Behringer Europower PMH3000
Behringer Europower PMH3000

Europower PMH3000, Powered Mixer from Behringer in the Europower series.

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MGR/Dave Breton 07/13/2004

Behringer Europower PMH3000 : MGR/Dave Breton's user review

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I bought the unit online for $450. It is also advertised as the PMX3000 but the unit comes labelled as the PMH3000.

I needed a low profile and light weight unit that I could use to mix to drive a sub and monitors in addition to stereo mains.

The PMH3000 has many useful feature

1) Insert external effects jack on all 8 mic channels, useful for adding external noise gates/expanders/commpressors

2) Per channel prefade listen (PFL) for individual headphone soundcheck plus dB level check on the main soundlevel LEDs.

3) Two monitor and FX level mixers per channel

4) Built in effects unit is low self noise and lots of reverb and chorus effects

5) After Fade Listen (AFL) on output sliders
for headphone monitoring

6) Mono output slider dedicated sub woofer

7) Main equalizer sliders have buitin LEDs to help pinpoint a feedback frequency

The main speaker outputs are clean all the way up to the +10dB LED on main stereo out which is starting to hit 400w/channel into 4 ohms.

LIGHT WEIGHT!! the unit uses a switched mode power supply in place of the normal bulky supply transformer.

Easy to grab carrying handle

This is not really a dislike but to get to 400Watts (as tested with a 4 ohm load resistor) the main stereo sound level must peg the +10 dB level LED (but not clip). 0dB on main stero out is about 40W/4 ohm and a safe upper level for headroom should be kept under 300 W/channel into 4 ohms which falls off to 150 W/channel into 8 ohms.

An input channel has to be + 10dB on its PFL level check to generate these max speaker levels, needing condensor mics and pro line level sound gear.

Otherwise think of the PMH3000 as having plenty of headroom!

This unit does not have a "band break" swith to mute the mic channels.

The main amps are very quiet when there are no input signals. The cooling fans are quiet. The attractive case is all steel. The Speakon speaker connectors are superior to 1/4" jacks but many people will end buying adapter cables.

The PMH3000 is a versatile and lightweight unit. It doesn't have mind bending speaker drive but still has plenty of clean output and headroom for small to medium gigs.

Behringer customer service confirmed that the unit can be used without connecting loundspeakers. The unit can double up as a low noise mixer with effects and two monitor busses.

I give it a 4 only because the channels have to be driven to get to the rated output power, otherwise you get a lot of value for your money.

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