Soundscan 10-Acoustic Drums
Soundscan 10-Acoustic Drums

10-Acoustic Drums, Drum/Percussion Sample from Soundscan.

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berti91 09/12/2002

Soundscan 10-Acoustic Drums : berti91's user review


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All formats, instrument samples, some curls but not enough


The sounds are not bad except that snares fart enough for my taste, especially for the rock style, even adding the compression (if we put too after that distorts the sound and it looks like the snare of boxes rhythm). not enough nuances in the game, for instance on the snare (again) should be able to find 3 or 4 shades, piano, mezzo-forte, forte, forte triple, which is not the case.


I do not use too finally, just for the cymbals that sound bright enough, just for bass drums, then that's about all.
250 dead on CD, well I think it's not excessive, but there's better (but more expensive)