Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2003-2006]
Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2003-2006]

Highway One Precision Bass [2003-2006], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

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herved21 01/09/2007

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2003-2006] : herved21's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Low manufactures in the USA
20 frets .. it's just hair, it's true! Low team of two jazz pickups (c forcment (jazzbss is one!)
Volume by a micro SETTING THE + Tone


Channel super enjoyable (I have not found better!) Exactly suited my hand. It is somewhat thick and slightly wider
Accs judqu ais' the 18th cargo del to gure ... but you do not go often
Excellent ergonomics: low (very?) Lgre (more lgre some guitars!)
The sound? ... Well why get modliser, traffic, correct?? I plug my highway one on my BXR200 (Fender) and the sound is! I tried with a amliorer ME50B Boss: I can change, but not amliorer!
One branch, play, and that's it!


I am still tempted by the precision (pink floyd influence) but the grass is always greener ... cot
It is plugged into a Fender BXR200 and goes through a Boss that ME50B j'utilie very sparingly (I am using the compression, sometimes the delay, and programming sounds in concert)
I seek above all pure sounds trs (Roger Watters of Floyd)


3 years
prfre what? ergonomics, its sound, its simplicity ... I like the least? The knobs are not tops.J 'prfr'll have a single volume for the two microphones, a balance between the two, and a potentiometer of tonal pregressif
- Not
- Trs good report quality price (considering also the Notore)
- I will go can be a Jazzbass that is not a specially SERIES ... ousur a precision ... but I do not regret my choice