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Behringer PA & Live Sound user reviews

  • Behringer Europower EP1500

    Behringer Europower EP1500 - "Behringer Europower EP1500"


    Our act needed a new amp to drive the mains which are rated at 250watts RMS with an 8ohm load. After leaving a small paper bag with $300 in unmarked $5.00 bills in the managers office of an undisclosed Guitar Center location we picked it up in the al…

  • Behringer Europower PMH3000

    Behringer Europower PMH3000 - "Behringer PMH3000 Powered Mixer"


    I bought the unit online for $450. It is also advertised as the PMX3000 but the unit comes labelled as the PMH3000. I needed a low profile and light weight unit that I could use to mix to drive a sub and monitors in addition to stereo mains. The …

  • Behringer Europower EP1500

    Behringer Europower EP1500 - "Behringer Europower 1500 Power Amplifier"


    I purchased this as a new unit off of Ebay for $267 + $20 shipping. Needed a second Amplifier and something with enough punch to play some outdoor gigs. I had two requirements for the amp i was looking at, i needed good enough volume to run my PA a…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Powered Mixer"


    I bought this on EBay for $270 new from a music store in Tennessee. I couldn't beleive the price. I read the reveiws and decided that it was worth the gamble. Very glad I did. Its a nice unit. Some of the reveiws I read mentioned excess feedback and…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Power Mixer"


    Prosound.com, Bought this unit for live performances for my duo. I paid 300 for this unit. This unit is great. It has all the features of more expensive units, at a very inexpensive price, The phantom power is excellent for microphones, the 99 digi…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer Europower PMX2000"


    I bought this unit for 4295 swedish crowns (about 575 $) at Förstärkardoktorn in Stockholm, Sweden. For the price this is an awesome unit. Ten input channels (of which four are in stereo), 2X250 watts in stereo (or 250 watts in mono when using the …

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Europower Powered Mixer"


    Bought it new at a local Guitar Center for $299.00 for vocal and guitar amplification for 4 piece rock band. You won't find another powered mixer like this for the money. I looked at Mackies and Yamahas with similar features and they were approx. …

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000"


    I bought this, because I wanted a decent powered stereo mixer at a reasonable price. I got from Guitar Center for $299.00 I like the fact that you get 10 channels, 99 effects, 2x250 watt amps/500 watts bridged, I could go on, but there isn't enough…

Translated user reviews
  • Behringer Eurolive B205D

    Behringer Eurolive B205D - " Testing"


    For a week I acquired a Behringer Eurolive B205D Good product but be careful not to push too high cursors. It saturates quickly. I use it for small venues I bought this format to avoid climbing big config. Good compromise My style is flame…

  • Behringer Eurolive B815NEO

    Behringer Eurolive B815NEO - " very well"


    I use them both for 2 months every weekend around for small private parties in small rooms or large parties in a room of 300m2 active speaker 850w rms, speaker of 15pouces, 2 inputs XLR / jack with level, XLR line output, it fulfills its role very …