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Axis Drums & Percussion Hardware user reviews

  • Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

    Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal - sanjuro's review


    Axis has been making quality pedals for a long time.  The Longboard double pedals are some of the best for all types of drummers because of their simplicity, ease of adjustment, and speed.  I made the mistake early on in buying a more typical double …

  • Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

    Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal - "Axis Longboard Double Pedal"


    I bought this pedal at Guitar Center for $400, because I wanted to switch from 2 bass drums to 1, with a double pedal. (That way, I don't have any issues loading and unloading craploads of drums) Almost everything. It's easy to do double bounces on…

Translated user reviews
  • Axis Longboard

    Axis Longboard - " The Buggati Veyron pedals!"


    I use them in fact for 7 or 8 years. I previously had pearl Eliminator dw 5000 and tama iron cobra. Warning, these pedals are for me only to play fast metal, if the power you need, forget right away. In terms of speed, it's a Bugatti Veyron, you will…

  • Axis A-L2CB

    Axis A-L2CB - " Fast but few versatile"


    I bought this model because it was the fashionable brand. It was my first double. It is very enjoyable to play but: - It is for a bass drum triggée because no power - The clamping system of heads of bats is lousy, it moves - Too small allen s…

  • Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

    Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal - " requires learning"


    For a year I think stagg was € 200 before then iron cobra rolling glide € 415 al era I love the flexibility, but there is a time of adaptation to take into account we can not tweak the spring 5 minutes and do a concert that evening, he must learn…

  • Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772)

    Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772) - chaostar45's review


    For how long have you been using it? Use daily for a year. Did you try many other models before getting this one? I spent several low-end models before buying a iron cobra. Honestly when over 200 bpm in eighth by making curly, our good old iron…

  • Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772)

    Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772) - draxar's review


    It's been a year since I have an Axis AL-2 Longboard. I had 4 double pedals before this one, the latter being a DW 5002 AD. And it must be almost 10 years I played drums (with a big break in the middle). Overall, it's not a bad pedal. It is light, …

  • Axis A-L2CB

    Axis A-L2CB - Formalism's review


    - I have this double for 3 years now (approximately). I took it to replace a 5002 DW, which was really great but commenait take a little game. Nothing serious but hey, I'm me spar before it more vale nothing on the market. - So I command the Axis …

  • Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772)

    Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772) - Röy_510's review


    Hello, How rating and o can I find a dial, (which allows both Axis pedals to get in duplicate. Thank you. …

  • Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772)

    Axis A-L2 Longboard (A-772) - Vieux Clou's review


    I just had this double (in black sr well, it is so much better ^ ^) and I must say I am impressed with the speed it provides in relation to the pedals Previous I have had. In 20 minutes I russi Exceeds my max speed, and without being in great shape a…