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Dugain user reviews

  • Dugain Os

    Dugain Os - " Too expensive."


    I had bought there already quite a few years and that I had enjoyed in acoustics. Although I can not remember the price now, I remember seeing the same article, unmarked, on ebay.com (USA) at a ridiculously low price, unlike Dugain. So I was told of …

  • Dugain Acétate

    Dugain Acétate - " It slips (on the ropes)!"


    Ergonomic pick cellulose acetate 2.5 mm thickness Dugpouce series made in France. The imprint provides a series Dugpouce thumb on one of its faces. Recently purchased, I appreciate Dugain for sound they offer and I wanted to try this one. Very …

  • Dugain Ebène

    Dugain Ebène - " Very good but expensive"


    I tried for 60 years all the picks that may exist and it is DUGAIN top It is also expensive. When you love it or do not then it prefers warm cherry PASAPASMUSIC his ebony or more crystalline sound 3 times cheaper because only sold live account …

  • Dugain Os

    Dugain Os - " Too bright"


    Too bright, so hot, round and bold melodic horn. When is a Dugain without molding for grip? …

  • Dugain Corne de buffle

    Dugain Corne de buffle - " Bluesy"


    I've owned 2 in Dugain and one from John Pearse, smaller and more pointed. I use them for a few years period alternating with jazz III and stubby. They are characterized by a warm, thick, fat, round, very sweet and very musical. Personally I prefer t…

  • Dugain Acétate

    Dugain Acétate - " Soft"


    I bought this Dugain there shortly. I heard someone use it repeatedly, the sound attracted me. So I bought a few at random and I have no regrets. Not too typical, it shows a soft (not aggressive understand) and cozy. I situate between Agate and Acryl…

  • Dugain Acrylique

    Dugain Acrylique - " Multipurpose"


    Very good pick in the Dugain. This is one of the least expensive and also the most versatile. Sound less muffled than agate (I have another) and less typical than others. It makes both electric and acoustic, nylon or steel ... It emphasizes the frequ…

  • Dugain Delrin

    Dugain Delrin - delayedbis's review


    used for two years with joy; Perfect ergonomics for clean sounds, sounds velvety wish to complement a good compressor or sustainor ebow; For other styles, there are a collecton of twelve models, a fortiori (jen have four at once) one flaw: they a…

  • Dugain Buis

    Dugain Buis - m.balthazar's review


    I use it for 1 year. I tried a bunch of plastic picks. Very nice wood and perfect finish. Ergonomics. I have not found a difference compared to the rosewood on my guitar (see my review of the Dugain rosewood). What I like least: the price, we w…

  • Dugain Rosewood

    Dugain Rosewood - m.balthazar's review


    I use it for a year. I tried a bunch of plastic pick. What I like most: held in the fingers (perfect), the quality of manufacture and its very hot on my archtop. What I like least: the price of course. I'm super careful not to lose it. Good q…