Akai DD1500/DL1500
Akai DD1500/DL1500
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Audio_Pro 07/16/2007

Akai DD1500/DL1500 : Audio_Pro's user review


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For technical specifications see sites dedicated to this subject (I will not do the details of a complex machine !!!).


Ergonomics foolproof.
When you have experienced a session with four recorders DUJONC connected to a table via interfaces DUCHMOL thingy all controlled by two PCs DUGLAND ......... to obtain a result hardly satisfactory, and this after you have ripped half of your remaining hair on the head, you got it what it means to the ergonomics of such a machine.
It's like a big Mercedes, you put the ignition key, and you drive Raoul.


Remember that it is basically a machine dedicated to the professional post-production. So "breath-hum-noise-etc" = 0, the solid.
For those who are the nodes to the brain about the sampling rate, remember that everything ends with the 44.1, so everything about the "warming" of the sound going in any case before.


This type of machine is no longer listed. So for those who own one, given its quality, durability, ergonomics, and professional services it offers, keep it, DO NOT CLAIM.
It is still relevant.

(I decided to give my opinion on this excellent machine after a long and stormy discussion with an engineer friend of his).

ARGUS rating published on this site is to me absurd.