Cort FM-2
Cort FM-2

FM-2, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the Signature series.

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diquoi 11/20/2011

Cort FM-2 : diquoi's user review

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4 strings, nut alluvial, codier aluminum alloy easel

height adjusted by turning the nut, over time I realize that storytelling is zero for c rule, its vibrates heavily in acoustic

humbucking or single I do not remember active or not I do not know
on the other hand there is a preamp with boost
a funky wah, and a slap fashion

benchmarks well finished but visible trace of tooling round, probably a drilled


Then I learned to do with the bass.
starting to pick because I'm a scratch, before taking a lesson against a masterful jazz bassist who played with a fender jaazbass with fingers on the strings of steel against low, so I learned self-taught bass with three must begin
CAD ring index for normal plant, and ring index for major stroke
but in order to play faster more accurate I must play with four CAD
major index finger ring, see basseux of cannibal body =)

I also make the Octo-tapping

So with this bass I could do whatever I wanted because I turn the knobs I found some kind of sound I play.

a friend had set factor guitar work high, its never change.

the instrument is right.


home I did everything with ditto in another situation, but often get put directly into a console boost.

death (nile cannibal body, black (marduk mayhem immortal burzum slavia (above)), grind (blockhead, grosnibard, sublim cadaverously decomposition), dub, industrial metal (rammstein nin ministry, front 242 marilyn M), punk (ramones sex psistol ( but has to)), rap (the rumor mtn, joe star), crust, and another and another she typed her little to do.


over 7 years, I regret toy on both guitar and bass array, because I really wanted a toy on a track or markbass elliot but home.

but over time I made that one count is low on all this was the least gain head, I find her, you branch the sounds you play