Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Deluxe Jazz Bass series.

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All user reviews for the Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 17 reviews )
 13 reviews76 %
 3 reviews18 %
 1 user review6 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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King Loudness12/31/2011

King Loudness's review"Killer quality bass"

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
The Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass is a model from Fender that was meant to be a sort of classic and elegant take on the typical Standard Jazz Bass mixed with a Fender P Bass. The result is essentially a great bass that covers both the Precision Bass and the Jazz Bass tones quite well in an expertly crafted and high quality bass guitar. It is crafted in Japan and features a basswood body, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, black hardware, nice cream binding, and a pair of Fender pickups (a P Bass pickup in the front coupled with a Jazz Bass pickup in the back. The controls are simple volumes with a master tone.


The design of this bass is pretty ergonomic I would say. It's reasonably light and forms to the body well. The basswood makes this possible by being a particularly lightweight wood to work with. The shape is nicely contoured and is no issue to play standing up or sitting down. The upper fret access is great on this bass, though there is only 20 of them as opposed to 22 or 24. Getting a good sound is quite easy. The basswood/maple construction offers a nice punchy and full sound that works well for funk, blues, rock, jazz, you name it. The P Bass pickup offers some nice and rich low end thump, whereas the J Bass pickup is brighter and clearer, great for more trebly sounds. You can even blend the two together for some awesome middle of the road tones.


This bass has a great sound. I'm primarily a guitar player so when I do pick up a bass it's because I really like its playability and pure sound. This is definitely the case with the Aerodyne Jazz. Through my Fender 1x15 combo amp the tone is very thick and full sounding. The bass sounds clear and distinct on all positions of the fretboard, and the contrast between the thicker bass tones of the P bass pickup verses the clear and bright tones of the J bass pickup make this a very versatile instrument. Adding a bit of distortion to this bass made it sound really grungy and aggressive, very cool for rock styles where you can trade definition for a more rippin' tone. The only thing to watch is that you will get a bit of noise due to using the single coil pickups with distortion.


All in all I think the Fender Aerodyne Jazz is a great bass for anyone looking for a unique take on the standard Jazz or Precision Bass that's melded together in one cohesive and great sounding package. They're built to a very high quality standard and the tones are excellent. Not to mention the classy look as well. At $800 new these basses are a killer value for the money and definitely worth checking out.

MGR/tonybr777's review"Fender Aerodyne Bass"

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
I paid $630 for this bass and bought it online. I have been playing bass for about 1 year and only seriously started practing the last 6 months since I joined a band. I had a ESP bass and I liked alot but the wireing somehow went bad. A friend fixed it for me but after a couple of weeks I had the same problem (a strange rattle for a while and then it would stop making a sound at all). I had bought my neice a fender squire bass along time ago and she never used it. so I borrowed that and the guys in my bad said the squire bass sounded great. I missed the feel of my ESP bass but the sound was good on the squire. So I decided to upgrade to better Fender bass. I chose the Fender Aerodyne bass because it seemed to have the smallest neck radius and it was light weight. I thought that this would help me with my left hand. During fast parts of songs like Tom Sawyer by Rush my left hand/arm was reaching the failure point and I couldn't play until the song went back to a less intense part. I know that more practice is the best cure for this but I thought since I am buying a new bass anyways I might see if a smaller neck raidus helps. Also, the light weightness of the bass would prevent my neck and back from getting a little sore the next day after practice.

The weight of the bass is light and I can play all night without getting a sore neck or back. I like the placement of the input jack on the body of the bass. With my old ESP bass the guitar cable would always hit the floor and bend at the head of the cable when sitting in a stand. This doesn't happen when the input is on the body under the volume and tone controls. Also, I like the placement of the tuning machines. I just like having them on one side of the neck instead of having some one side and the rest on the other. I guess the most important thing is the sound. So far I like the sound I am getting out of this bass. When my band recorded some of our stuff during practice I was very happy with the sound of the bass on the recording. It sounded very good.

When I first got the bass in the mail I was a little suprised by the look compared to what I had seen on the web. I thought it was solid black but around the edge of the body there is a very thick and noticable wood/white color strip. It changes the look alot in my opinion. It looks kind of like white wall tires. At first I was unhappy and when I called Fender they said it should be solid black. But the person I talked to on the phone didn't know what they were talking about. I mailed their customer service department and some guy from Fender called me and told me that the wite stripe is supposed to be there and that you can't see it in the pictures on the web since they were taken using a white background. The fender guy said they were not going to get new photos for their web site. I had a few other questions/complaints but the Fender guy seemed pretty hostile and I was busy at work so I tried to get off the phone with him as soon as possible. Anyways, the guys in my band like the look of the bass and I am starting to come around. I guess the strip gives it a sort of classy look and it would fit in being played in jazz band as well as a rock band. My ESP bass was solid black and I loved the way it looked. But when I am playing all I really care about is a great sound. I am still playing around with the volume controls on the Aeroydyne. Right now I am turning the middle volume control all the way up (I think this gives the bottom jazz pickup the most control/volume). I am turning the top volume control all the way down. I seem to get alot of fret rattle and harmonics when I turn this control up. I think this control affects the percision pickups but even when I have it down to zero I think the percision pickups are still contributing to the sound. So its kind of confusing. Since there is not a manual for this bass I can't read about exactly how the volume controls are supposed to affect the sound of the different pickups. It almost seems like each volume control affects both pickups. Note, I can probably fix the fret rattle by adjusting the action but but for now I like the feel of the strings and I don't want to change anything.

On the back of the bass there is a small cover that you can unscrew to get access to the wiring of the controls. When I got the bass the cover looked like a piece of cardboard. It stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the high gloss black color of the body. Later when I took off this cover to see what was inside I found that the other side of the cover was plastic and had the high gloss black color. So the cover had been screwed on backwards. The Fender Customer rep seemed angry when I mentioned this to him and he stated that they do not come out of the factory like that. He said my bass must have been used and someone else screwed the cover on backwards. It wasn't a big deal to me since I could just screw it back on the correct way. But when you spend alot of money on something you want the little things/details to impress you. You don't want to find minor flaws like this. Which brings me to the pickups. One of the pickups was tightened down alot on one side and barley screwed in at all on the other. One of the swrews looked in danger of falling off. All the pickups seemed to be very loose. The guy from Fender said it was supposed to be like that and that it made the pickups fit the contour of the bass. I had no idea what he was talking about. I have read about how the hight of the pickup can affect the sound of the bass but I haven't heard that you would want to have one edge of the pickup very high and close to the strings while the other edge is screwed down tightly. I may be wrong since I am not an expert. But I went ahead and tightened the screws a little and tried to adjust the pickups to be alittle bit more even.

I am getting a good sound out of this bass and I like the fact that it is so light weight. Because of this I am keeping the bass and am happy with it over all. My experience dealing with Fender customer support was not good. But when I am jamming with my band I am not thinking about that.
I thought my old esp bass looked better but stoped working and my new Aerodyne bass is serving me well.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Mike's review"Fender Aerodyne"

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
I ordered this bass off Musiciansfriend.com It was alittle more expensive, $630 but it was well worth it.

I really like the look of this bass, its sleek black color is perfect all over the bass. It has alot of really high quality parts too and its a fender so it must be good.

The only thing I don't like about the bass is that it has a P-bass pickup and a J-bass pickup, its really awkward.

The constrution is perfect, with seemless curves. I think its one of the best built fenders out there now. I haven't had a problem yet with it.

If you want a beautiful bass thats high quality and medium cost buy this bass, its an awsome choice for the jazz bass player.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Denver Ken08/26/2003

MGR/Denver Ken's review"Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass"

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Purchased from ProSound in Denver, Colorado. I wanted a bass that could get both Jazz and Precision bass vibes, and this one not only had that, but was extremely classy looking. I paid $599.

Tone. Classic Fender bass tones, from Jamerson's P-bass thump to Jaco's Jazz bass growl and burp, and all points in between. I need a lot of tonal flexibility and this bass has it.

Construction. The construction is good, too. The neck joint is tight and solid, the electronics are good, tuners too.

Looks. The bass is very classy, period.

No color choices. I might have preferred a tobacco burst to black.

Fender strings. Yuck!

I prefer strings-through-body but it's not a huge deal.

I feel the quality of this Japanese-built instrumentis as good as the U.S.-made Fender instruments I have owned. It feels very solid to me.

A "can't miss" buy for any bassist. The bass sits well in the mix, plays easily and is lightweight. I'm really enjoying it.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

lisku's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very good bass"

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Japanese body at the end, rather passive, lightweight, pretty face, beautiful dress
https://static.audiofanzine.com/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gifdropoff Window


Handle very easy and enjoyable to play
Lower trslgre (thank you with a fine body and essence (linden)). Suffering from back I greatly appreciates ...


Versatile bass with both micro Jazz and Accuracy. I play many styles and therefore appreciates this versatility
A new bridge would probably be interesting but I gard the original one at the moment.


I like so much that I have two. A mounted flat net and a std net.
benefits: Versatility, lgeret sleeve price

the disadvantages: most finishes are not exported outside of Japan. One can find intermediates, but no possible fitting ...

Jerome1983's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
-Made in Japan
Channel: 20 frets, 34 "
-2 Microphones: 1 Precision Bass and Jazz Bass
-3 Knobs: 1 volume + 1 tone micro
Flip-standart = a vulgar piece of bent sheet metal ...

Fender's standard in this price range. I'm still very disappointed by the bridge ... on the other hand buttons, mechanical and hearsay are finished easel "Smoked Chrome" the most beautiful effect. It was the note at 7 / 10.


I turned initially for a Jaguar Bass (active) but I was initially disappointed by the sound and especially the imbalance of the entire instrument!

So I rabatu Aerodyne to this shape, and look so appealing. The instrument is lightweight and much more balanced. The handle is a delight! and access to the treble is fairly easy.
I play finger and I can position my right hand perfectly and is pretty cool!

At the sound, the knobs do not allow very fine adjustment. Rather, the on / off ... This will reduce my rating to 7 / 10.


I play in a rock band. It was pretty raw sound and pure. (Http://www.myspace.com/clocknworks) This bass suits me especially in this style. The roundness is just intoxicating highs are crisp, good depth ... "/>
However, it does not leave a very diverse range of sounds ... but the little she does, she does it well! and as I said, the knobs do not allow precise mix of the 2 microphones ...
Sometimes I have to play on stage directly with a junction box (no amp) with this bass and my sound was still cool.

I play mainly finger out but the bass sounds too perfect to slap or pick.


I have the bass for 6 months now. This is my second bass. I was looking for a proper instrument to play with my band. It works well for sounds that I wanted. Moreover it is really beautiful. We could play in his underwear kangaroo with this bass, you're still the class!

However, I begin to have toured the sounds and I feel a bit limited ... I think I will evolve into an active bass or at least a passive offers a range of sounds a little wider.

The quality / price ratio is almost perfect, just missing a bridge a little less cheap. I tried a lot of other bass in the same price range (900 to 1000 €) and Fender just kidding about this.

At the time, I was reluctant with Sandberg J-style in the same price ... I do not regret it, but almost!

If this bass suits your sound, go for it without hesitation: she is beautiful, efficient, balanced and pleasant, even flattering to be used.
If you are looking for a truly versatile instrument, go your way.

djannos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Made in japan
20 frets, a micro-bp central bridge and jb
A microphone and a volume Tone gnrale


Channel trs enjoyable, fairly late "a German motorway"
accsa dernire the cargo limit but good all the same ...
the styling of the body offers good ergonomics, comfortable sitting as standing
it takes a little time to adapt when the rglages, but once you understand the stuff is crazy!


I play a little bit of everything from funk to reggae but also rock, and is comfortable in trs all these styles
I play on a Genz-Benz with an hp 15 "
thanks to two types of microphones, we find the fender's either bp or so jb: bass round and lime but also very sharp and crystal clear treble (with good rglages)
I put him 10/10 because I am falling in love ^ ^


I use it for a month and I do lche more! I especially like the beautiful black dress and the standard range of sounds it offers ... The bass is versatile than I expected!
I tried jazz bass in the same price range, and has dmarque far ...
qualitprix the report is standard, I do it again this choice plutt ten times that!
despite what I think, this is only my opinion and it would be better if you even eesayez you to judge ...

Slysher's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Well, at this level, no need to dwell more than what has been said, except to say that despite the fact that this is not an American, it is very well made, the finish is very good, Mechanical do their job. For now, no problem at the technical level (it is about 6 months I use it). Worth a good little 9 / 10, remembering that this is not a Fender, which would surely US cost four times as much, if you want to compare it to a P-bass deluxe example.


Also a 9 / 10. The first thing that shocks by taking the low hand is its weight. Incredibly light for a low, very nice for shorter riders like me, so I can move without too much soreness the next day, but I also think it's very enjoyable for everyone.

Then the handle: it is a very nice race rather late, although there are much smaller. Anyway very nice to handle and convenient to maneuver "risky" leaves a great freedom of movement, in fact, for small hands.

Otherwise, the sound will depend more than the amp as the bass, which can be configured at leisure in the manner of a P-bass or Jazz bass, with little more roundness in particular. We must make the right choice between the two microphones, equalization choose between the two, and it provides a range of sounds rather large and very varied.


I play in a rock band French tend to quiet, with acoustic guitar and piano. I was looking for a sound that can be well rounded, and with the assembly of the two pickups I could get what I wanted.

Unfortunately, my current hardware does not allow me to draw all its essence, far from it. In fact, I only have a Hartke amp 30watts. Rather pathetic is not it? Anyway, the times I could use another amp, the bass was up to its name. Fender, the king of electric basses! My experience was the most conclusive of Warwick Pro Fet amplifier 5.1. I had to spend about 1 hour to complete the settings on both the bass on the amp, only to get a splendid, which was well defined while still being very round.

I was also able to get fun sound very rock cutting, for example, the microphone located in the simple bridge, in order to get the sound of a P-bass. Or otherwise obtain a sound worthy of a Jazz-bass by decreasing the microphone volume double.

Obviously it's a long job of mixing multiple settings with those of an amplifier, also many of the bass. But the sound is there! With a little time can be achieved with its huge range of the bass sound worthy of the big rock greasy (but are not as effective as a MusicMan example) to its all round very soft like that I was looking for .

This bass deserves a good 10/10, as its palette of sound is not only huge but also quality.


So here is obtained by a low offer a very wide range of sounds, great quality and a good finish.

It also has a great look, which plays a lot in its favor, it must be said. Moreover, it is still a small effect on stage! But as the look is not everything, it should first be able to make their own opinion. If you are looking for an aggressive sound, this bass is not so much for you, although it is possible to take something out! But for everything else, from blues to punk (old punk, or bass guitar as much as disgusting), but rather it should do well. Unfortunately, it remains very difficult to find in stores, which forced me to order it online. With a guarantee of course.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed, quite the contrary! I have tried the Fender P-bass and Jazz bass, for example, and Ibanez, offering the same principle of microphones. The sound is halfway between the two Fender, although different, not worse, but different, and significantly different from Ibanez!

This "Jazz-Bass" Aerodyne is a unique low, which of the mouth and sound! I will surely keep a few more good years!

Its price is largely justified, I would do this choice. And if one day I can afford (we can always dream!), I hope that the reissue Fender US version, so you can use the low of my career, in my opinion.

For both beginners and experienced, this bass is an excellent choice. 10/10.

romico's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
- In what country does she makes? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)

- How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?
contrary to a previous opinion, I have 20 frets and not 22. This bothers me a little .. it stops at the top r, and I confess I have a prfre fret over to finish on a mid to top! for micro adj ca t said.

- What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
standard rack. I plan to replace it with a badass II.

- What are the rglages (Volume, Tone slecteur micro ...)?
everything is already said.

- What type of race?
C handle, fender standard pitch. Aerodyne attention there are "short scale" with shorter pitch.


- The handle is it enjoyable?
trs enjoyable. C shape thank you!

- Access in acute (dernires freight) is it easy?
is fair, it's not on a neck-through, but it's not a guitar either!

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
impeccable! I love the table bomb! no too heavy nor too light. well balanced, the bass stays in place even if you jump in all directions.

- Gets it easy to sound good? ...
Yes. very versatile thanks to the precise configuration + jazz. only problem is that we often turn two knobs at the same time when you want to change color in full play


- Appropriate are your style of music?
Yes. I play dub, rock, funk, reggae, ska / punk. it goes everywhere.

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
of a fender I know how old that makes more MODEL, a 100W with a 15 HP. "mainly a Tech21 XXL distortion, a DOD envelope filter.

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
you can almost do anything! it is true that when you have to push in the exreme a style you feel the limits. example for a more than heavy, jaime best active equalization, but the amp peak ca.

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
the sound "just a background" is nikel!
neck pickup a pickup hit bottom + + = cut Tone happiness


- How long have you use it?
1 year

- What is the particular feature you like most?
the look (white with black binding), the sound, versatility

- The least?
book with the cover: not padded ... buying has become a softcase.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I never store a low flash. the one I bought without trying it lay, and I flash.

- How do you report qualitprix?
TOP! I did it import without going through a retailer! and as the yen was very weak I've gained a lot. I had to pay a little less than 600 euros total (ports, customs and taxes). there is much for the price.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

bdkboss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
That says it all down ^ ^
I just put 9 because not enough hoops for my taste (21 would be better t)


The top handle is comfortable, just the absence of request keying a little time to adapt ...
the last frets are very accessible
the form of specific instruments AIRCRAFT actually trslger
the knobs allow many combinations diffrent ...


I play rock in major part, so the PB mic is perfect for this genre, but to pair marrive to JB for a more vintage
I play on an amp Ashdown Mag 300-115 and I have a big muff and a Nano bassball United States both in the EH
I do not have all the sounds Retailer possible but say versatility is required (with a lower limit for the slap anyway)
IMENSIONS and I love this panel!


I have for over a year now
jadore possibilities of the two mics DIFFERENT
I esaaye many other models in Fender (I really wanted one ^ ^)
I think the price is justified (899 in Belgium) since it is a deluxe low
if I could, yes I would do this choice