Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Geddy Lee series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 15 reviews )
 14 reviews93 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Billy's review"Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass"

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
This is the Geddy Lee Signature Jazz Bass by Fender. You are probably well aware of Geddy Lee's work with classic rock gods Rush. The snotty, distinct fat bass tone can be had now in Geddy's signature Fender.

These have been out for a few years now. I'm going to guess since 2008. It is still in production as of 2011 and is now offered in a vintage 3 tone sunburst.I picked up a used black Geddy Lee bass with gig bag for $500.

<a href="Resource id #1">Resource id #1</a>

I really like the look. A black jazz bass, maple neck and black block inlays just really looks sharp.

None at all.

The two features that give the Geddy Lee model its distinct tone is the bridge, a Leo Quann Badass II Bridge and the wider spacing between the two single coil jazz bass pickups.

The body is made from alder wood. The neck is a one piece neck made from Maple and is shaped in the popular C shape.

Sound just as cool as you look with this strapped around your neck!

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moosers's review

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
The Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass I have was made in the USA. I'm not sure how many frets it has but has a single pick up and a volume and tone control for it. It is made very well and while it is the Geddy Lee model, this is a real Jazz Bass and sounds and feels like a Jazz Bass to me.


The neck on this bass has a very nice feel to it. It is easy to play on the last frets and just feels good all around when you are playing it. It isn't too heavy, but isn't the lightest bass I've played. I love the sound I can get out of this as it definitley has a 'Geddy Lee' like sound. It is easy to get a good sound from it and the tone control allows for the ability to make a few different types of tones.


The bass fits my style of music, which is mostly rock, pop and folk. It works great as a kind of 'lead bass' type sound and can also sound really heavy and full to fill up that bottom end of the spectrum. I have used it mostly with a Peavey bass amp for live shows and usually record it with a DI box. You can get a pretty clean tone from it and you can also get it to sound pretty gritty as well - most of it is in the fingers, but the bass is definitley pretty versatile.


I've been using the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass for about four years. For the price it gives me a bass with a good feel and tone that doesn't break the bank. While you could probably sound like Geddy with this bass, it isn't limited to just sounds like that and is an overall good sounding bass. While it isn't as good as some of the other Jazz Basses I have played, for the price it is a great option that sounds pretty darn good.
finger iguana04/21/2014

finger iguana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is what I was looking for"

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
This is a Japanese, the violin is superb.
I changed the pickups for Dimarzio dp123 and the difference is felt especially on the bridge pickup. I also changed the mechanical for Schaller, because with the original ones I raccordais both pieces.


I took only the handle. This is for me the perfect round, but each has its vision. It is extremely thin, it slides alone. The knobs are quite strange, it looks like everything is going in the last quarter.


I play in a group of Funk, Soul, Motown and I think all the sounds I need (good fat, round to slap any problem).
I play a little Bastard Ashdown 550 cab + 4x12 "600w studio and a Ashdown AD-600 + track Eliiot 1518c + 4x10" outside.


The bass is what I wanted. It is extremely versatile reliable long as microphones and mechanical is changed. I sold all my basses and it remains unique in my possession. I do not know what value the new Geddy Lee which are manufactured in Mexico. on the other hand, for a Japanese, go for it.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
In which country was it made? Japan

How many frets? 20

What types of micro and their configuration? JB U.S. Vintage

What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? Leo Quan Badass II

What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)? 2 volumes 1 tone

What kind of handle? Maple, C-shaped end, even very fine


The handle is it nice? For me, yes. The guitarists who want a low end with a handle will be filled: that of my tv japan is thicker and wider!

Access to acute (recent freight) is it easy? Yes, finally there are other basses that have better access to acute.

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)? Yes, no worries.

Do you get a good sound easy? If we know what we can learn from this low, it is yes. Just play with the two volumes for a range of sounds very classic, but crazy. Of his way to Jaco bass chords post-punk, everything is there. If that's not enough, a small active preamp will go to walk around at Mr. Miller.


Are they adequate for your style of music? Yes, because I do not have a style of music in particular. If it is to play in a specific genre, it is better to buy a specific instrument (therefore necessarily limited). The JB is open to everything, and it is in how to play it all happens.

With what (s) amp (s) or effect (s) do you play? Console online or bassman ten.

What types of sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)? All but the sounds "active"

What are the sounds you prefer? All / What you hate? No


How long you use it? A year and a half

What is so special that you like best? Sound, handle and comfort, indivisible.
What is so special that you like least? Perhaps the Badass (not a fan, even on PB) that I replaced with a 75 Jazzbass "normal" and I like better (subjective). I would have liked a thinner finish to the sound, but it will start to use.

Did you tried many other models before buying it? I had Hohner JJ, PB Squier MIM (yes) and PB Standard U.S. (and on svt3pro ampeg 4x10/1x15)

How would you rate the quality / price? Very good

With experience, you do again this choice? Yes. Muy bien put notes everywhere, it makes school fans, but it seems to me justified. The mechanics are far from crappy (compared to my original Gotoh Tele ICJ) as I read it often. There are better, but it does not bother to focus on it unnecessarily. The electronics are very well made (JB Vintage Mics USA, CTS pots, Switchcraft jack) so nothing to change. It lacks a flycase.

jahdawin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good bass!"

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Made in Japan
For specifications see page builder
very good violin, superb finish


Handle end, a real highway, I love it, I did not find it on another low
The bass is not too heavy, perfectly balanced
Settings simple and effective, we get the sound you search easily
The handle is a real highway, what a pleasure to play on. Switch to another bass makes me really weird now ...


This bass suits me perfectly, it's versatile with wish, you can play many musical styles. Nothing to say. I bought it primarily in low to play rock / blues rock and I'm not disappointed.


I use it for 4 years now and I am fully satisfied. I have owned 5 other bass from low end to high end and this one I preferred by far. The most important thing for me is the comfort of play (the handle very very good I said, the reasonable weight and look!)
Excellent value for money, nothing wrong
I remake that choice without hesitation
I put 9 because there are obviously better quality but low price is not the same!

Miliouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One who converted me to Fender"

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
It's a Japanese.

Alder body paint (urethane)
Neck profile: Form C end
Frets: 20
Size of Frets: Medium Jumbo
INLAYS ups: Black, rectangular. (Painted, not inlaid)
Radius key: 9.5 "(24.1 cm)
Fingerboard: Maple lacquer
Neck Material: Maple neck
Neck Finish: Gloss Urethane
Nut width: 1.5 "(38.1 mm)
Length of tune: 34 "(86.36 cm)
Mounting plate of the handle: Vintage Style, 4 screws.

The 2 pickups are vintage U.S. (of head) modified with 2 volumes and a general tone.

The bridge is a Badass II, the hardware is chrome.

The only problem with this bass: its mechanisms that were rotten (and cons of exchange shall)


The handle is the end of the range Fender (there seems). The curvature of his touch is very pleasant (I can not stand the flat keys). It is rather light and well balanced. It's a 20 frets, so the treble is automatically limited, and it is not in the registry that I am offered.

Regarding the manipulation of sound is a pure simplicity fenderienne. 2 vol/1ton. I thought to install a separate tone for each pickup, but no.

the knobs origins are frankly means they have been changed for linear (head).
And what about the mechanical, which did not agree ... Once these two issues resolved, it is a killer!


The bridge pickup is positioned as in the 70's. It is a little corner area, but it has the merit of permetre have a clear, defined, and growling at the same time, by measuring with the neck pickup.


I use it for nearly a year, it is now my main bass. I play the mediator, with the distortion / fuzz most often (I have a guitarist in the group). As topute fender, it is Bouree of defects, but a passage through the box maker pplus later, it was a slaughter.
His microphone is not very pechus, but she quietly bore the mix, even with strings rinsed.

It was still the only Fender who love fucking foaming at the lips, while I have tried many!

BoooooL's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Everything has been said many times lower, I do not think it is worth repeating ...


Handle more than pleasant, super fast, end in every sense of the term, much more than Jazzbass in general. We are really close to perfection at this level. Then we can always choose another patent (me he's fine) or anything other than a rosewood fingerboard, but then it's a matter of detail and personal taste. In the style I have not found better for comfort anyway.
Access to acute right, like any Jazzbass, and even though I'm not often I walk by there, I sometimes miss the 21 th fret, but again it's a detail ...
The badass bridge 2 is really good, and I find it more visually friendly.
For settings, is simple: neck pickup volume, bridge pickup volume, tone. What Jazzbass basic, simple and effective.
Side weight, nothing special to report, it is average.


Here we have the typical sound of a Jazzbass, it can be just blame the microphone volume output a little feeble, but hey, just get a little amp if you are not happy!
You can play everything with this bass, from Miles Davis to rage against the machine, to Bob Marley, by adapting some of the amp settings according to the desired style, and more. (Special mention for the slap, so nice, so thanks to the sound through the neck) Good afternoon, there was no potato in a good old stingray eh. Not at all the same style.


I use it for two years now.
The highlight of this bass is definitely his sleeve, close to perfection. The left hand moves on its own it!
In storytelling, the biggest problem of this low, it's mechanical, without hesitation, that I changed almost immediately. Not that they do not take the tuning when you play, but they are very rough when tuning, which then reveals relatively long and annoying, and I still find that for a low at about 1000 euros, they could make an effort! But hey, 50 euros, a few tweaks, and everything is better!
I have tried many other models before buying, many other Jazzbass (standard, deluxe ...) and it again made me decide the handle.
I do it again so this choice without hesitation, it is widely as well as an American, and the price is far from being the same ... I recommend!

razorback83's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Needless to rpter everything tt adj said the world below.
Ditto, I confirm that the handle is a highway, the two badass walking nickel.
There are more class as position mark on the handle but this is a minor dtail.


Channel super enjoyable, great for me who has small hands.
Sustain trs good. Access in acute right (but 20 frets; ().
Excellent (test 130wtt Trace Elliot no lamp).


I play everything.
It is versatile. Ease of play and immpecc. to slap, hard, jazz ....
Also walk a lot on the rush, for Geddy Lee, not bad;)


Bought it recently (mid-2008), for intensive use (harm me Spar).
Report quality / price excellent (850 to 950 new euros).
Go ngocier in store, the prices seen on the internet in hand.
It then passes magically 950 1200.
A chouilla more expensive than on the net (70 euros with Germany), but less risk, better warranty, work zic local stores.
I have long hsiter between the bass and Marcus M, I do not regret.
Comparing the store, I fell for the ease of this round.
And I opt for the full passive. Tight deadlines then a good pre-amp to do the job of electronic active. In my opinion, most versatile of the fawn.
The important thing to have as its base, not fiddle with good quality.

zoboromok's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Japanese-made pieces US. Polyurethane finishes irreproachable. Good gloss (beware of scratches and cleaning products)
Used acquired (almost new) 850, 38 prs prices in some new traders beyond the Rhine we taira with 3 year warranty ... That alone
Geddy Lee Signature ct mcaniques ???? why be so timor show the guy who contributed to the design of such a low ???
Microphones VINTAGE US. No active: finally a non dnatur its natural as we love them. No frills is simple and effective
Leo Quan Badass II bridge for better sustain
The mcaniques are basic but it works
Rglages 2 volumes + 1 Tone: it is simple and efficient (can be a bit feeble neck pickup !!!), but hey that's saying something ngatif
technical specifications in FENDER website at: http://www.fender.fr/products//search.php?partno=0257702306
9/10 because of mcaniques


The handle is the strong point of this bass. It is very late. Mapple all floors with under vernis.Ils painted inlay could have put pearl inlays for rhausser the line as the MARCUS MILLER.
The handle is underlined black sides of the handle. It has the mouth
The handle provides exceptional touch which allows good fluidity of play. Lorque I bought I tried low 8 marks e whose models DIFFERENT MUSICMAN, GODIN, VIGIER crack and I ' I tried the GEEDY LEE, c'tait fold in 10 minutes. I could not unhook me. The fingers glide naturally and you find yourself trying techniques that are less facilemement mastery.
The access to acute (desti- nations most recently frets) is not easy nor difficult as other low ... but this is a JB: including 20 boxes ... Who plays on 21me 22me me and even 24 boxes ???
The ergonomics are excellent with a reasonable weight, it is less heavy than MARCUS MILLER and much more balanced (no heaviness in head)
The sound is very round and has nothing to do with MARCUS MILLER I had before (inrglable without SADOWSKY and very average or dcevant due to active electronics which is "drooling" sound ... YUCK !!!!).
Small point, the sound is a bit too mdium my taste, but that's subjective.


Once apprhend the mix of neck and bridge pickups (5 minutes), the sound is Introduced and continuously without weaknesses
2 volumes + 1 Tone and send. We send the bass and treble to max to create the mdium and refined.
I for rules 2 3/4 microphones and ditto tone, it gives a good percussion string (SLAP ideal, funk ...). From this rglage if we trslgrement change the volume of one of the microphones, the sound changes dramatically (large round and severe).
Under only feature of a good amp drrire which will offset some simple rglages bass, all styles are possible with this bass.


5 days and I never left. I do not sleep with my wife's sake but if I could.
The look is fabulous: black and white, it's simple, vintage display (no color rainbow and other colors drooling). White plate is a little cheap (not in quality but in color), I'll replace it with pearl pickguard (pearly white or black that will bring out the fine line and launches the beast.
In my opinion one of the best value / quality price FENDER since 1998. It is better than a bad one Japanese Mxicaine why the quality is randomized.
If I had to change something ??? Nothing but the pickguard for the look and mcaniques by HIPSHOT (though I have gained at LOTO).
Note 10: 9/10 for excellence does not exist except in the virtual world of bassists.

busterkid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
I will again stress the exeptional comfort of the handle of the jazz bass from all the other classics, and whose ratings were reviewed by Mr t Geddy Lee seems to me there. Trs of finely crafted Japanese is the comparison with amricaines. I must say that last year I possde this bass did not move the handle. Only a small mcaniques mritent BMOL, I've changed for vintage Fender Schaller type, more prcises. Replaceable in the white pickguard trs common for a fawn MODEL "Quail Turtle" this bass is at once a great vintage look: I love ... The bass is home team with a badass II bridge, a big plus for the prcison rglages and sustain, the sustain ... And finally rcemment I opt for the replacement of American Vintage pickups for Nückel Barne, these microphones are hand made in England, what the great class. Premire conclusions after one week: the one who wins indniablement trs equilibrated in heat, and precision in Aiges. And the bass seems less sensitive to noise, but is confirmed. A beautiful opration I do not regret even if we had to cel I dbourse prs 200.


The legendary jazz bass the SETTING THE: simplicity, efficiency brief sound in all circumstances. We understand why this is indmodable low.
The handle is comfortable and fast trs, the gloss vintage does not catch, even with sweat. I have not proven the need to Posner, and it would be a shame to take away the charm .. And gives the key rablelui rsolument prdisposition for a slap. The Badass II bridge to adjust the string action with great precision, nothing wrong.


I bought this bass to play soul and jazz, and draw near to the famous jazz bass sound from the 70s/80s, without putting the budget to offer me a "real" vintage. And I must say that this bass rpond trs well my expectations for this style of music. And my group is convinced! In contrast to my Warwick. The two open mics background, Tone 100% I find this depth, the roundness typical jazz bass, and if the grain in slap CHARACTERISTICS .. a part of music history. In privilgiant gradually bridge pickup, the Tone 50%, and adapting his game to the finger prs of the bridge, we obtain without difficulty that famous color mdium here Dfine good and clear, certainly Saddle the key is for nothing. And even the strings are important. I use Elixir 45-105, APRS and have tried Rotosound of the same tie, the strings of the 70 traditional, there is a fan or not, personally I like less about comfort and .. . but the look is perfect.


I possde this bass for a year, I love its versatility, the concept of jazz bass and simplicity ... not making head in fine with rglages, the sound is always the matter the hardware derrire, amplifier, mixer. Aguilar combo on my sound is clear and prcis on scne are deep and serious group sound is the well Dfine. By boosting the treble a bit I found that I like grain.
While this is not the sound of the great violin, nor the warmth of the era of jazz bass, but less than 1000 was an instrument of good quality and trs Having tried a few others including jazz bass amricaines, it is certainly for me the best price at this level of Fender. I must say that I even prfre the Deluxe 5c I AM a few years ago, may be because I found him a more natural cot.