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Behringer PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Behringer Europort PPA200

    Behringer Europort PPA200 - "Good dependable Portable PA"


    Best uses: solo performers, small ensembles. I use this for both. I have used it at block parties, open mics, and even on parade floats. It is a very dependable unit which produces a large amount of sound for such a small size. I have used other …

  • Behringer Eurolive VS1220

    Behringer Eurolive VS1220 - "Good sound at a GREAT price!"


    The EuroLive VS1220 is a 600 watt 12 inch PA Speaker with a great sound for this price. These speakers only cost about a hundred bucks a piece and will give you a very clean sound. These are a great speaker to get if you are in the market to purchase…

  • Behringer Eurolive B215XL

    Behringer Eurolive B215XL - "I did not like the sound it gave to guitars"


    The Behringer B215XL is an 15 inch passive PA Speaker with a 1000 watt capacity. The price of it was very appealing to me at the time. It was 199 when I purchased them (400 for the pair). I have used other Behringer PA speakers in the past and some o…

  • Behringer Eurolive B215D

    Behringer Eurolive B215D - BeyondR's review


    Behringer B215D are some high quality speakers that are used by many advanced musicians in the world. These speakers combine the great look with a high quality concerning the timbre , frequency response , a very clean and pro sound and also a powerf…

  • Behringer iNuke NU1000

    Behringer iNuke NU1000 - "Love it/Affordable"


    The INUKE NU1000 is made by Behringer; it is a class D unit that is very easy to use. There is virtually no set up process involved and on the front of the rack you can easily see all of your signal levels because of the LED lights. On the back of th…

  • Behringer Eurolive B215D

    Behringer Eurolive B215D - "Huge sound"


    The Eurolive B215D is a 15 inch PA cabinet that packs a huge sound. All of the specs are virtually the same between the B210D and this one except one huge difference, the sound is much bigger! This speaker cost about 150 dollars more than the 10 inch…

  • Behringer B210D

    Behringer B210D - "Great for the mobile DJ"


    The B210D is a 10 inch two powered PA speaker made by Behringer. I have used many Behringer cabinets before including some of the Eurolive cabinets they have made in the past. This speaker is very affordable and packs a great sound. The sound is ver…

  • Behringer Europower PMP4000

    Behringer Europower PMP4000 - "preamps rock, and lots of effects"


    The PMP 4000 is a 16 channel powered mixer that is made for a table top. It cannot be racked and needs to be on a flat secure surface. For some situations this mixer was our best option depending on where we had to be. But in some situations it was n…

  • Behringer Eurolive B815NEO

    Behringer Eurolive B815NEO - "Bass response is great"


    The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a 1200 watt PA or Loud speaker that is a 15 inch low end driver. The Behringer EuroLive B815NEO is a remarkable bass response; even the natural tone of the bass is worth more than the whole Behringer EuroLive B815NEO…

  • Behringer Eurolive F1320D

    Behringer Eurolive F1320D - "Will not overheat"


    The Behringer EuroLive F1320D is a 12 inch 200 watt portable monitor that has a 3 band EQ and a feedback filter built into it. This monitor is well made and built to last you a long time if you take care of it. There are not many monitors that will c…