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  • Beyerdynamic MCE 530

    Beyerdynamic MCE 530 - "A very good mic for recording instruments (both electric and acoustic)"


    I got a stereo pair 5 years ago for not much money. I have other more expensive microphones, but I always reach for these when I want to mic up a speaker cabinet. I've used them on electric pianos, organs, bass amps and all manners of guitar cabinets…

  • Audio-Technica ATR6550

    Audio-Technica ATR6550 - "Excellent Value"


    Works very well with DSLRs as well as smartphones with a simple adaptor. No, it's not like a Sennheieser but neither is the price. Mounts easily to DSLRs and uses easy to find and replace regular AA batteries. Comes with mic stand adaptor for use…

  • JTS CX-509

    JTS CX-509 - "Great for overheads and instrument-miking"


    I found this mic by pure chance, while I'd known the CX-516 and 508 for long. I now own four pairs of it. I use it live, for overheads or to mike instruments up. Very sensitive -like all condenser microphones-, it allows to mike instruments not e…

  • RODE NTG-1

    RODE NTG-1 - "Affordable Shotgun Mic (good quality)"


    The Rode NTG1 is a shotgun microphone with a hyper cardiod pattern. Meaning that it captures a more narrow direct field of sound. I want to say view, but this isn't a lens although the same analogy applies. This mic can be used a number of differe…

  • Behringer ECM8000

    Behringer ECM8000 - "Spare"


    I have been using the Behringer ECM8000 for a long time. It only cost 60 bucks but it sounds way better. I am very surprised that it cost so little because if you compare it to microphones that cost 2 and 3 times more than it cost you can barely hear…

  • Crown PCC-170SW

    Crown PCC-170SW - "TableTop"


    The Crown PCC-170 is a surface microphone that can be mounted to just about anything. It is a condenser microphone that only cost 300 dollars and it is perfect for tables, podiums, and desktops. It has a max SPL of 120 dB and an output impedance of 1…

  • Audio-Technica Pro35

    Audio-Technica Pro35 - "good for price"


    I was a little skeptical about this mic at first for a saxophone being that its fairly cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised by its response to my sound. I very rarely have gotten a true sound with many different mics, but mixed correctly this thing …

  • Audio-Technica AT8035

    Audio-Technica AT8035 - "Great for documentaries"


    Designed for professional recording, broadcasting and film/TV/video production Short length is well-suited for ENG, outdoor recording and other specialized uses Provides the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long-distance sound pick…

  • Neumann KM 100

    Neumann KM 100 - "Great Room, Space Mics"


    This is not an electret microphone, as it is categorized on this website. It is in fact a small diaphragm condenser mic designed by Neumann. It is a small, tiny microphone that is great for picking up faint sounds and ambiance. I only have experience…

  • DPA Microphones 4011

    DPA Microphones 4011 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4011 is small diaphragm condenser microphone to be used in the recording studio. I wouldn't use the mic outside of the studio under any circumstances considering the high price tag. The 4011 is definitely a popular model, and ca…