Gretsch Renown Maple
Gretsch Renown Maple

Renown Maple, Drum Set from Gretsch in the Renown series.

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All user reviews for the Gretsch Renown Maple

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 17 reviews )
 13 reviews76 %
 2 reviews12 %
 1 user review6 %
 1 user review6 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Anonymous's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I bought this set about 3 months ago and I have to agree the kick drum sounds fantastic and the hardware and finish is very nice. As far as tunining the drums, well that is a different story. the 10 inch and my 14 floor tom sound like crap. I tried several different heads and even called the Gretsch tech team, they just sound like crap. I have to use zero rings, moon gel (thinking duct tape as well). If those people who say they sound good can let the rest of us know what type heads I used evans g1 g2 coated g2 and no deal. They sound terrible in a room and when I mic them it just gets worse. Please help if you can, I tried to take them back and they want to give me concidierabley less and they wont sell on craigs list either. If anyone has any tips I would appreciate if you could even email me at I am at my witts end. Other than taking a loss and getting a different brand, not sure what else I can do.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I bought the renown maple set 2 years ago and have not looked back since. I have a 6 piece with 8,10,12, and 14 inch floor toms and an 18/22 bass drum. I bought the autumn burst and I really love the way it looks. I do mostly recording on this set and the sound is incredible.

I purhcased the set from Guitar Center. Actually, I should say I traded a Gretsch Catalina burch set plus $200 for this set. Yup, I got a killer deal, and it came with the extra 8 inch Tom. Best move I ever made! I am currently using a Mapex snare and will be trading that in for a Gretsch snare I have had my eye on.

The sound! The sound! The sound! Ok I stole that from another reviewer, but it can't be said enough. These drums sound incredible. Before I bought them I went to GC and started playing every set in the place. The salesman asked me what I was looking for and I explained I own a Catalina burch and really don't like the sound that much. I told him I was looking for a set that was not to expensive with good build quality and great sound. He didn't even hesitate to walk me right over to the renown maple. He told me to hit the toms and I will be sold, so I did. I was floored at the sound of these drums. Then of course I played the bass drum. Almost fell off the stool. I had played DW, Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, and just about everything else in the store and the Renown maples beat them all hands down.
Another huge plus is, your getting top of the line hardware with these drums at a damn good price. Price a DW set then compare the hardware on the DW's and the renown maples. You will be saving about $2300 with the Gretsch and getting about the same quality hardware. And as for the tuning, I will play my drums just about everyday for weeks, then I don't touch them for 2 to 3 months. When I come back there still in tune and sound incredible. Duct tape? Really?

Absolutely nothing!!

Top of the line. I am amazed at the quality of these drums for the price. The shells are made from the same wood the USA customs are made from, there just made over seas. The hardware is as good as any other drum manufactures upper line stuff. I have had this set for over 2 years now and I am still amazed at the quality.

But this set!!! That's all I need to say about them. They fit with any style music. I am 47 years old and play all kinds of music. I have been a metal head since I was a kid. I was in the Kiss army when I was in my teens. I play everything from Tool to Disturbed to Earth Wind and Fire to Kenny Loggins to Josh Grobin and these drums sound fantastic with all of it.
One last time........duct tape?? Really???

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Grestch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
My drum set color is called "cherry burst". It's just a classic. I've been playing instruments for 25+ years. I play drums, guitar and bass mainly. I'm mainly into rock and jazz. Some of my major influences are Led Zepplin, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Fugazi, The 90 day Men. It would really take me all day to tell you all of my influences - so I'll just leave it at that.

I bought my Gresch Renown kit from Zzounds. They offered the 3 tom - with kick configuration for $1000 even. I thought it would be a good enough start for my first new Grestch setup. I already own a Pork Pie Big Black Brass snare that I won't be parting from anytime soon. I just love the sound of this snare. I bought the Renown maple kit mainly because it blew my previous Tama Superstar out of the water.

The thing I love the most about this kit is of-course the sound. It's just so natural. I have no idea what the reviewer that had bad experiences with this kit could possibly be talking about. The only thing that I can imagine is that his "Grestch Renown" kit is the first kit that he has ever owned and he has nothing to compare it to. I know how it is to buy a drum kit that you can't at first warm up to. Even if you were to buy the most expensive drum kit in the world, it still takes you time to figure out how to tune it to your taste and set it up correctly. Anyways - this drum set is absolutly amazing. This is coming from someone who has owned a few drum sets in the past - including an old Grestch. The sound of this kit is not only amazing - but I just love the size of the drums. Small shells, big sound!

There's nothing I don't like about this kit so far. Ask me in another year or two.

Fantastic. Absolutly fantastic.

This kit is the absolute best drum kit you can buy for $1000-$1500, depending on what configuration you buy and where you buy it. I have played $4000 drum sets that don't match up to this kit. I'm not alone with this opinion either. The guy who turned me on to this kit also agrees with that statement.

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MGR/Toad (Rainbow Bridge)02/13/2009

MGR/Toad (Rainbow Bridge)'s review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
Have been playing my Renown Maple for about 18 months and gigging regularly 2-3 times a week.

The Blue Burst finish is fantastic. It generally gets commented on along with the drum sound.

Sizes; 22x18, 10x8, 12x10, 14x14, 14x5 snare.

As we play classic rock covers, including a some by The Who and Deep Purple, it takes a pounding. I have yet to have any of the drums go out of tune while playing and that can be up to three hours some nights.

The only change I have made is to use pinstripes on the toms and a heavy reverse dot on the snare which, by the way, has one hell of a crack to it even though I don't generally use rimshots. It's still sensitive enough to cut ghost notes through.

Bought my kit at Sound Attak in Colchester, UK.

Cost £1,350

I got it a a reduced price as it was ex-display.

Why did I buy this kit? Easy, the sound!

The sound! The sound! The sound!

Oh yes, and the build quality.


Solid as a rock.

I'd recommend this kit to anyone no matter what style of music played.

I don't think it can be betterd for the money or, for that matter, a gret deal more.

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MGR/drumlover65's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I just bought the "Deep Inca Gold" Renown Maple kit. 16x20" bass, 10" and 12" toms, and 14"x14" floor tom. I also own a "New Classic fusion" kit, and the bopd sized "125th anniversary" kit. I love Jazz/Fusion, but I play all styles,literally!

I bought these kits at Jeff Ryder's shop in Austin,TX. I paid $1,100 for the Renown's, $3,200 for the 125th anniversary kit, and $1800 for the New Classic's.

By the way, the snare on the anniversary kit is autographed by Fred Gretsch!!

I LOVE Gretsch drums!! They all have a warm brilliant tone that just melts into the music. I recently read a review claiming that Gretsch don't hold their tuning. Huh?? These drums are so hard to knock out of tune I think I might retire the drum dial and drum key. The Renown's especially sounded great right out of the boxes!!! They look great too!! Bonus!

N/A ... nuff' said.

Top notch quality with all phases. I've owned almost every brand made over 25 years, and gretsch simply are the very best!!

You could buy any Gretsch product and feel safe that if you don't like it, someone will. They hold resale value very well!! To the guy who couldn't tume the Renown Maple kit and used duct tape...duct tape?? that says alot!!!!

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I just purchased my Gretsch Renown maple kit (in inca gold) its a 5pc. 22" kick 10", 12", and 14" toms. I love it! This is my favorite sounding kit. I left the Evans G2 heads that came with on the kit for about a month... i liked those heads but i much prefer the Evans EC2 coated heads.

I purchased the kit at Shaw Music in Fergus for $1899.99 and its worth every penny. I bought this kit because I, about a month before, bought the Gretsch catalina club and loved it! I did have a premier artist maple 6pc that i sold to buy the Gretsch... best move of my life!!

I love that these drums are really hard to pull out of tune! they stand up on and off the road and, if they even need it, are really easy to pull back up to pitch! the finish is sweet and I love the die-cast rims! and as far as duct tape (keep reading more reviews you'll find it) I've NEVER needed to use any!

there is nothing i don't like about this kit.

in one word... excellent!

This is an amazing kit for the price! if you get a chance to play one take it!

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MGR/Mulcahy's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
This is the Kit with the Gretsch Maple Snare.

I bought this 5 piece shell pack (heads and tom clamps included) and Gretsch Maple snare at a local Guitar Center at a very good price...Shells for $1150 and snare for $230. I price shopped for an entire night online and could not find a better deal for a new Renown kit.

Wow... well this is my first Gretsch kit, and I must admit that "that great Gretsch sound" that the company seems to be known for is packaged into every square inch of these beautiful Maple shells (cherry burst finish...very pretty). My drum guy at the store said this is due in large part to the slanted 30 degree bearing edges that Gretsch cuts into it's drums that increase the contact area of the head to the drum, and adding more resonance to the shell...or something like that. I might have messed that up, but whatever the good folks at Gretsch do to these kits, they certainly are masters at it. This kit features an open, warm tone to it that is definetly at home in any rock or jazz setting and is without a doubt versatile enough for various other styles as well. Another noteworthy feature of the set is the spectacular sounding bass drum. This things got more punch than a boxer and resonates with a very smooth, deep end to it. By the way, Gretsch packages this shell kit with all evans professional drum heads...the bass drum batter features EMAD, which has been a very effective muffling system for my drum.

That it cost so much...1440 (after tax)for four shells (sizes: 10", 12", 14", 22") and Maple snare...not to say it wasn't worth it because it definetly is.

Top notch Gretsch quality. Set up is super smooth...and the silver sealing inside each of the drums is definetly one of Gretsch's coolest trademarks...oh yeah and the GTS mounting system is top notch as well. It suspends the drum and doesn't penetrate the shell so you get the purest sound out of each tom.

The best purchase I have ever made in my life. Worth every penny...oh yeah not to mention Gretsch has definetly made a customer for life out of me.

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MGR/Jesse Vengrove06/24/2004

MGR/Jesse Vengrove's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I bought my Gretsch Renown Maple 6-piece set(12",13",16" toms, 5.5x14" snare, 18x22" kick drum)with Gibraltar rack/hardware at a local music store for $2000. I went into the store looking to purchase a set but not knowing exactly what I wanted. After playing all the sets I decided that out of all of them the Gretsch had the best sound to it. The drums had the best tones and seemed to be very well constructed. Recently I also purchased another 10" tom from another store for around $100.

I have been using this set for the past year and a half and there is nothing regarding this drumset that I am unsatisfied with. Out of all the drumsets I have played on, this one always sounds amazing. The toms, when tuned right, have the sweetest tone and the kick drum sounds like thunder everytime it is hit.

Honestly, there is nothing that I do not like about this drumset.

Every aspect of this drumset is extremely durable. I have never had a problem with anything regarding the drums or the hardware. Also, the color (deep red) is amazing.

Overall, buying this set was the best decision I ever made. Eveything about it has made playing the drums a much more enjoyable experience.

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MGR/Shane Lee05/05/2004

MGR/Shane Lee's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
I bought this Gretsch Renown Maple 6-pc set(10", 12", 14" 16" fast toms, 18"X22" kick drum and 5.5"X14" snare) with Gibraltar hardwares at my local music shop for $1799. I was actually looking for a good high-end maple set but after checking out other maple custom sets at the store and compared them to the Gretsch Renown Maple, I found not much differences in tone and workmanship. Finally, after a thorough checked, I bought this kit.

I've been using this kit for my club gigs for the past 2 & a half months and I love the tone of the whole kit(except the snare-details later...). I changed all the toms batter heads(originally comes with Evans clear) to Evans G1 coated. Really love the tone on all the toms and the die-cast hoops on the toms & the lugs(tuning) systems are very good, keeps the drums in tune(unlike my previous set-went out of tune after playing 3-5 songs). For the kick drum, I loved the depth and punch that comes out from it, I only used rolled-small towel to muffle the kick drum batter and reso heads. For the maple snare drum that comes with the kit, I didn't even use it since I bought the kit as I either used my Noble & Cooley Alloy snare or my Tama steel snare for my gigs & recordings.

the only thing I don't like about the kit is the toms suspension system. Looks bulky to me.

The workmanship on the kit's simply superb! I thoroughly-checked the whole kit before buying at the store and currently, once-a-week basis, usually on my non-gigging days. My kit is in Amber Lacquered finished and it's really outstanding, the colour-stain and lacquer are even and smooth on all drums. The hardwares on the kit are great. I love the die-cast hoops, lugs & lugs-holder, they look good, sturdy and serve the purpose well(abit heavy tho..). The bearing-edges on all drums are even & straight.

Overall, the Gretsch kit is a good buy. For the price - the tone, outlook, construction and quality are comparable to other high-end collectors/custom drums.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gretsch Renown Maple"

Gretsch Renown Maple
Guitar Center

The finish is nice

-tunes up very poorly
-does not hold a tone to well
-lacks quality hardware

Most of the unit is made alright (basic mass production style)

I was ployed and preasured into buying this set by a very annoying and persistent guy at Guitar Center. he said that this Gretsch was a great set and that I should set it up and check it out. Being preasured into buying a kit before gig, I decided to try it out. What heard bothered me: The drums sounded bad and when I tried to tune the drums up they still sounded bad. He told me that was because the heads were dead due to the fact that that set had been on the display floor for a while and the heads had been hit a lot. He told me that all I needed to do is get some new heads and they would sound great. Being that the kick sounded so nice I decided to take it home and put new heads on. i still could not tune these drums the way I wanted to. To get them sounding secent before a gig I decided taht since they sound like shit, I will just blob some duct tape on and hope for the best. The room was live so the duct tape worked alright. After that gig I was still upset about the sound yet still stupidly optimistic. I went and bought more heads! Can you beleive that! and put those on. Now you all know how much heads cost! Stil sounded like shit. After agonizing houres of time spent on these drums I have come to the conclusion that Gretsch should stick to birch and jazz and leave the real stuff to the pros at maple ( DW, Tama, Pacific, Yamaha, etc) Don't buy these

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