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Electret Microphones user reviews

  • Audio-Technica ATR6550

    Audio-Technica ATR6550 - "Excellent Value"


    Works very well with DSLRs as well as smartphones with a simple adaptor. No, it's not like a Sennheieser but neither is the price. Mounts easily to DSLRs and uses easy to find and replace regular AA batteries. Comes with mic stand adaptor for use…

  • JTS CX-509

    JTS CX-509 - "Great for overheads and instrument-miking"


    I found this mic by pure chance, while I'd known the CX-516 and 508 for long. I now own four pairs of it. I use it live, for overheads or to mike instruments up. Very sensitive -like all condenser microphones-, it allows to mike instruments not e…

  • RODE NTG-1

    RODE NTG-1 - "Affordable Shotgun Mic (good quality)"


    The Rode NTG1 is a shotgun microphone with a hyper cardiod pattern. Meaning that it captures a more narrow direct field of sound. I want to say view, but this isn't a lens although the same analogy applies. This mic can be used a number of differe…

  • Behringer ECM8000

    Behringer ECM8000 - "Spare"


    I have been using the Behringer ECM8000 for a long time. It only cost 60 bucks but it sounds way better. I am very surprised that it cost so little because if you compare it to microphones that cost 2 and 3 times more than it cost you can barely hear…

  • Crown PCC-170SW

    Crown PCC-170SW - "TableTop"


    The Crown PCC-170 is a surface microphone that can be mounted to just about anything. It is a condenser microphone that only cost 300 dollars and it is perfect for tables, podiums, and desktops. It has a max SPL of 120 dB and an output impedance of 1…

  • Audio-Technica Pro35

    Audio-Technica Pro35 - "good for price"


    I was a little skeptical about this mic at first for a saxophone being that its fairly cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised by its response to my sound. I very rarely have gotten a true sound with many different mics, but mixed correctly this thing …

  • Audio-Technica AT8035

    Audio-Technica AT8035 - "Great for documentaries"


    Designed for professional recording, broadcasting and film/TV/video production Short length is well-suited for ENG, outdoor recording and other specialized uses Provides the narrow acceptance angle desirable for long-distance sound pick…

  • Neumann KM 100

    Neumann KM 100 - "Great Room, Space Mics"


    This is not an electret microphone, as it is categorized on this website. It is in fact a small diaphragm condenser mic designed by Neumann. It is a small, tiny microphone that is great for picking up faint sounds and ambiance. I only have experience…

  • DPA Microphones 4011

    DPA Microphones 4011 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4011 is small diaphragm condenser microphone to be used in the recording studio. I wouldn't use the mic outside of the studio under any circumstances considering the high price tag. The 4011 is definitely a popular model, and ca…

  • Realistic PZM

    Realistic PZM - moosers's review


    The Realistic PZM (pressure zone microphone) is a microphone that I have used in the recording studio. Like most microphone of this nature, it can cross over to the live show world, but I've only used it in the studio, so my review will be about the…