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Behringer PA/Live Sound Mixing Consoles user reviews

  • Behringer Europower PMP4000

    Behringer Europower PMP4000 - "preamps rock, and lots of effects"


    The PMP 4000 is a 16 channel powered mixer that is made for a table top. It cannot be racked and needs to be on a flat secure surface. For some situations this mixer was our best option depending on where we had to be. But in some situations it was n…

  • Behringer Europower PMP5000

    Behringer Europower PMP5000 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by motteherbeuse/translated from Audiofanzine FR) How long have you been using it? Six months for rehearsals (once a week) and live gigs. Which feature do you like the most / the least? I was fed up with having to tra…

  • Behringer Europower PMP3000

    Behringer Europower PMP3000 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by DylanC/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hello, I've been using it for about three months. Pros: it's amplified. Enough quality for my needs (studio, rehearsals, and soon live). In the beginning I found the effects w…

  • Behringer Europower PMH2000

    Behringer Europower PMH2000 - frankP_en's review


    I've been using the Behringer Europower PMH2000 for 2 years now. I like that it has 10 channels. 8 XLR's help a lot when playing with a full band. If you playing acoustic guitar or need the quarter inch inputs, they are provided. The left and right c…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - Jaker's review


    I bought this about a year ago as part of a package (including speakers, mics and cables) from a major online merchant and I am very happy with it. This was by far a less expensive set up than equivalent rigs from other brands. Though I was at first …

  • Behringer Europower PMH3000

    Behringer Europower PMH3000 - "Behringer PMH3000 Powered Mixer"


    I bought the unit online for $450. It is also advertised as the PMX3000 but the unit comes labelled as the PMH3000. I needed a low profile and light weight unit that I could use to mix to drive a sub and monitors in addition to stereo mains. The …

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Powered Mixer"


    I bought this on EBay for $270 new from a music store in Tennessee. I couldn't beleive the price. I read the reveiws and decided that it was worth the gamble. Very glad I did. Its a nice unit. Some of the reveiws I read mentioned excess feedback and…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Power Mixer"

    01/26/04, Bought this unit for live performances for my duo. I paid 300 for this unit. This unit is great. It has all the features of more expensive units, at a very inexpensive price, The phantom power is excellent for microphones, the 99 digi…

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer Europower PMX2000"


    I bought this unit for 4295 swedish crowns (about 575 $) at Förstärkardoktorn in Stockholm, Sweden. For the price this is an awesome unit. Ten input channels (of which four are in stereo), 2X250 watts in stereo (or 250 watts in mono when using the …

  • Behringer Europower PMX2000

    Behringer Europower PMX2000 - "Behringer PMX2000 Europower Powered Mixer"


    Bought it new at a local Guitar Center for $299.00 for vocal and guitar amplification for 4 piece rock band. You won't find another powered mixer like this for the money. I looked at Mackies and Yamahas with similar features and they were approx. …