Yamaha Recording Custom
Yamaha Recording Custom

Recording Custom, Drum Set from Yamaha in the Recording Custom series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha Recording Custom

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 16 reviews )
 12 reviews75 %
 2 reviews13 %
 1 user review6 %
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MGR/dan's review"Yamaha Recording Customs"

Yamaha Recording Custom
Full blown set used with a few stands, cymbals, and some e-drums stuff for $2200. Had to ship from Ohio to West Coast to get it.

They say these are the most recorded drums in history & I know why. Before I bought them, I hit a local Guitar Center & tried the current selection of DW's, etc. While I was there I sat on Yamaha's latest top-of-the-line birch set. It felt like home right away. While I was there, a guy came hrough who had been playing for so 40+ years. He tried everything in the store. I got up from the birch kit & told him to give them a try. He didn't want to get off either.

They say drums "age" into their tone as the wood grows older. So I elected the predecessors of the current Yamaha birch setup & have no regrets.

Sidebar: I ran into David Garabaldi at a drum clinic after watching him play a set of RC's with TOP. Asked him why he was not playing the newer set. His response )paraphrased) was: I have a lot of different Yamaha kits. To make this gig I had to pull these out of storage. I forgot how good they are. In fact, these may be my favorite drums, even better than my new ones. Drums seem to age, and these have aged well.

His set was an anniversary set of RC's.

Nuff' said.

nothing. seriously. great construction, great tone, superb upper end hardware.

Ten on a ten scale. Really, when you get to this level, how can you go wrong.

I would HIGHLY recommend a set of Yamaha Recording Customs to anyone. Yeah, I know, they do not have all the "coolness" of the current DW's, and certainly their classic cherry wine & black colors seem boring compared to what DW & Pearl put out (of even some of Yamahas new stuff). Then again, you get the most recorded drums in history, top quality, and a nice looking set. Steve Gadd played these for years, along with Dave Weckl, Garibaldi, and many others. I don't usually buy into endorsements, but having owned a set, I also know they didnt just do it for the money.

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Drum 00102/23/2012

Drum 001's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE TOP IS RECORDING CUSTOM!!"

Yamaha Recording Custom
I use it for 3 years I used to buy drums one by one on EBAY, and Audiofanzine ZIKINF
I had one before PEARL MMX MAPLE
A REMO Mastertouch
What I like most is the sound!! even with white skin!!
a true personality, but after the game especially the drummer on that TOMS are a crazy facilitates tuning
I also love their vintage elegance without the RIMS and of course the super tie tom
absolutely perfect!
what I like least? the price!! because I board not afford dem buy a new one!
or if another fault not enough color choices but this is really minor!
I remake that choice without hesitation and even if I had the euros to buy another drumkit more upscale I think I will take the same new
I think I prefer the birch toms, we pan to the batteries but maple birch high end is very good too

xzu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 10/10 perfect for live / studio / work pro"

Yamaha Recording Custom
I use it (much) last year.

Steve gadd a secondhand with a pearl in free-floating snare drum.

This drumkit is even totally versatile (for my taste anyway).
I use it with a game rock, Bourin, with percussion (latin jazz genre), subtle jazz, groove, fusion, with mallet in the studio for a special soundtrack, etc. ..
everything is great, it supports all types of skin, game and settings.

The sound quality is excellent and very easy to use for a sound engineer, mix, ect ..
what he would for an additional 2 to saving time and energy it represents.

Optimum reliability.

No comment on price or price comparison with other brand, it is trivial and unique to each person, you see.

staier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
Hello everyone, I will soon have a yamaha recording in 20,10,12,14.
I want to know what skins are best qualified on drums?
I had used a 10-tom with Remo Emperor, and I liked her enormously.
What do you think? And do you think the snare is the best for this drumkit?
I put a 9 for the 10 inch tom I have now.

Clem68's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
- How long have you use it?
For about ten years ... At the time, she was made to order ... It took the kick to wait for almost 9 months. Fortunately, the shop where I had ordered lent me a bass drum during the waiting period. I had bought at the time a config 8/10/12/14/16 22 + GC and CC Birch 14 / 6.5, all in his famous Cherry wood color ... I use an alternate DC Tama Starclassic 14 / 5.5 birch, or Mapex piccolo, according to the music I play.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
Plus: The sound, of course! Its ease of playing, too. This drumkit is the "Range Rover" batteries ... Comfortable as a limousine, but mat. You can do everything with a recording, provided appropriate to put the skins. In addition, this tool is super easy to give, and is a real treat for a soundman ... hence the name. Another plus: the accessories. Adjusting the position of the toms: what is the best!

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
Yes, I used various models of lower range, and had for ten years a Performer SONOR (beech drumkit) that I bought in Germany at a special rate (for this type of gear) ... The Sonor, when it sounds, it sounds great! But it sounds, you have to play the key setting as soon as you move the drumkit! Balance in an empty room: Should give! We come back 3 hours later the room is full, heating or ventilation have been set, and presto, you must retune ... It is super sensitive (perhaps specific to this model beech?). The Recording with, none of that: it provides "for the form," and it does not move! This is also especially this side "comfort and" I changed my SONOR for Yamaha Recording.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
What can I say? Matos high-end high-end price ... It was worth the money and we can not be disappointed, the question arises ... even with the added bonus: the legendary sound of the Recording, and this painted finish that has not moved after 10 years of use. It is true that today there are entry-level batteries ringing hell for less than 1000 euros ... you can enjoy the play, but when it comes to rassoir behind the Recording, including no photo! This drumkit is a separate instrument, a mixture of class, aesthetics, ergonomics, its drumkit ... The Steve Gadd, whose engineers at Yamaha were able to listen to advice and complaints to offer this model Here more than 30 years ... and since there are countless artists who have used it, let alone albums recorded with her.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes, of course ... But to be honest, I find it difficult to choose today between a Recording (birch) and Maple Custom, which I find the sound, there also downright stunning. Bubget with, I think I would have both.

dorotheus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
I possd MODELS several of the recording.
I remember the Premire pub I had seen it on its release, both loving and j'tais rvuls!
It is true that the era of its release, That was in the first place a real rvolution Aesthetics. The shells look with the pure long trs, trs design, the bass hanging toms, the lacquer finish giving it an air compltement "transparent", these accessories for modern and trs, while This silent at odds with guns "batteuristiques" the era. Hence the shock and feeling rvulsive THE FIRST!
But as I said, j'tais also as a magnet. I read and contemplated the doc ever, and I felt, without knowing anything about the brand, this drumkit was something special. For in addition to the look, while silent rvolutionnaire. used wood (birch), the design, manufacture ... All other trademarks referred the Stone Age.
Before the drumkit, I tried many brands (tama, sonor, Capelle, ludwig) with always this feeling of incompleteness.
I knew that with the custom recording, I had to find my happiness.
My first model was a recording configuration in black lacquer bass drum and toms 20 12 13 14 floor tom. I waited a while to get it (several months). C'tait its release, In the 80s, the silent era and she makes great
care in Japan.
I remember well the evening and I had moved in with me and had tried for the first time. The shock! what sound, what purity. Toms, specially on 12, beautiful taient (QUIPS remo pin stripe with). I had never heard sound so clear, so transparent, in a word as modern. C'tait really Premire drumkit that I enjoyed playing and especially cost. The sound seemed almost dja .. . mix!
The look just as stunning silent. The beautiful black lacquer further strengthen the aspect of purity that DGIG the drumkit.
Accessories? lectures! I have honestly never found more ergonomic, more reliable and easier handling, their Systm mounting toms.
The Japanese ingnieurs REALLY rvolutionn the history of the drumkit with the
It's a bit later that I Discoveries all those who contributed to this wonderful collaboration, Steve Gadd at the top. From the more than Mystra, the best drummers of the era, the ingnieurs open and inventive, and voila your exact. A drumkit that has done a quantum leap in the instrument on which all other marks were aligned.
Today, the volumes and it still has a renvient more vintage sound, the Recording Custom is a REALLY good drumkit that folds all rglages and all skin types. provides easy, musical, alive, it should all styles of music.
The only BMOL, I think, is the bass drum. It lacks some of its BEYOND Diameter 20. The 18 and 20 are great but the 22 is a bit soft (the typical 80, the mat trs). Birch fits better, way gnerale, Small Diameter of drums. C ' is also why today, Steve Gadd uses a hybrid drumkit with birch toms and a bass drum in Rabl.

In conclusion, the sound of that legendary drumkit is certainly a bit typical for the current CRITERIA. This is the lot of unconventional instruments. Just as little be the sound of electronic Premire Simmons. But let's not forget that this type of drumkit in rvolutionnant concepts in fashion, make the music it finds it totally disrupts same. The majority of the 80 discs and 90 t are recorded with the recording. Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Erskine and so have played it.
There was the era Gretsch, Slingerland, Ludwig, Tama ... and this era (80) 'c'tait that of its legendary Yamaha Recording Custom.

stephaneh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
- How long have you use it?

I use this drumkit for 5 years.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

I like the quality of finish (there's no better I think), the soft round and round trs, color (in cherry wood, it is superb), the sound is very well control tr s prcis, with cymbals height is gnial!

I do not like (can be) a lack of puisssance of this drumkit, but in fact is what makes it so charming. Me, I place acquarian super kick II and gives him a little potato for the GC is the IDAL. Genera in the G2 tom hits, we have a good sound fat. Although rule is a good drumkit too powerful so fond of MMX or custom oak yam, go your way!

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

Yes Basix (custom) and there's nothing for me ... having the BASIX has a big sound but it's not even good agreement prcis ... toms have nothing to see anything ! the bass drum is less fun, finishing well back ... ah the recording is a drumkit over 2000, it will not work miracles with a drumkit 1 / 3 of that price ... but is nice basix for the price but not to compare with a recording!

- How do you report qualitprix?

On OCCAZ is gnial! a nine depends what you play, if jazz is the drumkit idalie almost.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

Ben if I could ... ben chui in the apartment and my neighbors do not like the sound of my drumkit (though it sounds good: p) and since I do not want to see land the GIGN, so I have to go in electronics (sniff). I regret but I spare redeem p'tet in a few years;)

Good drum - steph.H

duchnoquer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
Here I use my yamaha recording custom for almost 2 years and a killing. that has either look or nival nival its its the bomb I said I would never frenchies before buying a yamaha, but when I esaiyer I'm falling in love.
for the price it did not execife when you see a dw a 8000 euro for my very execi and by considering the quality of sound that did not have that execionelle and its recording that I still keep my longuetent.
ps celuit conparer which the recording has a basix for me he'd better buy the eyes and ears because in my avi is there and it is difficult voiyent and sisters !!!!!!!!!!!! !

mpcvore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
I bought this kit used a few weeks ago .... But it is not unknown for me because this is my troisime Recording since I practice the drumkit is whether I like it ....
It is a fairly easy instrument rgler and can play in all styles to choose just one .... The skin adapted Systm mounting toms, the bass drum and picks Accessories range are perfect both in practice and in terms of reliability.
I got the sound is fabulous both full prcis and powerful, a drummer for any rve confirm with rponse remarkable, allowing all the nuances of the game, for those who know .......
I have tried many other models of major brands, which are also of quality, it must be reconnatre, but the birch is Ingal Recording and finish ..... What's more, it is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
It's high-end hardware, and, as such, must pay the price, but there is nothing scandalous al .... This is a versatile instrument trs, which allows 'evolve in all styles, as I said dj, and sometimes can be blamed a lack of personality but for me, this argument has no value, because the personality c 'is the drummer who must have, not the drumkit!
Basically, it's pro gear, to confirm the musician beginners may find there not be a consideration.
APRS its inception thirty years, the Recording is a must, often copied never gal .....
I do it again without hsiter this choice, of course ...!!!!!!

APRS reading other opinions on this drumkit, I do not understand that we can put it in competition with a "Basix "....
For me it's like comparing a Lexus with Logan!! Terrible!

zobari's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Recording Custom
I play the drums for almost 30 years I try all makes and brands with no city ever since I played with Yamaha Recording Custom 9000 I am more than satisfied as it is a versatile drumkit and I owned with Sonny Emory signature snare drum and a snare on his Maple Custom Absolute fishing and very accurate and I play everything and confirmed tried another drummer in the studio and live is the top of the drumkit's high-end current market despite the years that I play with the other brand, since I'm on yamaha recording custom I am proud and filled with extraordinary and his tone is a pleasure to play with
any drummer who will be able to try with my opinion it mixes with all types of cymbals and snare yamaha signature
I suggest if you want a drumkit top, but at a high price is quite justified for the professional quality I do not regrettte monachat if it's a remake it is a pleasure

ps: after saw the two negative comments about this drumkit I am asking a question if he actually try this drumkit and compared with BASIX is ridiculous and absurd this drumkit is the drumkit is impeccable enrigistré the most and those who play well and make good use of this drumkit will be the angel should have at least 10/10 in general note

this is my site: http://zobari.skyblog.com/