Soundjump VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines
Soundjump VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines

VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines, Drum/Percussion Sample from Soundjump.

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kidkey 04/19/2007

Soundjump VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines : kidkey's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Format Reason Refills for use in or with a Combinator, then we charge a complete machine (TR909, TR808, ect ....) and playing with the Piano Roll or samples are loaded into the Redrum and you can combine all types of sounds ....


I'm not a big expert, but I find that the sounds are really realistic.
In addition the number of drum machine available broadens the possibilities.
And of course all this suits me perfectly .... style electro, techno and its derivatives ...


I use it for 1 month.
I love all it's simple, easy to difficult.
Good value, good on it you can always find the net sample of all these machines, but I think the quality of work that was provided is worth all the machines well retransmit the original sounds .

I do it again so this choice eyes closed ...