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Akai Professional Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Great entry machine, get one!" has images


    I wanted a Reel To Reel for years. And i wanted a machine which i am capable of servicing and there shouldn`t be that big hassle when i need parts. After digging into the matter i came to Akai. This Brand has a lot of Fans and quite a lot of them ar…

  • Akai Professional MFC 42

    Akai Professional MFC 42 - "rack it with your mpc"


    The Akai MFC 42 can be purchased at a good price at a bunch of different stores that offer music gear so its definitely worth the try. It has 42 analog filters and is a rack able unit. My first incounter with it was when I got a chance to use it when…

  • Akai Professional GX-630D

    Akai Professional GX-630D - "Nice Machine"


    I bought this wonderfull machine when I was eightteen. The quality of transport, the quality of sound, everything was great and I regret to sell this wonderfull Device since...…

  • Akai Professional HV10 DecaBuddy

    Akai Professional HV10 DecaBuddy - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by leudeline/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - What kind of effects or effect types are available? See below. UTILIZATION - Is it easy to make settings? Yes - Is it easy to edit sounds or effects? Yes SOUND QUALITY - Are…

  • Akai Professional DR4d

    Akai Professional DR4d - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by elriton/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Analog connection: TS jack Digital connection (SPDIF): RCA or XLR 32/44.1/48 KHz sample rate with linear 16-bit resolution Internal or external SCSI hard drive recording Synchronizat…

  • Akai Professional MFC 42

    Akai Professional MFC 42 - FP User's review


    It's got the aforementioned drawbacks, as far as considering stereo/mono as separate channels. Price paid $150 US UTILIZATION As mentioned, excellent interface design. It's built like a tank. SOUND QUALITY I got it when Guitar Center mistakenl…

  • Akai Professional DR4

    Akai Professional DR4 - FP User's review


    You can record 4 tracks, during the capacity of your hard drive sync Midi, MTC or Time Code with your computer or any else machine you can make loops, copy, delete, and many function like a sequencer with the audio tracks recorded Price paid: $500 (…

  • Akai Professional MFC 42

    Akai Professional MFC 42 - FP User's review


    MIDI sucks on it and yeah the distortion is a cruel hoax waiting to get you! DON"T USE IT! Price paid: $250.00 UTILIZATION It's best use is to just filter records and make basslines. Usint MIDI on it is a real PAIN. you can run over it and i…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "Akai DSP-16"


    I acquired the unit at guitar center. I needed something to record with and I paid about 2K for it. I think I can still unload it on some sucker First of all the manual was poorly written at least my version. I think the product was rushed into the…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "AKAI DSP16"


    The DSP16 features a recording section which is capable of 10 track simultaneous recording and 16 track simultaneous playback, a mixer section of 26 channels, and an internal effect section that enables you to use four effect channels simultaneously.…