Akai Professional DPS16

DPS16, Digital Multrack-studio from Akai Professional in the DPS series.

Arts en Scène 05/31/2003

Akai Professional DPS16 : Arts en Scène's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
16 tracks DtDs friendly, 8-input jacks on symtriques (combo XLR / jack and power supply phantme for channels 1 & 2), an I / O numrique S / PDIF, 4 AUX jacks on sym, Master and Monitor CAR, MIDI.
The CHARACTERISTICS are allchantes: up 96kHz/24bits, IDE internally and up to 6 SCSI peripherals externally, 16 tracks + 256 virtual tracks.
We can only record 8 tracks the time it's a shame (can be 9 or 10 with between numrique, but I'm not numrique trs).
Card effects (4 time) that seems plutt effective the little I used.
The screen is big enough and enjoyable.
Keys, for cons, make a little Bontempi.


Most of the functions is very simple, but you still even delve into the manual that comes out of the DS record itself, the effects are a bit complicated to Started on the other hand when they are rolled on its own, and the eq, thanks for the catch pots ct: plutt damn well like Systm!
The assignment of tracks is very simple, nothing wrong.
Export to WAV is just a way of the cross, for against, as the external SCSI hard drive must be formatted in FAT, and that (beep) persists in WindowsXP does not read, have to pass the disc on another PC, or burn any CD to WAV for export.


Converters excellent my (humble) opinion, the sound of the machine is really good.
As against the pre-amps are ignored from the start, take VTRE or console! May be that mine have not aged well, but the sound quickly becomes infected with!


18 months with this little BCAN but true regret is that there are only 8-track simultaneous recording, for qualitprix against the report is excellent, and the machine is a super- tool, specially for beginners while challenging.
Ct the mix is ​​not very practical, but I guess that's the case for all ministudios of this kind, but for a group the machine can do all the work recording engraving ( with a SCSI drive, even when ...) for cheap and not too much decision-head, the capacity of IDE hard disks is now quite monstrous and can really work on projects srieux.