Sennheiser e 604
tono 06/13/2003

Sennheiser e 604 : tono's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Dynamic microphone with clip intgre for toms, snare, percussion


I use the E604 (eg BF504) live since 1997, and in the studio since 1999, and the mikes are really great value qualitprix.Sur drums, the clamp is super convenient (the farewell of feet high! !), the implementation is fast, and the sound is to go for only small problem is the small barrels (10 ", 8") or the body of the microphone is sometimes g NER typing drummer. At sound of the toms is couillu round, even if the attack was not a monstrous Beta 98 ​​(prfr my microphone on the drums, but 3 times more expensive! sniff!), with a big bottom mdium (certainly of the proximity); on the snare it's not bad, close to the sm57 if we blunder placement, and it is not Below terrible (lack of brightness); On drilled, trs is much to reinforce good overheads. I rcemment Discoveries a little something that made me redcouvrir this microphone: just up the body of the mic upside down on the grip, place a can over the prs circle, east 90 to 60 over the skin, are thundering rsultats (+ attack), and no more typing ESG ... Another strong point are m ga solid.