Cort FM-2
Cort FM-2

FM-2, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the Signature series.

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Obsolete Audio 11/09/2006

Cort FM-2 : Obsolete Audio's user review


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Korean manufacturing (very good finish)
24 frets
easel solid pickups Bartolini MK1
Volume, balance, low, mid, hi, auto wah switch, switch passive / active.
On the back: decay, treshold, level, gain, depth slap.
Handle very comfortable and fast, rather late, a little too soft for my taste but good all the world not mistreat his instrument.
here's a bass that offers adjustability little too comprehensive to be successful in finding the sound that has character


The above has nothing to say comfort is the appointment, weight and shape allows me to spend long hours (6) of standing without undergoing repeated.
very good access to acute
as I said above, there is so much possibility that yes, we can find a good sound, and even more ..


The sound is clean (too clean for my taste but my ear has evolved)
it can also do well in jazz, funk, rock, metal and hardcore of racing grind, pop, surf, cold wave, blues ...
for not too much noise
It is very versatile
can be aggressive, sweet, hot, cold
I use it with distortion ibanez phat hed in, I Accarda in C, G, C, F, I used a Fender Rumble 100 (very good amp for the price really) the sound was already very well marshall on (dan biting midrange and lower midrange) Hartke (head + 4 * 10) (Yeah it's going without) Roland DB500 (his very ill-defined but chad) Laney RBW 100 (the amp that is not cool n ' neither the cash nor the attack subwoofer) peavey tnt 115 (acceptable) and most recently on pro and corp ampeg svt3 svt410he (revelation, I hear every note of my rope's low C very close to that of Kim Gordon).
for the budget I recommend the Fender Rumble 100 that meets much still the sound of this bass
the sound that's missing is an incisive to the Jesus Lizard or Shellac, this vien probable ment of the rather active electronics.


I last year I fell in love with the comfort and speed of play the sound was the appointment
I will keep very long so it allows me sound is a low open-minded. Cort feels really good stuff
The downside: a lack of personality (whatever) I think to buy a model with more character type or Danelectro Fender Precision
For 749 euros you can get new eyes closed, Asian models have nothing to envy a U.S. registered sometimes poorly finished (yes).