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Drum/Percussion Samples user reviews

  • Prime Loops Drum Damage

    Prime Loops Drum Damage - "Good price, average sounds."


    This is a collection of over 1,000 Distorted, Tape Saturated, Bit Crushed, and otherwise affected drum hits. It costs 14.95 from prime loops. You can purchase these in WAV, AIFF, Ableton Live Packs, Battery kits and many more formats. I used the WAV …

  • Prime Loops Minimal & Tech House Drums

    Prime Loops Minimal & Tech House Drums - "Great deal, if it's your genre!"


    This is a pack of 1,000 synthesized drum hits, there are no loops. These are made with Minimal/Tech House tracks in mind. You can buy them as straight WAV samples, or in many popular configurations like and Ableton Live Pack, Acid Samples, Aiff Sampl…

  • Soniccouture Morpheus

    Soniccouture Morpheus - "Very realistic"


    This is a multisampled instrument. First off, you must run this in a host such as Kontakt. Kontakt itself can be a little confusing if you little to no experience with it, but if you get a handle on Kontakt, then setting up Morpheus is a piece of c…

  • Native Instruments Battery Studio Drums

    Native Instruments Battery Studio Drums - "Brilliant!!"


    In native instruments battery you get about 20gb of drum samples and a lot of drum loops to pick a part and such. It was very easy to install you just click install and it does it all and puts it into the vst folder. I personally use fl studio and I …

  • Reason Studios Reason Drum Kits 2.0

    Reason Studios Reason Drum Kits 2.0 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Yvo2000/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Sampled loops or instruments? No loops. Real drum kits samples SOUND QUALITY - Do the samples/instruments sound authentic? How is the sound quality? Good quality sound, t…

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