Cort 3534 Bass
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All user reviews for the Cort 3534 Bass

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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ropongi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Try here first ..."

Cort 3534 Bass
Korean bass, 4 string, bought used in late 2010. identical to the photo.
See specs for other opinions / sites.


The neck is very thin and long (35 pitch, think buying the strings!)
Low very thin and elongated, the opposite of an instrument "compact" type ATK, or MM. Original look though.

5 knobs in any switch + 1 active / passive, not really Plug'n play, but the nuances are permitted by the settings, it happens when m ^ me a lot of time searching and refine the desired sound.

Low light, good ergonomics.


I need to play "a little bit of everything" (I know it's not very original, but you'll understand;) : I coach a group composed of 7 or 8 guitars acoustic + piano + singing + wood .. . with a repertoire ranging from folk, jazz, trad in Balkan, South American ... In short I often change registry while before I heard the midst of this beautiful world.

Extended range of sounds, microphones ... péchus numerous settings on the instrument.


Purchased used to cheap, so I thought they found bass ideal for my game to geo variable group. Not the bass of the century, but original (we see little that's right), beautiful wood finish (model medium / high-end home Cort at the time, 8 years ago by the seller) and capable of adapt (active, passive) if the gaming business (ampli. ..).

I quickly realized that this bass and I would not do long road together: I've never been comfortable with. difficult to say why (too used to the PB may be ...), but quickly make many adjustments me sweat, hard to find a sound (sounds too much?) and especially to keep! In short I sold quickly, and went back to .. DB Mex, which is 10 times the work, taken the cabbage in less ;-)
Besides I have been passed to the bass.

In short, my personal opinion is about the use of the beast, which remains a good instrument I think. Matter of taste ... that's why I prefer not to write it.

jahwel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort 3534 Bass
This is a low Corenne of very good quality, volume knobs possdant 5, Eq 3, balance and an active passive switch. 24 frets on a rosewood handle


The dmanch is enjoyable but are less acute. the sound is very round with lots of bass. The pickups are two countrv of the brand manufacturer. the body is chiseled from each micro cot, the bridge to the cargo.


C is a very versatile instrument that passes both the funk thanks to its switch, the metal. slap games are excellent and the equalization 3bandes allows very precise adjustment


I use this instrument for more than two years, this is my 4th purchase I regret that in no way. This bass is excellent in every respect: weight, acute Accessibility assistive technology software for the design, the quality of the wood. Its price is very correct since nine 800 euros. It can be found used at around 600 euros.