Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

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Classic '50s Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Classic Precision Bass series.

11 user reviews
Prices starting at $775 Average price: $775

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Model: Classic '50s Precision Bass
  • Series: Classic Precision Bass
  • Category: 4-string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 05/05/2006

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Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 10 reviews91 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money :

mooseherman's review

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass
This 50's P-Bass is an American classic. Its features include, typically, a maple neck, an alder body and a split single-coil Precision Bass pickup. It has a vintage golden pickguard and vintage hardware. It also features a volume knob, a tone knob, and a 1/4" input.


This bass is somewhat heavier than a Jazz Bass, and can be somewhat large and long, but it was never too awkward for me to handle, and I'm less used to playing bass than most. A well-maintained P-bass will play and feel great, and the top notes won't be too far out of reach for anyone. If anything, the lowest notes will be more strenuous for someone with shorter arms. Everything on this bass is smooth and stable.


I like using this with a Peavey tube bass amp, but I've heard many good combos with it. I like a nice, smooth, fat tone, one that isn't gonna pop too hard, but fat enough to hold down a heavy groove. This bass is definitely more low end thud than the J-basses smoothness, but it has plenty of both. It's pretty versatile and can really hold down a fat groove. Distorted, it is particularly nice because it doesn't get too fuzzy, and it doesn't lose the pop of the low end. I really like using this for rock music, as well as some of the heavier funk and R&B. Most of the rock I play isn't too heavy, more in the vain of Dire Straits and Wilco in terms of heaviness and dynamics, and I think that the bass is just deep and round enough for those genres.


The old P-basses, in my opinion, are some of the best instruments made in the 20th century. These will certainly cost you a pretty penny nowadays, too. Getting a good used one is a good lifetime investment for the true bassist. I think it's worth it in the long run, before they get even more expensive. They sound absolutely phenomenal, and if they are well-maintained, they play great too. The P-bass is certainly in a league of its own, and going classic is definitely the best choice.

sumo37's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Trè good bass"

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

here for the features, while a precision that is more basic, large handle, micro precision, two knobs (volume + tone), ect ...
Beware though the mechanical inverted


This bass will not suit everyone because of its handle very large (more than 4cm at nut, hard for small hands), that said, the neck is very well done, the frets are fine but no hooks requiere a little precision in the game right hand, slide the handle painted well (key maple and the back of the neck), the junction body / neck gene in some acute because of the heel pretty huge, but it can be ave manage the habit.

The ergonomics are very good, the contours of the body are perfect (as on all such detail, the body is like the stratocaster). Whether sat, bass near the armpits or knees, she calle well have provided a good strap.
The weight is fairly standard in light of other fender precisions (heavier than a ibanez, unless a music man).

The acostillage could not be more basic, the easel holds the road well, the mechanics take the lashing admirably (be careful though to reverse mechanical, a bit confusing at first).

For sound, nothing more basic, volume up, tone background for clarity, to zero for a deeper sound.


Sound level, even my mother who does not know anything found this beautiful low compared to my Ibanez GSR200 (at the same time we go straight into the range above).
A bass that sends pretty well in the midrange (I often talk about mediums I think, for me, a lot of bass players neglect to profit mediums bass and treble), it is also very effective in all registers of the sound spectrum provided one knows settle his amps, but is still typical old school because of mediums that look good.

Level amplification, repeats in live I use an ampeg head pro svt3 us coupled to a cabinet with a Hartke 410vx big muff electro harmonix still active, while at noon, enclanché bright, mid-bottom, I get the sound that I must, and dance very effective (it is 3 and when the scratch is launching a solo metalheads, you'd better have a sound that sends to overcome the lack of second guitar and it does not lose power in the overall sound), if I test other amps, a Hartke combo with aluminum cone, Berhinger (also aluminum cone), two bodies bugera, Genz Benz, live on the sound, the sound is always correct (ok, it depends on the amp, it lacks dynamics and low on Berhinger is cold on the Hartke, but the sound is more or less safe), the bass gives off a rather warm with its EQ flat, either with a pick or finger, she also defends slap, although I think it's not his area of ​​prédiletion because of its thin frets.

Playing with the EQ, we can approach every style of music, big sound to play from metal to blues to dub and reaggae, this bass is very versatile, if mêm cce on a point many will prefer electronic active, but it is still a good bass in many musical fields, this is a point which is also the reputation in the precisions of fender.


I use regular (very regular, minimum 1 hour per day) since August 2010, it has never dropped, no glitch, a strength test at all, and I say this knowing, mine is more like Now a series of fender road worn as classic.

The color is beautiful in its sunburst and anodised aluminum plate (near gold), and it ages very well, watch the road worn, which is at the same low characteristics, just change the finish.

I tried countless low before I stop on this one (I do not remember any) but I can quote the bulk of the Ibanez ATK series, SR (with bartolini), the music man stingray, fender standard jazz bass and sharpness us, the active jazz, precision special (the one with a micro JB), Warwick corvette, Gibson Grabber, Cort Action and craftsman, Rickenbacker 4001, Epiphone thunderbird (acive that too), and my choice is stopped on the Fender Precision 50's, already because of its price (obtained for 800 € new), its sounds, the look "pass" but slamming, good violin worth of us in the series fender, and his personality.

Apart from the handle which is a sacred buche (which suits me very great), I have no complaints. Others probably find flaws, but I love this bass.

To conclude a very good bass without any problems worth the standard sets us at the violin and sounds at a much lower price, this little Mexican (which is rumored, will American violin making) is compared to its big sisters.

A choice to do again, except perhaps with a jazz bass with a handle seems easier to play as much end (well, by changing the pickups), or with a larger budget conscéquent, the dream of Rickenbacker or music man stingray, but here we go again in the range above.

Trashkhan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An excellent tool"

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

Made in Mexico.
Alder body, anodized aluminum cover.
Bolt, 20 Frets, Scale 34 "(864mm), width at nut 44.5 mm.
1 piece maple fingerboard
Micro Fender Standard P - Bass / Single Coil, 1 Volume and 1 tone knob.

Details can be found easily on the Fender site.

This instrument is for my taste very well finished, has a resonance for my taste rare, even non-connected and playable without further adjustment.


Having played on the handle fairly low end (Thunderbird, Jazz Bass) adaptation to a thicker handle takes some time. This adaptation aside, the handle of accuracy is very nice.

The overall balance / ergonomics are good: no "diving header" and the weight of the instrument in the average.


My record is rather Rock'n'Roll / Heavy, the Precision is perfect. I use it more and more I think that depending on the game and in a certain amount of amp settings, effects used, this instrument can be used all styles.

The only exception for highly crystalline tones ...

I mainly play with headphones on a Bass PODxt.


I use it intermittently since 2009 by.

I have long wanted a Fender precision, and loving the models 'old' (vintage) I turned naturally to the model without trying it before ... GAS?

I am very pleased with this instrument, its look, build quality to its tone.

I do it again (s) that choice without any hesitation.
NzZzU Le Bassiste  Fou01/09/2007

NzZzU Le Bassiste Fou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass
- It is made entirely in Mexico over Emonts of hand because it is a HAND-MADE
- It has 21 frets and the pickups type precision


- The stick is more enjoyable, treated in a very special way by the men of fender that have applied a kind of varnish (I do not know precisely what it is)
- Access to acute, however, is not really difficult being in the habit of playing a MusicMan SUB we must recognize that the handle of the MusicMan access to acute turns out to be easier.
- Ergonomics is quite good if not much lighter than excelelnte MusicMan sorry for the comparison but the bass are really smusicMan exceptional, in short 'I play this the way the bassist of rage against the machine, Now Audioslave, C'a to set very high on the torso, it's nice that way Player Characters
- About the sound it turns out to be plsu is efficient and easy to find.
I also think that there is no low that the sound is easier to find two buttons and you turn there is lol


- I wanted to change the type of sound, the Fender Precision bass was I was looking for
However, the discovery of the model 50's reissue is a great surprise.
- I now play on an amp Gallien - Krueger (sound flea, for example) then it proves complètemetn to try.
- Just plug it to understand it's his accuracy that is simply beautiful. Effective punchy sound that we recognize even playing in a group.


- I use it for some months and what I like more - beyond the sound itself - and even the fact that it is finished by hand I think it is the "mouth", the varnish on the handle The handle rounder on another fender, faster and more enjoyable, all formed by the handle and the body is a palace of the eyes and overall ergonomics is extremely satisfactory.
- I had the choice to change to a low of U.S. highway and luckily but I preferred to keep this model, a model that is limited in the world. . .
- The value is "good" while it is true that the price of the store from thomann example is somewhat supported, but if you can buy either used or on the internet to run less than 1000 euros , bursting,
bass handmade (hand assembled and finished by hand), a limited model and a fun, cozy, comfortable playing quite exceptional.

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