Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal
Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal

X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Axis.

MGR/Aysi  Ouinre 02/22/2004

Axis X-L2 Longboard Double Pedal : MGR/Aysi Ouinre's user review

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I bought this pedal at Guitar Center for $400, because I wanted to switch from 2 bass drums to 1, with a double pedal. (That way, I don't have any issues loading and unloading craploads of drums)

Almost everything. It's easy to do double bounces on this pedal, which means that I can play the hi-hats while making it sound like I'm playing on the double pedal. And, when I need to play a steady double beat, the left pedal is always there. And, the left pedal feels exactly like the right pedal--something I couldn't do with the Iron Cobra. I love the direct drive, because it doesn't have the wobbly feeling of a strap drive, or the annoying tendency to loosen up like the chain drive pedals. The direct drive pedals have sensitivity that no other type of pedal can match, and the Axis is the best of the direct drive pedals that I have played on.'s not the best looking pedal on the planet. But that doesn't matter, because people won't notice how bad the pedal looks when you're playing on stage. The beater head that came with the pedal sounds too harsh for my liking, so I replaced it with a cylindrical beater (That's just a matter of personal taste).

Solid as the rockies. I've had this pedal for over a year, and it has never needed any kind of adjustment.

I wish I could rate this pedal a 6 out of 5, but the site won't allow that. This thing is fast, smooth, sensitive, and solid. What more could you ask for?

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