Cort Curbow4
Cort Curbow4
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All user reviews for the Cort Curbow4

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 12 reviews )
 8 reviews67 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/A 4 REAL PLAYER08/23/2004

MGR/A 4 REAL PLAYER's review"Cort Curbow 4"

Cort Curbow4
mail order 2001, $350, Mar Music

The sound of this bass is great, it has a strong tone, deep bass,and nice mids. Mighty Mite Pick, before Bartolini Pick-up the neck is thin and fast

Body to small for tall players, hard to play sitting down cause of the short lower hook. The weight is to light, and body is to thin 1-1/2 inch thick, Man-Made wood or plastic body. Drink up battery juice fast chip when turn all the way up.

Plastic paint on body can crack if dropped, fret broad made of plastic.

The bass is great for a beginner, or studio work. Or back up Bass. Not for live show.
Too light to play live. To small body for tall players. love the neck, But not the fret broad. Make the bass sound light ended.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Cort Curbow 4"

Cort Curbow4
I received this bass, christmas 2001. I've loved every minute ive played with it since. Beautiful tone, great action, and its very very light, plus the neck is thin which is a major plus.

I really like the easy playability. This bass kicks for slapping, poping, walking and running.

Not much, except i had to play around with the settings on the back for geting a bit more power out of the pickup (a single humbuck)

very stable bass, 5 bolt neck, i have not had 1 problem with this sexy bass.

If this bass got stolen, i would get it again.end of story

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MGR/andy's review"Cort Curbow 4"

Cort Curbow4
I acquired my Curbow from a friend that collects guitars. I traded him an acoustic guitar for it that I paid a couple of hundred for so I thought I got a good deal pricewise. I've seen them listed new for around US$450

I was blown away by this bass. The feel (and sound) is incredible - light and quick but with a great punchy tone that is easy to manipulate for any playing style, from heavy picking to fingerstyle to slap. It is very comfortable for those long gigs and gets alot of comments on how unique and cool it looks.

The bottom horn could be a little longer to facilitate playing while sitting, but this is such a minor concern that it is totally overshadowed by the positive factors of this bass.

This is one of the most solid basses I have ever played. I like the five bolt array that connects the neck to the body as well as the neck butting all the way up to the pickups. The ebanol neck is incredibly quick and has a great sound. In the year I have had the bass, I have averaged 3-4 playing nights a week and the only adjustments I have had to make are to the neck when I changed string guage.

The best bass on the market for the price and better than most for twice the price

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MGR/jim windzigl11/22/2001

MGR/jim windzigl's review"Cort Curbow 4"

Cort Curbow4
i bought this bass from Mark's Music Center (forgot what state) via eBay. i kind of bought it on impulse for $380 (list price is $700)

first off; it has very low noise as in background hum. i caught a peak at the inside of
the electronics, and it is shielded well. it gives plenty of output, and the active 3
band EQ for its single bartolini mk-1 humbucker pickup makes it easy to control
the sound. i changed the strings after 3 months, and found it to sound much better.
the factory strings they put on the bass were too flat/dull sounding for my taste.
when slappin', the E-string gives a nice subtle(?) growl.
the neck is super thin for comfort-playing! when i recieved the bass, the action
was low and comfortable, and the intonation was right on, except for the E-string,
which was slightly flat)
I like the bridge, too. when stringing, i never have trouble fitting the string in.
on my ibanez gsr205, one has to lide the strings through little holes in the bridge,
and the B string was always hard fitting through the small hole. that problem couldnt
be possible even on the 5string version of the curbow.

probably the same complaint from everyone else on this bass; the lower horn is a
bit short, making it a little awkward to play sitting down. i understand the low cutaway
and upper frets blah blah, but the horn itself could stand to be extended an inch. still,
this all amounts to a minor inconvenience i soon became used to.
this bass gives a little too much output. enough where it clips(on the amp) like
crazy when the volume knobs at full, even w/ the EQ all set at 0db normal spot. plus the
slap switch mode is still loud compared to the EQ mode. (maybe this is how most
active basses are). the cort website has no real specs on their guitars, which would be
helpful since i recieved no instruction manual w/ it.
one more thing, i think they could have ended w/ 25 frets. the extra 2 on the E string
make it a little less friendly to slap, cuz it sounds better when u dont slap on the neck.

for the most part its good. 5 bolts hold on the neck nicely.
problem w/ the neck seam on the front though. the neck actually reaches to the pickup,
and part is painted to match the body. on mine, the paint wasnt matched too well.
theres a little glue popping out the side too, but nothing major.

all in all, a nice bass. w/ the right set of strings, it gives me the sound/tone i want.
wish i could do something to level out all the volume problems, though.

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1702's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a bass full of surprises"

Cort Curbow4
bass made in indonesia.
24 Fretts for the G string and 27 for E string
a single Bartolini MK1 active pickups
4 pots (volume, treble, medium and severe) and a 2-position switch


a utilitarian point of view that is a special bass indeed
the microphone is not pleasant but it is quite convenient to put his thumb on the bottom of the inning to play, that is just a blow prendre.l 'access to acute and rather not bad at all. level and it's going


bass very versatile in its style.elle is good for all, funk, rock, metal, blues etc.. sound and scalable despite its desire to single microphone and its price for its defiance of all concurance qualitée, I think every musician has to find his little taste, slight damper on the ergonomics, blah ... sat down to play


I try a lot of model and javou than the type in my eye, Typical Motorway qualitée any property prices, a bass that I reachéteré if he had

sebastient2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Curbow4
4 string active bass. A single microphone, but effective nevertheless!
All other caractristiques have dj t say.


While the gate has to!
Adjust and find his sound is a breeze thanks to the pots DIFFERENT
Ergonomics OK: this is one of the most low lgres I had ever seen and!
We all readily accde same frtes most acute.
And the black point: that damn stick finally its curvature (I Retailer later ...)


I was the epoch of metal and for this purpose is a bit mean: good big bass but the treble strings sound ..... just too steep. Forget the sound of slap bass style with this KORN!


I beginning to the bass with this model 10 years ago. In the era, the MODEL came out: the seller advised me and my faith, he was right in the first 6 months of use. After this time, my strings have Started curling normment (which may be normal on bass): back to the store to rglage.
I will soon recover and APRS rebelotte, handle DCON. I then amne a luthier and the verdict: the handle is Completely FAIR and AC Since the beginning. So, big dception and I return to my vendor tells me that the 13 bass that he has sold of this model, 7 were returned for this problem. Too bad for me, but the warranty is already happening.
In short, since it drags in a corner because of all fawn, c horrible to play on it.

Cort arsolu J'espre that since the problem but I, c finite.
Injury, the silent look nice

Delmaphisab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Curbow4
Lower production in Indonesia.
My model is equipped with a micro Bartolini Mk1 center position.
The electronics are active and therefore requires a 9 volt battery to emit any sound through a preamp Bartolini MK2.
The neck has 25 spaces available next highest string and low E side 27.
The bridge is solid (or aesthetically clumsy ...) but the settings are present for each string individually.
The neck is maple 3-piece, the key is composite materials vernis.Le body is also composite (Luthite).
1 master volume, a serious one medium, one acute, one switch "slap" to instantly switch to his dug in the medium with emphasis on the bass & treble.
2 potentiometers are available (with a small screwdriver) on the back of the guitar to refine the overall gain and that of the switch.


Talking about things that are fun! The handle is a model of comfort, the fingers come and go without hindrance from the first to the last box (27!). His profile is modern and in keeping with what one finds in the best competitors, Ibanez in mind.
Sound side, it is also contrary to Byzantium might suggest the presence of a mic. Of its type rock / pop (Fender P) things groovy (JB) through the slamming intended for slap and other antics, everything is possible!
I said, this bass is extremely versatile even if it can match the best that cost up to 10 times its price. But Bartolini really sends the sauce and is carefully positioned.
Let's talk about sore subject!
Body shape is superb (thank you Curbow), but the ergonomics of it is marred by under-sizing of the lower horn. Result, the game sitting is almost impossible without the aid of a strap, the guitar does not naturally leaning back on the thigh. For a walking bass cushy okay, but forget the rock and roll ...
In addition, we feel that he lacks the material somewhere because the handle has a tendency to pitch down hard if his attention during the game
The game is up against copy. The body profile and smaller size allows for endless sessions on the instrument. A really top design.


My playing style is characterized by the absence of ... style!
I play variety, jazz-rock, funk, pop on a Cube 60 Bass BassPod XT or the PA.
As I said, this bass sounds great on the Cube for all that is pop / rock and funk with an even hand bass for the jazz repertoire welcome (it is still not a fretless Warwick!).
Beware of the pronounced emphasis on the treble equalizer that Curbow, this brings up a significant blow difficult to treat. Better nuanced settings that already offer tremendous opportunities.
Otherwise "hats off" to Cort for this product successful.


I use it for 3 months. I love everything about this bass. Bordered on its excellence by the addition of a second micro favoring ultra-low but I quibble ...
I have owned various models of low and it is well worth the instruments twice its price. I repeat myself but the quality of the microphone and the sounds are offered first. No disappointment possible with this instrument in quality / price ratio that I find amazing. Small reserve for ergonomics sitting at stake. Otherwise, go for it!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Curbow4
Made in Indonesia, this coffee luthite has a wooden handle screwed three folds and a button in ebonol which has 27 jumbo frets (the latter two can not be played with the upper strings) This bass is solid and well built.
The bridge reminds imposing badass models, mechanisms are in an oil bath and Silet is graphite.
The big piece of this bass is above all the active electronics consisting of a microphone and a Bartolini MK1 EQ Bartolini MK2, which offers the following settings:
-Acute (plot center)
-Medium (plot center)
Low-(plot center)
-Switch that adds mini potentiometers gain (boost) and curve (to dig the sound), cool to slap!


The handle is ideal for this type of instrument, easy and fast! Access to acute? the neck joins the body at 25th fret ... you say easy?
The bass is very comfortable to play standing up but sat, have to take the shot because it have a tendency slide!
The sound? It's easy, it is ultra low polivalente despite its unique micro, everyone should find something!


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaou! This bass is huge!
I play on Ashdown amp, which way it sounds in slap in walking bass, the mediator ... once the instrument properly tuned (especially the curvature of the handle is not that great of origin) is the any good, we forget to just play the instrument!


I've had 2 / 3 weeks, this bass is great and fills me with my Deputy Jazzbass, it is light, sounds divinely (Bartolini thank you!) And nine 300Euros, no complaints!
I rachaiterai carefree, a must for three foix nothing!

tonioux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Curbow4
Low made in Korea, there is a micro Bartolini and a system that amplification of the same brand (active amplification) so there is a three-way rglage rglage more volume and a selector sp cial slap, mechanical oil bath short ago it takes


The handle is too enjoyable! it is quite late, we accde trs trs easy to acute and frankly it's me that has to play a little groove. With the three-way rglage bartolini can get a good range of sound so I put 10


The sound is good, slap it simpa but I think with the right rglage I can find better but ds big worry as you go up the treble knob a ceremonial blast! but good for the price and I got it really good both in its groove in that mtal


Frankly I got it for 150 on ebay and frankly I t surprised by the quality of this bass (I had seen some dja guitars cort, X2 and X6 and I had a dja good impression of the brand) mcanique the oil bath the body is thus the low end rev is not heavy and the handle is too much. In my opinion it is worth twice its price that I got it for nothing with the microphone and amplification pr dja was quite short, a great bass for the price. I have a squier and a test of the same price ibanez is the day and at night I prfre far mine!
Quality price ratio: excellent, I would do without this choice problem

melt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort Curbow4
Made in Korea,
between 27 and 25 frets frets
active, one volume,
3 rglages (treble, mid, bass);
active / passive,
body luthite
affects ebenol.


Channel trs enjoyable, is very fast and enjoyable journey
CHAC easy to acute
Ergonomics, for me, is really impeccable
Sound after a few adjustments that can last a long time is friendly and can be quite different depending on rglages


chorus, compressor, effects box zoom, trace eliot commando in 100w and 25w stag
the funky slap sound is really nice my taste


Bought new, 4 years ago for a mouth of bread not even 200 I think.
the seller to the pure error
I think c has a killer bass that I love, I love, I love ...................

more reflection I buy 2 !!!!!!!!! ;)