Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Axis.

sanjuro 10/11/2009

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal : sanjuro's user review


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Axis has been making quality pedals for a long time.  The Longboard double pedals are some of the best for all types of drummers because of their simplicity, ease of adjustment, and speed.  I made the mistake early on in buying a more typical double bass pedal setup for a couple hundred bucks less than the Longboards.  This was a mistake, and I often regret my decision because now I know how great the Longboards are since I have played them. 

I originally noticed the Longboards because they have a longer foot pedal (about 2 inches).  This makes it much easier to play heel toe technique if you have big feet, or experiment with slide technique.  The surface is also smoother than a lot of other pedals, so this allows for quicker slide movement as well. These pedals have direct drive hardware and are extremely smooth.  Both springs are side by side and it is easy to get them to a similar tension.  Not many pedals are this easy to set up.  The beaters are the most adjustable I have ever come across, and there are a few different types to try out depending on the situation.  All these features surpass even the highest end of DW pedals, Tama pedals, and many others.  The only double bass pedals that can compare to these would be the Iron Cobras. 

It is amazing how important bass drum comfort and confidence is.  This is quickly learned the hard way when you are forced to play on an unfamiliar pedal.  Playing the Axis felt good right away, and now my DW pedals feel like some stranger's.  I am looking to get the Longboards as soon as I can. I suggest these pedals, you're not going to regret a decision that will reward you time and time again.