Fender Precision Bass (1972)
Fender Precision Bass (1972)

Precision Bass (1972), 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Precision Bass (1972)

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 4 reviews36 %
 3 reviews27 %
 3 reviews27 %

MGR/Jake's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I bought this as my first bass at wood brothers music store. It cost me around 175$ brand new. It is a very good bass sound wise and is very sturdy

Good size, good sound.

A big neck

Very strong except the finish. Pickups send good sound

Great bass over all, good for beginers

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MGR/Rich D05/10/2004

MGR/Rich D's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I bought this bass from a local music shop as part of a trade in on some old gear that i no longer used, for which the allowed me £120, so it was a straight swap.

I'm used to playing more expensive instruments but I was very impressed with the overall playability of this bass. It feels more expensive than it actually is.

Compared to other basses I have played, it is a little on the heavy side, and i found the action a little bit high, but that's really down to personal preference and its easy enough to correct.

Considering the ultra-low price tag i was expecting flaws in the finish and constuction of the bass but i really cannot find anything wrong with it. It is very robust and well made, i have dropped it on a couple of occasions and not even so much as scratched it.

A very good instrument for a very low price, good for beginners and people who have been playing for longer.

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MGR/Raycer's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I aquired the P-Bass because I am ver interestd in learning to play bass, had a limited Budget, but still wanted a quality piece from a quality manufacturer like Fender.

I bought the bass at Alto Music www.altomusic.com) and payed $159 for it, which was cheaper any other place I found.

It seems like a solid bass. It's easy to hold and sounds pretty good, and even though I am a beginner, it makes me sound good :)

There really isn't anything I dislike about it. The only things I would change is perhaps a darker finish on the neck and numbers on the controls.

Construction of the bass is very solid. It's sturdy and the finish (Metallic blue) is beautiful.

I think the P-Bass is a great bass for beginners and seems like it will still suit me years down the road. I would recommend it and the Fender quality that comes with it, to anyone.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I bought this bass for 250$ at Musician's Friend. I bought it cause I wanted to learn how to play and didn't want to spend a ton of money on a bass.


The pickups suck, it sounds like it dosen't even have tone. the neck was hard to play on and felt like it was going to break off.
The frets buzz like 6 million wasps unless you raise them up pretty high. The neck wasn't quite flat either.

The electronics were ok but the neck needs work.

Don't buy anything from Squier, even if you are gonna learn. The basses that are classified "great for beginners" are only cheap and usually crappy.

Only buy this bass to determine whether you are plan on playing for a long time.

If you plan on playing from beginner to expert at all means necessary, BUY A GOOD BASS!!!

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MGR/Mark's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
i wanted to buy a bass cause i was starting a band with my friends. i first found the package on www.zzounds.com and later when to the music store and found the same package. i bought it for $299...it came with a gig bag, strap, cord, small amp, video.

i have been playing for quite some time now and i still love this bass. even though it was my first one, i still like it and amazed by the good tone it has. its very comfortable to play cause it fits perfectly

people say that its not as good cause its not "fender"...its actually the same thing, just made with a cheaper body. the pins where i attach my strap too keep falling out...but glue fixed that. i played my friends fender and actually liked my squier more, because of the feel and the sound.

the neck is great. the body wood kinda sucks. the pickups sound great and have had no problems with them

great bass to own. sounds great and i would highly recommed getting one.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Matt's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
From Axe Music (edmonton) paid 225$ cad

Easy to play, nice and heavy (just like a good bass should be) eays to dial up a RELATIVELY decent sound (remember, this bass is CHEAP)

god, it sounds like a 3 year old made it. paint chips left right and centre, action on the string is all over the place (after a trusted pro set it up) sounds lightweight and holey. high end is lacking on both bass and treble response, way overburdened mid-range. and when playing with the tone knob, you either get a really mid-laiden or hollow sound. gross

hmmmm where do i start... the body wood is decent (basswood/linden i believe. the neck sucks, i had to sand off the finish cuz my hands were sticking to it constantly. i have so many scratches and dents in the paint it's not even funny (AND I DON'T EVEN GIG WITH IT)

ughh, don't bother, buy the esp b-50 or whatever the frick it's called, but i mean, for an 8th grade band or whatever, you might as well, it's cheap and it looks cool

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MGR/Jerome 12/02/2002

MGR/Jerome 's review"Fender P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I wanted to learn to play a bass guitar so i could play Christmas carols. i aquired my new P-Bass at the flea market, next to my sister's tent. it cost $35, which seemed expensive for only 4 strings, but came with an amp. more on that later.

it is very smooth, and cleans easily. the strings look really good on it, with the stylish red ends. more expensive guitars in the store didn't have hese red ends. it also came with an amp, which was good because i didn't have alot of money and i wasn't sure how i would be able to steal an amp.

it only has 4 strings. my other guitars all have 6. it also sounds too low, but the tech at the guitar store says there is nothing he can do about it and asks that i stop asking. also the neck is very long, and doesn't fit my old guitar case.

it seems to be of a very good quality. it was made in Indonesia, where many fine products come from. as stated earlier, it cleans easily, and the strings haven't even started to rust. it is very loud, and sounds good. so good in fact, it made me feel naughty. and then i thought about why i was playing - caroling for the baby Jesus, and felt ashamed.

i like guitars, especially this one. after my first carroling incident, i ws sad, but then thought - What Would Jesus Do???


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MGR/Nathan Knight Ruiz10/22/2002

MGR/Nathan Knight Ruiz's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I bought it at a local guitar center for $159


everything. i honestly think i can get a better tone from my ass after having bad mexican food and take a wicked $hit. sounds bad. its a piece. but it looks pretty from far away

actually. the construction wasn't to bad considering the price. but the tuning keys needed to be switched out and its cheaper to buy a new one then put strings on it (not really but the difference can surprise you)

do not purchase it. that is all. period. no. i have other basses so i've used this to learn how to re-wire my others. its my frankenstein bass now

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Fender P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I bought this in f-music for about 260 euro. i got this bass cos it looks cool and its pretty cheap

I like the looks and the sound.

It didnt come with a bag, strap,cables or anything. Plus both the little nobs fell off.

Its pretty heavy, but nice and solid. can take a severe beating

Not bad

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Squier P-Bass"

Fender Precision Bass (1972)
I just got this bass five minutes ago and it is so sweet, the amp is great and it is good

The looks, it looks great, the sound is great too, the sustain is good too

one of the tone bottons is broken but im gonna fix that, the bass didnt come with a strap, or bag,

its awsome and i love it, it looks great and plays as good

a great starter bass and a great bass overall, strings are great

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com