Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Axis.

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sanjuro's review

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
Axis has been making quality pedals for a long time.  The Longboard double pedals are some of the best for all types of drummers because of their simplicity, ease of adjustment, and speed.  I made the mistake early on in buying a more typical double bass pedal setup for a couple hundred bucks less than the Longboards.  This was a mistake, and I often regret my decision because now I know how great the Longboards are since I have played them. 

I originally noticed the Longboards because they have a longer foot pedal (about 2 inches).  This makes it much easier to play heel toe technique if you have big feet, or experiment with slide technique.  The surface is also smoother than a lot of other pedals, so this allows for quicker slide movement as well. These pedals have direct drive hardware and are extremely smooth.  Both springs are side by side and it is easy to get them to a similar tension.  Not many pedals are this easy to set up.  The beaters are the most adjustable I have ever come across, and there are a few different types to try out depending on the situation.  All these features surpass even the highest end of DW pedals, Tama pedals, and many others.  The only double bass pedals that can compare to these would be the Iron Cobras. 

It is amazing how important bass drum comfort and confidence is.  This is quickly learned the hard way when you are forced to play on an unfamiliar pedal.  Playing the Axis felt good right away, and now my DW pedals feel like some stranger's.  I am looking to get the Longboards as soon as I can. I suggest these pedals, you're not going to regret a decision that will reward you time and time again. 
MGR/Aysi  Ouinre02/22/2004

MGR/Aysi Ouinre's review"Axis Longboard Double Pedal"

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
I bought this pedal at Guitar Center for $400, because I wanted to switch from 2 bass drums to 1, with a double pedal. (That way, I don't have any issues loading and unloading craploads of drums)

Almost everything. It's easy to do double bounces on this pedal, which means that I can play the hi-hats while making it sound like I'm playing on the double pedal. And, when I need to play a steady double beat, the left pedal is always there. And, the left pedal feels exactly like the right pedal--something I couldn't do with the Iron Cobra. I love the direct drive, because it doesn't have the wobbly feeling of a strap drive, or the annoying tendency to loosen up like the chain drive pedals. The direct drive pedals have sensitivity that no other type of pedal can match, and the Axis is the best of the direct drive pedals that I have played on.'s not the best looking pedal on the planet. But that doesn't matter, because people won't notice how bad the pedal looks when you're playing on stage. The beater head that came with the pedal sounds too harsh for my liking, so I replaced it with a cylindrical beater (That's just a matter of personal taste).

Solid as the rockies. I've had this pedal for over a year, and it has never needed any kind of adjustment.

I wish I could rate this pedal a 6 out of 5, but the site won't allow that. This thing is fast, smooth, sensitive, and solid. What more could you ask for?

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sphere drummer11/06/2012

sphere drummer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" requires learning"

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
For a year I think
stagg was € 200 before then iron cobra rolling glide € 415 al era
I love the flexibility, but there is a time of adaptation to take into account we can not tweak the spring 5 minutes and do a concert that evening, he must learn the double because c is an instrument in its own right, all of our benchmarks are distorted at this point say that it is crap aluminum.
value price 300 € occas it's worth the shot leaves a furiously keep rolling (in my case or cases), but ca € 800 becomes questionable.
For info with rolling j is still playing very relaxed skin for spring snapping and also very relaxed, with axis I drive the top and bottom stretched spring a kick ditto for the trig then the opposite take your ... wait patiently soft spring test drive up, drive down and then spring back to drive up, drive down (who happens to play well and quickly spring back to drive all the way down I pay him the restaurant, c is super heavy .
for those who say what is too light I think he did not really tested.
I would do this choice because that is really above that should work from the beginning not to lose time with anvils that are the majority of other pedals in any case if the rolling speed is really great for the most classic
Vieux Clou10/30/2007

Vieux Clou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Axis Longboard Double pedals - 3 years APRS"

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

When I bought these pedals I knew they taient performance, but I also heard they taient fragile.

Since (3 years dj), I jou on these pedals on average 2 hours per week not including concerts, and now I do not regret my choice.

I Malmen these pedals, and took him in various studios and concert + a turn in England, and they are still as efficient and enjoyable.

But I boys of the butterfly "variable drive lever" on the left of the pedals so that I can not make use of this rglage. I was not drang because I play with the lever lev up and tensioned springs back. I think I should find a screw that fawns all "matches" in a hardware store if I want to change this new rglage.

Otherwise my two bats have casss home in the space of one month in September. It may be that I used for the rglage from beginners (perpendicular bat tape against the skin pulls back from the pedals connected to the lever) and I So buy the bats. I took some "standards" in light of the tariff and time limit for bats Axis of origin. So I had to see my rglages and I think I lost precision and strength since, but nothing good rdhibitoire ...

Another trick with these pedals boring: they use cls BTR amricaines for rglages, so a hardware kit BTR FR does not provide half the training Necessary for the p Dales ... So care must be taken not to park the cls kit supplied with the pedals (which I fortunately found), especially since it must reuse the screws from time to time to tighten screws, and there are really a bunch of diffrent! (Not empty to navigate when there is something that moves and we do not know of or has recently).

Conclusion: I am pleased with these pedals trs, but it's true they cotent an arm!
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
I just had this double (in black sr well, it is so much better ^ ^) and I must say I am impressed with the speed it provides in relation to the pedals Previous I have had. In 20 minutes I russi Exceeds my max speed, and without being in great shape and without rglage optimized ...

Dernire the pedals that I bought is a single chain Sonor, enjoyable and trs is correct for the price. Before I had a DW 5000 double chain which I really dcu ... touch too heavy .. Tait left the pedals really much slower than the right, in short, I sold drunk and with the money I could buy the Sonor which ignores much faster and easier r Gler.

To return to the Axis AL Longboard I think is really good. Dj principle longboard is a good find. THE FIRST pedals and it allows me to find my rglages as quickly (unlike other reviews I've read). In fact it is the very first time I find a rglage IDAL without touching the spring (the most bored .... rgler). In fact, the Axis can rgler: the angle of the bat, the depth of the bat (thanks to Systm "sonic hammer") and, via their ingnieux "variable drive up" the rponse the pedals (lever up: the long reach and powerful shot, lever down: touch and bounce up short). It's quite magical about the Axis not need to reach the bottom the spring to get a speed leve.

J'espre reputable of his delicate pedals is not going vrifier ... For the record Axis has just increased its rates by 20%, they have strengthened j'espre spices that posed problem. They have profits at least to add a clip to hook the bass drum pedals (finally). In the end she will have me cot 666 euros (this figure is not good ^ ^), was expensive but when I think that j'tais prt to 860 euros for a trick pro1 v- 2 I finally could test that is not so great ... And compared to 500 euros for the DW 5000 is well worth it, especially since we can convert into two single pedals.

I remake a comment in a year to tell you if I do not regret my choice.
charley boy07/07/2007

charley boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
I use it for a year prs is a trslgre pedals and trs flexible, even a little too ... I jou on a Dixon double $ 200 and I can say that the diffrence between the two is not so much `cot performance ... Let me explain. I pay $ 700 a prs axis APRS double that broke a few months only (the Bering and stripped stem that connects the two pedals has lousse) and which produces a fairly dcevant. The pedals are so lgre it has almost no impact on the kick, unless you have a kit trigger Vidament ($$$$$$$$$.. .). My dixon so far as it enabled me to take in 220 bpm and never break after more than three years. Finally, buy an axis, is paying a fortune just to possder the same thing our HROS (Derek Roddy, George Kollias etc etc) and I think it is not worth the trouble. I note 2 in 10 cose more than I pay $ 90 for shipping to make rpar and saw the wonderful service AXIS, it is still broken. axis, I ca deep in the ***

evershade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
I use it for 4 months now and I must say what has been very difficult thing to pick up yet it was a sacred moment that I was playing double pedal I do first laquisition an iron cobra and pearl eliminator ( I recommend by the way) short ....

as speed increases and I think it's not over I would hope, the look is a killing and quality material selection frankly I have not seen better now it's solid
it says is the price ptit months but over time I think it's months more and more justified as it would parcontre able to deliver a bag with it's stupid but hey
the day she will be amortized I would do the same choice I will redeem cete pedal without hesitation

ps: for those who likes to have something under the feet I do not advise too I jeterais
instead of 1 eliminatorcar many people around me not too appreciated the axis according to their specific

jultrabrute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
I have used it for 2 months and I only just beginning to know! C of the ball!
at the beginning it's hard but with practice we put in the foot!
It is really light and has a sensitivity terrible!
"I had two doubles before, a pearl and a Mapex: none!
-The price is quite expensive but when it was not regret it!
Yes, definitely!