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Akai Digital Multitrack Recorders/DtDs user reviews

  • Akai DR4d

    Akai DR4d - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by elriton/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Analog connection: TS jack Digital connection (SPDIF): RCA or XLR 32/44.1/48 KHz sample rate with linear 16-bit resolution Internal or external SCSI hard drive recording Synchronizat…

  • Akai DR4

    Akai DR4 - FP User's review


    You can record 4 tracks, during the capacity of your hard drive sync Midi, MTC or Time Code with your computer or any else machine you can make loops, copy, delete, and many function like a sequencer with the audio tracks recorded Price paid: $500 (…

Translated user reviews
  • Akai DR4

    Akai DR4 - " Sturdy, reliable, very good"


    Write a review about a machine as old, it is useful? For fans secondhand perhaps? Well, those old DR4 was (and it is) good at all. This is only a recorder, it does nothing else (no effects, no mixing, gadget zero) but it does really well. And …

  • Akai DR16

    Akai DR16 - " This is a fabulous DtDs"


    Connectivity noon smpte and vga UTILIZATION gnrale trs simple configuration for use in assembling well better have a screen and keyboard (QWERTY) SOUNDS The converters are good trs what he Confre a wide dynamic OVERALL OPINION I used the …

  • Akai DR4d

    Akai DR4d - Aurochs4's review


    That says it all! It should be noted even when a connector chaining in front if you had several DR4d has to work together, also a headphone jack, a jack for a pedal. All connections with period while some would prfr XLR, it's not the 6.35 (4 in a…

  • Akai DD1500/DL1500

    Akai DD1500/DL1500 - Audio_Pro's review


    For technical specifications see sites dedicated to this subject (I will not do the details of a complex machine !!!). UTILIZATION Ergonomics foolproof. When you have experienced a session with four recorders DUJONC connected to a table via int…

  • Akai DR16

    Akai DR16 - Anonyme's review


    Fully agree with "Mamelin". UTILIZATION The DR16 really "sound" on all points, and how fishing!! SOUNDS The converters are really great. OVERALL OPINION A very pro machine. PS: Do not forget this machine was sold 8 years ago, nearly 500…

  • Akai DR16pro

    Akai DR16pro - bastianmacjane's review


    Magneto digital 16-track 16/20 or 24 bits, or 96 Khz 32/44.056/44.1/48 processing interne.Convertisseurs A to D 24 bits (8 input jacks mono), converter D to A: 20 bits (16 outputs mono jack). stereo master output and grafted L / R Digital. in AES-EBU…

  • Akai DR16

    Akai DR16 - mameline's review


    Direct to disk completely autonomous (with Intgr mixing with the possibility to record both numrique (16-channel ADAT / AES / EBU and SPDIF) but also in analog and no deformation of the sound! possibility to store all media types and even a SCSI DA…