Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]
Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008]

Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Standard Jazz Bass series.

killerkgprime 08/07/2011

Fender Standard Jazz Bass [2006-2008] : killerkgprime's user review

« Classic looks and tone! »

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I'm a guitar player, and I noodle on the bass from time to time. I've always loved the classic look of the Fender Jazz Bass, and because of the thick strings, basses are more often than not, inherently resonant. I thought I'd give one of these basses a shot, and it suits my needs just fine.

My bass has an alder body, comfortable C neck, and maple neck and board, with 2 vol knobs, one tone, 20 frets, a hardtail bridge, and 2 pickups.


My bass is very heavy compared to other Jazz basses, and I think this contributes to the tone in a positive way. The knobs feel a touch loose, other than that, this bass feels very solid and well put together. The neck is comfortable, and it's not too thick, which is a pet peeve of mine with guitar necks.


I'm not a flashy bass player by any means, and I tend to go for a very punchy, aggressive bass tone ala Doug Pinnick and Glenn Hughes. This bass delivers in spades for that, and the weight of it gives my tone mass. It definitely can move some air! The neck pickup can get muddy VERY easily on a bass, but I find that it is pretty clear when I EQ my bridge to get my ideal tone.


I would definitely recommend this bass for the price, as it's a nice mid priced bass with all the features you need to play. Since buying my bass, I've played others in it's price range that felt better, and even more solid, but unfortunately they didn't have the look of a Jazz bass, and although tone is very important to me, I like the traditional aesthetic of my bass.