Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized

Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized, 4-string bass guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul Bass series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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stoneshine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very good bass, a unique sound."

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
Made in USA, Tune-O-Matic, Grover tuners, mahogany set neck, rosewood fingerboard (superb), 2 humbuckers ceramic TB + each with a volume control and a tone, 3 positions (the standard Les Paul: Rhythm / Treble), 20 frets, passive electronics (but incredibly punchy).

Rooms have been carved into the body to lighten and improve the sound.

This model was produced apparently only 400 copies in 2011 (I struggled to verify this information).

2 small flats justifying one point less:

- I think the bridge is a little too advanced. In flat tuning (I tried it in BEAD for example), it may be difficult to get a perfect score just after the 12th fret, even with the setting of easel to the back. But I quibble.
- The varnish does not seem exceptional quality. A little thick and it marks easily (micro scratches).

I end with the quality of service: OUTSTANDING!
Let me explain: there are small rings that are used to block the adjustment screw bridge. I lost by mistake. It works without, do not worry. Being a purist in love with his bass, I nevertheless sent an email to Gibson Europe to expose them the problem and find a solution. 10 days later a courier TNT rang me with a bunch of Gibson containing a complete brand new easel! I did not ask for much. Frankly, such a service that is rare.


The handle is very nice. Without being a highway for fools shredders, it allows a lot of follies. It corresponds to the character of the bass: it is large enough, the grip is natural and very nice touch. I would compare it to a stick for Precision dimensions.
The body shape is not an example of ergonomics. It is not bad but do not expect to have a well dug at the rear to make room in our bellies bassists bièromanes profile. It's Gibson, anything.

A seller of guitars told me one day: "Fender or Gibson This is easy:. Fender manufactures instruments for musicians, Gibson and manufactures instruments for sound"
Alone this sentence summarizes the design of this bass.
Which brings me to his (only?) Default weight. I guess this low pay by the unique sound it delivers. You need a good strap and perhaps alternate with lighter toy to take several hours.
I'm not very thick and my strap is standard, and 3 hours with this low resting on my shoulder, this is the maximum. I think investing in a good strap, one of these days.
But if you play less time, or you sit from time to time (she sits very well on the thigh), the game is worth the candle.

Access to acute is correct. Anyway this is not the heart of business. This bass is made for the serious.

The diversity of settings between the switch and the individual settings of each pickup can easily find the desired sound. All knobs thoroughly, simply switch the selector already gives a good range of different sounds. I even surprised slapper with pleasure on the bridge pickup.


Here is THE reason why this bass has made me crack.

Passage in Quebec, I wanted to bring a Music Man, this brand is widely surcotée our side of the Atlantic. Throughout our discussion, and seeing how I play, the seller has prompted me to try this model. A priori far from that for which I came, I agree to devote a few minutes, which quickly approached the hour. I fell in love, am left with and have never regretted it (since that day I find the Music Man are like nothing).

Above all, its bass is beautiful. Everything thoroughly with the selector in the middle it has an incredible natural grain and reacts beautifully to changing attack. Send a little and it will tickle the tubes in your amp divinely, snatching them the Holy Growl you are looking for forever.
This grain also is that its slightly recessed mids are much more singing than you might think relying on the aesthetics of the beast.
It is certainly cut out for rock plectrum, but it is also nice to the fingers, and goes very well in a variety of styles "old school" (more or less wicked rock, jazz, funk, hip hop, ... ).
I said above, it even allows some flights slap on the bridge pickup. But this is not what it inspires me when I get out of its case. It is what drives me in its territory when I hands.

I made up in BEAD. If it restores the grave without flinching. This tuning suits him very well, if we accept the small lack of accuracy that I described above.

Another notable point: its output level is monstrous. Well above all bass that I tried, including active (it is passive). It easily remedied by properly adjusting the microphones. But suddenly it gives a character of madness by changing this simple setting.
She reacted drive / fuzz / distortion with a terrible dynamic.

It is however not for you if you are looking for a modern sound.


So I use since the end of 2011, before falling on it I tried many conventional models (I had hands several Jazz Bass, Precision and Music Man), and the all-comers (Yamaha Ibanez ...). If you followed, I particularly had the opportunity to compare directly to a Stingray. And for me there was no time to hesitate. This bass is the bass, where Stingray sings nicely.
It returns many other low rank toy.
His only problem is its weight which can be painful in the long term. But for the price it is an excellent model.
And frankly, what face!

HardyPetit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I like it."

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
Site Gibson better than I summarize the characteristics of this low.


Classifying as perfect, the handle of the Jazz, that of the oversized, is not as fluid. Small bemole, weight requires a wide strap.


The Gibson pickup selector on my amp SWR 2x10 is absolutely fabulous for fans like me, of no effect.


I am an amateur bass player, I acquired this bass a year ago. I usually play on a Jazz Bass replica 62, and a precision V, without effect. The look of the oversized too has seduced me, I read some reviews and I fell without even trying. I put a little time to tame. The handle is not as fluid as the Jazz Bass, and weight requires a wide strap for my poor left shoulder 59 years. Without making infidelity to my Jazz Bass and my Accuracy V, I play more with oversized. The precision sound quality mediums, works wonders in the rock 70 times. The Gibson pickup selector on my amp SWR 2x10 is absolutely fabulous for fans like me, of no effect. This is curious as some great albums that we love more over the sheets, the more I play this bass and I love it. It just may be that of a fool Jazz Bass is not easy.

jean_bizarre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE rock sound Gibson on bass"

Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
it's made in the USA and it feels, Grover, Tune-O-Matic .. In short, the U.S. is the Gibson quality appointments. And gold top is super class;


Low super comfortable for both the big rock with a pick lines as for solo jazz finger. Handle very easy to play. It weighs his weight, but it is rarely a big sound with a wafer ... the body is mahogany with an acoustic chamber which explains why it is a little heavier than my jazz bass U.S. but frankly the difference is not really huge between the two.


At first I was attracted by its vintage rock side but after a few hours of play I realized she had superb medium (perfect for solo pastorius style) and it was not a simple low rock .. I am pro bassist and I play a lot of style, it has never disappointed me, electro to African music, it will follow you everywhere (if you know how to get the good sound of course ..)


I use it for over a year, I did some touring and I recorded two albums with .. I had in my possession a lot of bass (Sadowsky, fender, warwick, bass luthier ...) I am an absolute fan of jazz bass and it is the only bass that is not a jazz bass that I like as ..
This is a great bass for the rock but it will surprise you with its versatility and playability.
For me its only drawback is its weight but that really is not insurmountable.
For the price I've rarely seen and heard as good price / quality ratio very excellent.