Dugain Corne de buffle
Dugain Corne de buffle

Corne de buffle, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dugain.

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sixfir 03/09/2013

Dugain Corne de buffle : sixfir's user review

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I've owned 2 in Dugain and one from John Pearse, smaller and more pointed. I use them for a few years period alternating with jazz III and stubby. They are characterized by a warm, thick, fat, round, very sweet and very musical. Personally I prefer the John Pearse become perfect once a little blunt, pointed shape offsetting their roundness and the thickness of the horn. Anyway, for me it is the most natural material suitable for a pick among the few Dugain I tried (bone too bright, too woody ebony, various semi-precious stones and jade other too hard ...). I only regret that the molding is never quite the location of the thumb and index finger at the grip, mainly on Dugains a little too big for my taste, and if you respect the supposed finger placement, left too long beyond. More a pick must be constantly repositioned during the game, depending on what you play again the character cast lends itself soon. Aside from that, this pick is a joy to play, with sweet desire, bold and strong, hard and firm without suffering the extreme rigidity of semi precious stones, nor picks of the conventional plastic. Nothing but the touch is a treat, nature definitely makes things well.