almost perfect.

And PCM? Just the name is scary. Samples, yuck?
Absolutely not, even if we are not in the top of the wig more better, PCM VB are really well chosen and not especially feel the "color" of digital samples, may be due to 10bits DACs very low-fi .


I've had very little time, I enjoy a lot with.
For the price it is essential to listen and test.
If the sequencer is not that of a GPA, there is no reason to use VB as "sound module" driven by what you want.

I have some strange boxes like this: TR707 (incredibly surcotée, but it is because of its simplicity and its separate outputs), DR110 (cheap, cheap, cheap), TR505, R8, DR550, RY30 .. .
BV is part of PT. Inevitably, next to a TR808 and a 909 it's poor, but in an already rich set there is nothing to be ashamed. Better than VB in the same price range? Future Wolf Akai maybe? Not with MFB anyway.

I love this little BAR not pretentious. I have an idea to make a Vermona a few times, plus a MachineDrum, and that's for sure: I keep the VB.

Brandski's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BAR friendly, mixed results"

Korg Volca Beats
1 audio output, 1 MIDI input.
No effect if not stutter that may have applied to the parties.


Very easy to use but suddenly we quickly made the rounds.


Sounds ideal for techno.
The tempo in transmis tendency to décaller slightly. it is better to assign a tempo via MIDI IN.
Some parameters are controllable via MIDI but would have had to push even the MIDI implementation work.


The bass drum and toms are just génialaux. I took it just for that.
As against the snare / clap are dirt zero.

I wanted a small analog BAR to test mods on the circuit. And that's what needs to be done on it to use 100/100 and given him more punch (snare), as well as separate outputs.

vivija's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" VERY GOOD"

Korg Volca Beats
midi in
trig out in
10 sounds
Editable as it should
standard sequencer
its small size does not make it a toy!


BAR intuitive as usual Korg manual very clear even a little terse.
Editing sounds is easy and can save mega effect on all or just a sound.


sounds are terrible (as well eh!) tweekable and pitchable for PCM
a bit like having a mini 808 with an adjustable kick (sisi)
What can we do as music? ben is not rock on ...
for the rest it is very versatile


I use it all the time either to complete another BAR BAR as a principal.
I have quite a Drum Machine and that is really effective, small and big sound.
Sometimes she can do things for which it is not made and this is where we realize the power of a well-used effect.
unbeatable price quality in my opinion I also had 522 mfb but it is much less I think.
The choice again? it is clear I am reluctant to buy another story to rape a little inside:-D

chguigoz59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE ANALOG OUTLET"

Korg Volca Beats
No need to repeat characteristics.
Drum machines in the line of vintage 808/909 of the big time.
8 memories of 16 steps. MIDI input.

It has not and lacks:
No swing or shuffle
No accent
No flame (such as 909)
No sequence of programmable pattern
No separate outputs (possible)
No output pm (possible)
Output sync out not transmitting a pulse at every step (as described in the manual though) but not both. This makes it complicated sync with other analog instruments except for the current Korg series. Same for the in sync.


Easy to use. Once the ergonomics of the well controlled machine is an effective toy. The keyboard is very sensitive and hyper reactive which is a real plus for the active functions step steps and jump, great for real time!


The sounds are not bad at all except for the snare and crash.
The snare sounds like a potato, especially when you push the snappy which gives a more digital and analogue grain, it is far from that of the 808.

General grain is nice and fishing. The output level is a little low, however.


This is really good news that the analog back more with a bonus really affordable price.
So far, there were 522 MFB in the genre.
This is a very good purchase I do not regret.

wavesic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good bar but ...."

Korg Volca Beats
yes 1


pretty clear yes


sounds suited my style, but a lack POTATO HUGE !!! must put the pots thoroughly on my table for it comes out !!! damage for analog!


I use it only for 2 months soon. I on the other BAR digital and analog modélistaion that much better sound dynamic level!

suntsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good price / quality ratio"

Korg Volca Beats
I will not dwell on the technical characteristics of the device have been discussed in the past and which are available on the Korg website.


At hand is to use something simple and intuitive that do not require more than 10 minutes, timed to be mastered ... Following is the creativity and inventiveness that will do the rest.


The sounds are very good, the Bass Drum is Gaulé like a 808 as well as Tom (Unfortunately only 2 instead of 3), the Hats are metallic and PCM sounds are correct and have at least the merit of be there ;-) In fact the only downside is the Snare Drum that is very lo-fi but good for 139 euros I absolutely do not complain!


I use it for little actually (a few weeks) but Volca Beats is perfectly integrated into my setup (Octatrack, Super JV-1080, Monotribe, Mopho). What I like the most is the Bass Drum and Hats ...
I would do the same choice 10 times if he had to!
Korg is really the only manufacturer to offer the correct machines correct price for even the smallest budgets can afford them ...

gskunk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" extra simple and effective, and super fun!"

Korg Volca Beats
Music purchased from MJ in Saint-Cere, yesterday!

Everything has been said above. Just missing the Midi out. Thus, instead of being master tempo, he is a slave. Okay.


Simple? Simpler is Bontempi. I'm pretty useless on all electronic devices moultes capabilities and other functions, but this is disconcerting simplicity, and it is EFFECTIVE!

STEP mode, I saw a kind Fruityloop software and user step-by-step fashion that I do not know, is ultimately very practical, which is composed by long-time (16/16), where we live mode play live!. And of course, you can play live on a spirited rhythm being played.
In short, there's plenty to do, and everything is VERY VERY simple and intuitive.

The knobs to modify sounds are small, very small, but I have big fingers and it does not really have a problem.


The sounds are very electro-hip-hop. It is a drum to 135 €.
But overall, I think there are way to many things with and find the sound you want.
To summarize, if it is to have drum sounds for jazz or blues / rock is not good at all, if it is fun enough to make electro rhythms, then this is good.
hence my rating 6.


So I yesterday.
Portability is a real plus, even if the speaker is a bit rotten.
With headphones, it's great.
As mentioned in the previous review, this is the toy that dream to have in the school yard.
I wanted a BAR with me and have a basic rhythm to play the bass / guitar / etc. above. Finally, I find myself playing this BAR, k and only, so it's fun. I would put good 10/10 so I have fun with, but hey, with a little objectivity ... I cut the pear in half, I put 9/10.

And for the price, it should hesitate?

Uncia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" toy for playground"

Korg Volca Beats
Features, we not stop to read them so the wait is long, do not bother to repeat again ...
I just wish the abscence of midi out.
And I do not know how I'll sync with my electribe but I did not really thought


The general configuration is it simple?
So there for once, this is simple.Histoire that one is on the same vein, I'm the kind of guy who needed a year before his master ESX-1 yet known intuitive and easy to acces ... Well then I got my toy this morning, and I already mastered most of the functions if it is not all and this without reading the manual (flew out of curiosity to see if it was in jap or well ...)
So for the grip is VERY intuitive and quickly rewarding.

Editing sounds and effects is it easy?
An instrument that is not, it's a button. -Much less hassle than the electribe in this regard. more limited as-
Selected on the instrument and the following effects will apply.

Then the black dot jumps out at me is when even the knobs like "clamp tweezers has required" (I thought it seriously). Not because I'm the "finger piano" very kind and purpose to be honest I find it hard to turn the knobs in the middle, which makes me think that, at the very least 50% of the people there will experience severe difficulties.

So for GETTING STARTED, figuratively it's 9/10, and literally it's 4/10

Edit: and great for batteries and portability.
batteries really allow proper autonomy (6h that it will run and still no empty stack) and a weight less surreal story not to be confused with his pack of cigarettes.


Okay so the sound is very hiphop I think, at least for the beat.
For realism is repasera (oupas)
Personally I quite like these sounds pretty dry and porous. The effects of the change permetant are also basic than effective

edit: I forgot, the sound of the integrated HP is chi **, but you doubt you.


Good in synthesis, is the toy that I would have liked at school or high school, a sort of musical tamagochi, which can linker that of friends to have fun at the playground. it fits in the binder with the taste is not too fragile to its low poids.C is especially FUN as object.

This is not a lelectribe still less electron (spelling uncertain, but if the Machinedrum has 1100th what you see) as bass and keys should not be Moogs either.
it is much cheaper and much more fun and affordable.

Maybe TOOL to introduce your children to electro analog.

Yes I would do this choice because I have it in the bag this morning and I broke out with wherever I stop.
Strongly than the other two arrive, it'll groover in the queues at the traffic lights, the safety during meetings ...