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  • Candid comments from the renowned producer/engineer about gear, mixing and more

    Candid comments from the renowned producer/engineer abo… - Jack Joseph Puig Speaks His Mind


    One of the best known and most successful producer/engineers in the business, Grammy-winner Jack Joseph Puig has worked with heavyweights like U2, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, John Mayer, Fergie, Eric Clapton, Queen Latifah and countless others. Puig wears many hats, including as an executive vice president at Geffen Records, and as Director of…

  • Classic Gear Spotlight: The Teletronix LA-2A

    Classic Gear Spotlight: The Teletronix LA-2A - Legendary Optical Compressor


    A number of outboard compressors from the analog era are considered legends in the audio world, among them the Fairchild 670, UREI 1176, and the subject of this article, the Teletronix LA-2A. The LA-2A offers program-dependent compression based on optical circuitry, and has been ubiquitous in studio processing chains over the years, especially for…

  • AudioTouch C-Buss Review

    AudioTouch C-Buss Review - The Analog/Virtual Symbiosis


    In terms of hardware compressors, the latest products are too often expressions of the same theme, variations on a mythical device that has already proved its worth. Fortunately though, on rare occasions, a nice surprise arrives at your door. This is especially true in regard to today's topic since, for once, the innovation was right next door...

  • Sidechain

    Sidechain - How Does a Sidechain Work?


    Back in the analog area, audio effects with a sidechain circuit were rare and usually among the most expensive. So sidechain was used only in big productions to fine tune the processing of certain recordings. With modern DAWs, sidechains are now available to everyone and most dynamic processors include them. Nowadays, people use the sidechain to c…

  • Parameters of a Compressor

    Parameters of a Compressor - How to Set Up a Compressor


    A compressor basically serves to reduce signal dynamics, that is to say the difference between loud and quiet signal parts.

  • Have Fun with Noise Gates

    Have Fun with Noise Gates - Noise Gates Don't Have to be Boring


    Noise gates aren't as relevant as they were back in the analog days, when hiss was an uninvited intruder on anything you recorded. But noise gates can do some really cool special effects that have nothing to do with reducing hiss. This article shows how to make them a lot more interesting, and throws in a bunch of fun audio examples, too. But firs…

  • How to Compress a Guitar or Bass

    How to Compress a Guitar or Bass - Dynamics Processing Meets Rock Guitar


    Dynamics processing with studio-oriented processors? Been there, done that. But have you re-visited it lately in a guitar context? Dynamics control for vocals or program material is very different compared to guitar. Much of this is because there are many ways to use dynamics processing for guitar (or bass). So, let's take a look at the different …

  • Compressors: How They Really Work

    Compressors: How They Really Work - Compressors Demystified


    It's one of the most used, and most misunderstood, signal processors. While people use it to make a recording "punchier," it often ends up dulling the sound instead because the controls aren't set optimally. And it was supposed to go away when the digital age, with its wide dynamic range, appeared.

  • EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums

    EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums - EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums


    Despite the preponderance of exceptional drum samples and loops on the market, for certain genres of music (notably country and rock) there is no substitute for a great session drummer playing on a well-recorded and mixed drum kit. One thing that samples and loops can’t provide is the great rhythmic instincts an accomplished live player draws upon…

  • Mixing Guitar and Vocals

    Mixing Guitar and Vocals - EQ and Compression Techniques for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar


    As an engineer/producer, one of my biggest early challenges was getting my mixes to sound as polished and balanced as the mixes of songs on my favorite albums. Living in Nashville, I knew the problem wasn’t the players (some of whom had even played on those same favorite albums). I also knew that I was happy enough with the sounds I was recording …