Sennheiser e 608
Sennheiser e 608

e 608, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the evolution 600 series.

KoalaMan 08/06/2004

Sennheiser e 608 : KoalaMan's user review


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Micro ddi saxophones, percussion and it seems!
Attachment to the bell of the instrument, which explodes forcment serious (if Bb and filthy on my tnor).
A small wire runs to about 50cm a pin XLR, which can be attached aisment belt.
Comes with a storage pouch.
Micro really tough, he fell many times and still works without problem.


The advantage of having a cell is to walk quietly, and wriggle a little scne without a problem with the microphone. The E608 is pretty well on the roof, but the thread is quite Gnant for too long ...
The ide of the cell is trs good, but unfortunately, this microphone does not keep its promises: almost no signal reaches the table, too little serious and acute hypertrophy!

In fact, its main advantage RSID in being able to make scne quietly-ing is the sound that will have a rough time to correct a balance!
Moreover, its price makes particulirement INTERESTED but for use in instrument sets, I think it is better to take a traditional SM57.