Cort Electric Basses Cort 4-string bass guitars
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Cort 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - "A great bass for beginner!"


    It was my first bass and I've still got it today. I must say that choosing this bass was really a no-brainer because it is great value for the money. The PJ pickup configuration is imho the best to begin with the bass as you get the punch of a Preci…

  • Cort GS-Punisher-2

    Cort GS-Punisher-2 - "One of Genes sig's"


    Gene Simmons is one of the most famous bass players around. He is the bassplayer and one of the frontmen for Kiss. He is known for his unique axe shaped basses. He also plays some more traditionally shaped basses. This is one of the more tradtional b…

  • Cort Action-A

    Cort Action-A - augylas's review


    -my cort action-a was made in Indonesia, i dont know is it good or bad place for guitars to be manufactured. -24 frets, Power Sound P & Jazz pickups, bolt on construction. -bridge EB7(4) -it has 2volume, 2-band active EQ -neck Maple, Modern &quot…

  • Cort A4

    Cort A4 - "Cort Artisan A4"


    I have been playing blues, punk and funk for 20 odd years. I retired from paid work 5 years ago after having a kid but still love to play. I played it a dozen times in the music shop and basically fell in love. It felt and sounded better than the Fe…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB 34A"


    $219 US at Adirondack Strings, Albany NY. I was in the shop for another reason and they just INSISTED that I check out their new arrivals from Cort. They weren't kidding and I wound up playing for 45min just because it played well and sounded…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB 34 A"


    Adirondack Strings Albany NY US $219 Actually, much as I liked it, I don't need another ax of this type. But I played it for about 3/4 hr and feel it's the best $219 bass I've ever touched, and want to review it so people know this altern…

  • Cort A4

    Cort A4 - "Cort Artisan A4"


    I bought this bass from Regent Guitars, a UK online music retailer. I was looking to buy a Warwick bass but the manager at Regent suggested I try a Cort A4 locally before deciding, which I did. I paid £599 approx $1000 for it The bass plays incred…

  • Cort GB34A

    Cort GB34A - "Cort GB34A"


    I wanted to learn bass with a guitar that I wouldn't have to trade up when I could play, and the music store dude suggested the Cort GB34A above the Yamaha 270 (which is much lighter by far). List price was AUD$399 and I got 15% off that April 2004.…

  • Cort Curbow4

    Cort Curbow4 - "Cort Curbow 4"


    mail order 2001, $350, Mar Music The sound of this bass is great, it has a strong tone, deep bass,and nice mids. Mighty Mite Pick, before Bartolini Pick-up the neck is thin and fast Body to small for tall players, hard to play sitting down cause …

  • Cort Action

    Cort Action - "Cort Standard Action Bass"


    I got the cort bass since i was just starting out playing and I got it in a place called rock electronics in a nice little place called Dumbarton (SCOTLAND). the reason behind buy it was that cort comes from the same factory that builds Ibanez bass g…