Akai Professional DPS16

DPS16, Digital Multrack-studio from Akai Professional in the DPS series.

MGR/Bill Moyer 06/02/2002

Akai Professional DPS16 : MGR/Bill Moyer's user review

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I acquired the unit at guitar center. I needed something to record with and I paid about 2K for it.

I think I can still unload it on some sucker

First of all the manual was poorly written at least my version. I think the product was rushed into the market. I found numerous spelling errors in the on the screen display (makes you wonder about QTM). Granted recording is easy but anything after that is not intuitive. The effect are silly and a pain in the butt.

To big to fit in my skeet launcher

I honestly really, really suggest people look closely at all the recorders and don't make the same mistake I did.

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