Dynamic Processors news

  • [NAMM] SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module

    [NAMM] SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module

    01/16/11 in SSL XLogic X-Rack XR728 Stereo Dynamics Module

    Solid State Logic introduced the new X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module at Winter NAMM 2011 (Booth 6904, Hall A).

  • [NAMM] Lisson Grove R-124 Compressor

    [NAMM] Lisson Grove R-124 Compressor

    01/07/11 in Lisson Grove R-X24

    The R-124 is a valve compressor based on the classic 1960s British studio units used extensively on all of the Beatles' recordings.

  • Compressors: How They Really Work

    Compressors: How They Really Work

    12/21/10 in Dynamic Processors

    It's one of the most used, and most misunderstood, signal processors. While people use it to make a recording "punchier," it often ends up dulling the sound instead because the controls aren't set optimally. And it was supposed to go away when the digital age, with its wide dynamic range, appeared.

  • Elysia xpressor 500

    Elysia xpressor 500

    07/27/10 in Elysia xpressor 500

    The xpressor 500 is our new stereo compressor available in API's 500 series format.

  • A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    04/20/10 in A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    The new HM2 NAIL Compressor from A-Designs Audio is now shipping.

  • [Musikmesse] SPL Transpressor

    [Musikmesse] SPL Transpressor

    03/23/10 in SPL Transpressor

    SPL has just announced the Transpressor, a new dynamic processing tool, described as the first processor that combines level-independent compression and treatment of transients.

  • A Designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A Designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    03/19/10 in A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A Designs Audio announced that the HM2 Compressor “Nail” is now available.

  • [NAMM] API 527 Compressor

    [NAMM] API 527 Compressor

    01/14/10 in API Audio 527

    API is now shipping the 527 compressor, a single channel module based on API's 225L discreet channel compressor.

  • Elysia mpressor

    Elysia mpressor

    01/08/10 in Elysia mpressor

    The mpressor TDM version is out now, with a 25 % discount in January.

  • JDK Audio R22 Compressor

    JDK Audio R22 Compressor

    12/21/09 in JDK Audio R22 Compressor

    JDK Audio, the brand developed and engineered by API, announced the fourth product in its line of signal processing equipment.