TC Electronic Powercore Compact
TC Electronic Powercore Compact
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Infosphere 07/19/2006

TC Electronic Powercore Compact : Infosphere's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
DSP sound processing plugging in firewire (3 6-pin sockets on the back)
Two 150 MHz Motorola DSPs and PowerPC 266 MHz
Plug and AudioUnits vts.

Here is a list of available plug (see for more info)
24 / 7 • C Character ™, Chorus • Delay, ClassicVerb, EQSat, Filtroi, MasterX3, MegaReverb, PowerCore 01, Tubifex, Vintage CL, VoiceStrip
More optional plug.
Plug the highest quality, they are found on ProTools TDM!!

Very compact, lightweight design.

Requires external power, no off button!?!


Very simple, just go to the site tcelectronic to download the version 2.0 software which is very well done. With a mac it's very simple.


It depends on the machine that is used and the softwares.
For me the j'utile powercompact with Digital Performer 5 and live on G4 powerbook, everything goes well. On a G5 tower as well. Not tried with the new mac-intel, or with a PC.
Updated regularly Software appoints so no problem, in addition tc electronic provides 20 hours of trying (on mute) any plug with version 2.0!
Tc latency recommended for optimal use: 1024
The two processors are sufficient for dealing with small mix (8pistes), beyond I think it's a fair bit, but it depends on the number of tracks and plugs for plugs used. In fact, the plugs are more or uses less cpu. You have to manage the resources of his computer and that of the PowerCore but with practice everything goes well!


Quality / price is right because the plugs are very good, but optional are expensive!!
-Design (the blue flashing into the slot as soon as you plug an active)
-Its compactness,
-Build quality and quality of pro plug ins. My tracks have never sounded so good.
I do not like:
It lacks the off button,
-More power would have been welcome.

If I had a more powerful mac maybe should I pack price waves, but in an era of virtual instruments, the powercompact still relieves the CPU of the machine (or quelqu'elle). Especially if you use reactor5!
Yes I do it again with the experience especially since this choice one can make three in a row and it is compatible with powercorefirewire.