Behringer iNuke NU1000
Behringer iNuke NU1000

iNuke NU1000, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Behringer in the iNuke series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
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JimboSpins's review"Love it/Affordable"

Behringer iNuke NU1000
The INUKE NU1000 is made by Behringer; it is a class D unit that is very easy to use. There is virtually no set up process involved and on the front of the rack you can easily see all of your signal levels because of the LED lights. On the back of the unit you have combo XLR and ¼ TRS inputs that will work with just about any piece of gear. This amp will work in dual mode, mono bridge mode or stereo mode, and you can pick these modes on the back of the INUKE NU1000. I would have put them on the front of the unit if it was up to me because when racked you do not want to have to go back there to change your modes.

But just by looking at this unit you will love the way it looks and the sound that it will give you. It takes no effort at all to understand how to work it because you only have two knobs on the front, and the only reason you use the back is to change the modes (which in most cases is just a set it and leave it alone type of deal unless you are running a bigger multiple artist show).

The NU1000 is by far one of the best sounding amps and best looking amps that I have come across; and it is listed at an great price costing only 185 dollars brand new. This is a must have for any artist that perform live or any sound engineer that works live shows. It can be used on larger speaker chains too! If they could only have put the modes on the front of the rack it would have made it even better than it already is.

Great value for the price, this is a must have and it is made to last a long time.
DJ Marco9403/11/2014

DJ Marco94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent product"

Behringer iNuke NU1000
Lightweight, excellent rendering, deep bass, look fabulous, essential connection without excess frills, short, but happiness!

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Different from analog"

Behringer iNuke NU1000
Hello, I bought the beast 6 months ago and sold recently. I used it with 4 columns 15 inch PA, to amplify a digital piano, electric guitar digitech rp70 through, and an electro-acoustic straight into the table.
The input sensitivity is accommodating, I tested the rp70 in the right nuke, and the diodes level lit properly. The amp runs so well with-10db signal, such as tables dj entry-level, old multitrack K7 is very convenient.
The nuke is running 2 ohms, we can put four columns in parallel 8ohms per side. It starts to fuss with the whole membrane surface!
The nuke, vacuum, produces no noise, but the fan is Royal's always adonf 'we hear so much in the breaks. It takes the air to push back the two front buttons.
Lots of plastic but I made a good impression, and especially is amazing it weighs three pounds!

Where is the nuke me dislike her, because it behaves differently from an analog amplifier. The sound is faster, sharper, but much colder and more brittle, aggressive in the treble. With piezo tweeters is terrible, but the reserve for a musician more "acoustic" a lover of techno-trance plates.

Besides listening to the plates is rather nuke bonus, because the sounds dry and clear (even in the bass) it delivers are very fast, which goes well.

In my case I prefer the old ben bikes and too bad if it hums a little and it weighs a dead donkey ...

If you move, and every evening, you'll love the nuke.

This is my first digital amp for my use and it does not fit unfortunately.
Note: There are two ways to make sturdy, lightweight, or any digital (switch-mode power supply and amplification) or power supply switching and amplification transistors (at markbass). So here too the price is taken into account in the final outcome, would like ...