Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

Violin Bass Contemporary Series, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

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All user reviews for the Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 3 reviews27 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ericthegreat's review"One of the best "

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
I love the Hofner Icon Series and the overall design. Can't put it down! I did, however, receive a bass with several manufacturing flaws that made it very frustrating. For the price I was not surprised, but I was still disappointed. On close inspection the binding work is very sloppy, with stain from the wood splashed over on parts. Also, I received a tailpiece that had the detail pieces soldered/welded on crooked and chromed over. And, worst of all, it came unplayable because there was a short at the cheap output jack. I will say, however, that I kept, fixed, and love mine and doubt I will ever part with it. To their credit; Guitar Center gave me a partial refund because I did not have the time to go through the return process. These are great instruments but, in terms of build quality, you get what you pay for


The spacing on the frets is almost like playing guitar. For being a bass, it is light. Much lighter than my guitar. Sounds that I got out of this thing are unbelievable. It plays like a bass should.


I played it through my vintage Vox T-100 bass amp and the sound was very poor. I still liked the way it looked. After sending it back to a Hofner dealer, they put on a bone nut, put on Hofner Black Diamond flat wound strings and gave it a tune up Paul McCartney would of been proud of. It's excellent, only bass I'm playing now! I've been playing it now for over a year and not one problem with it since.


I have not needed to make any adjustments (the bridge was properly aligned, an earlier problem that they may have addressed). But it does seem like some of the materials are a little cheap, the screw heads and metal parts seem toy-like. The end of the pickguard was sharp as a dagger and I had to file it down so no one will gore themselves. I am going to try some different strings and see what that sounds like. Bottom-line - fun to play, nice tone, nicely finished body. GREAT!

jjdin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" happiness comes in playing"

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
everything has been said in previous reviews assembled in China, quality control microphones German Chinese German electronic scale Short frest 22 + 2 mics 0 Cargo bridge folltant
Comes with ropes rotten roto replaced by HOFNER flat like everyone else
7 for strings and electronics Chinese origin


very fine handle, the handle of a guitar for small hands good access to acute very light when she forgets the door (I always play standing up so I'm not sitting by gene body violin)
Played preferably pick the strings are very close


I typed a sound not describe here with a sustain that is not the usual violin because of the block in the body, it is with the neck pickup to bridge pickup funds cut + / - solo enabled
the microphone is very acute especially used solo with pedals


I use it for 3 months
former musician low income after 25 years of stop I first played on an Ibanez amp and Warwick
I had this when I was HOFNER first extremely disappointed with the resulting sound with my amp easy to play but certainly a penny tres tres tres blah blah, flat not made a big sustain in the medium, very low flat
and then I got an amp and cabinet EDEN of the same name and poof, the full roundness of his depth without being omnipresent and snoring loud and quiet at the same time balanced perfect, what
Very brief instrument player but does not tolerates poor amplification and since I gradually I do not play with my other instruments for abandoning the pleasure she returns well when given an instrument which actually tame its user: a little feminine side?

vsv972's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Timeless classic typed"

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Made in china, mounted with German microphones.
Set neck
semi hollow body (central beam)


Channel sublime! comfortable, quick and easy to play.
The access to the last frets is ideal.
The bass is light and balanced.
Involved sitting the tips of the ribs are sore thigh long.


The sound is muffled, round, rich bass and lower midrange.
Top reggae played for the fingers on the micro grave.
Played with a pick in micro serious choking the palm at the bridge, the sound mac cartney: soft and defined.
Mix in severe acute mediator is powerful and ideal for dezs type 60's sounds.
The bridge pickup alone has a particular sound that I found very useful for doubling parts guitar / bass in the studio.

This bass has a sound typified and mythical.
This is the sound you're looking for then years which still lacks a little something. And it just comes.
on the other hand there are more versatile.


I play this bass for 6 months.
I am completely satisfied: the unstoppable value prices.


Indeed, this low flat nets transfigure and to give its roundness and its definition, using nets round I found the poor sound.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The outline of the legend"

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
See the specs already given.

Curiosity (on mine only?) Controls the plate work in reverse. All are cut on two microphones, turn the handle makes the easel and started high school in Versailles. All that is annoying, especially when explaining Woodbrass is to say "it is to respect the original connection of the first that McCartney was in the hands (it would take me for a ham?)

Anyway, as soon as possible, I order the Höfner in place with its controls as they are made in Germany. It appears that wins a lot in his term.

6 / 10 because of the controls


Low light weight and small size, handle included. Action a little high for my taste. Access to acute, that of a violin (better than that, it's a stick). on the other hand, given the cutting sides, I find it very uncomfortable sitting at stake. After one hour, one gets the impression of the splint and the two points on the thigh.

So Thurs standing, and all the better because it weighs nothing at the shoulders.

8 / 10


I received shipped with round wound strings. A disaster! Sound to vomit. The betrayal of the legend of this unique sound. I almost send it back, the salesman convinced me to Woodbrass to wait for a change of course before I spun a final decision.

Having ordered the special strings Violin (tiny hole of very small mechanical), I actually saw my trial.

That said, either you have to play the amp McCartney to find his sound, it must be cheating with current effects. It is clear that combining this low and a compressor Rocktron changed its sound reproduction at all in all.

At the same time, my Rumble 60 amp is not necessarily ideal, I believe.

Question choice of micro, I am using the neck pickup ever. I find it serves all of this sounds low, both the single or combined with its counterpart of the handle.

7 / 10


It is a low-demanding in terms of amplification, one must know. She failed to deliver me from gross décoffrée flycase the sound I expected ... just felt like myself have made at the time.

Now that I've worked my device settings around this low, if it is really endearing (even if it wins), and it is a (small and light) sample of legend that stands between his hands.

I give a lot, next to it, to try the 1963 version, but mine I like it!

8 / 10

mclen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Hello everyone.

I have just purchased a Hofner Violin Bass Thomann of 255 euros, the Chinese-made model the Hfner Ignition VSB Beatles bass. I can not afford to buy a case.
Anyway the model Hoefner HCT500 / 1 SB Contemporary Beatles bass is also manufactured in china but costs 545 so ... when the model Hoefner 500 / 1 Vintage 63 63 1500 do not talk about.
In short, I REU .... and .... great .... I saw the biggest, I wonder if it was not a toy, the lower the general Paul!
I test on, unbelievable. The handle is very late, although RULES, strings vibrate a little, I'll change any fawn ...
I ordered at the same time a Hofner control panel, a true and Flatwound strings as advice on site% http://guitare.perso.free.fr/Hofner_fichiers/Hofner 20500-1. htm (thank you).

And superb sound (Beatles sound) Easy to play, very facile.Super ergonomics, access to acute nickel after a small adjustment easel and microphone (for tinkering) is a superb instrument . The finishes are correct, may be not as good as the other two models, but the varnish is made, the colors too, nothing wrong. Superb

mca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Enough said before. The handle is easy to treat


Super nice handle, access to acute impeccable, sound, string change is necessary. After that it offers a lot of sound possibilities. The short scale, the lightness of the device make it an incredibly convenient tool. 42 mm at nut remember my SG 61 says it all.


I play on a b2 zoom simulator and sound system, parcer I'm a guitarist and I have not yet bought the bass amp. With that I approach the sound Sir Paul so it's going very well


I was recently on a German site at rock bottom prices 255 euros so exceptional value prices. I have a low tuning fork, traditional sleeve, so for me the hofner is a treat, even if it fauut time to adapt to tune to the short scale. I remake this choice with his eyes closed, but I love the Beatles so I'm not very objective may be. it's more a symbol than an instrument for me, even if it is true that it ensures

Sgt.Pepper's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Most parts (pickups, bridge, tailpiece, etc..) Are made in Germany but assembled in China.

22 frets (+ a zero fret) very nice, well-adjusted.

Settings: volume of the bridge pickup, neck pickup volume, switch solo / rhythm, bass switch on / off, treble switch on / off. Special feature: the control plate is reversed, the knob normally used to adjust the microphone volume is round instead of the volume knob on pickup Jazz Bass.
Nevertheless, it is fast.

The only downside (repeatedly mentioned): the strings! It is not their quality is questionable but the fact that they are "roundwound" and its in no way corresponds to that of a low "unique", the sound is basic.
By changing to Flatwound Höfner (55 €), there was the sound of death-who-kills!


Handle great! You can play easily with the 30-inch pitch.
Good access to acute, the violin-shaped support.
This is a guitar very light and small. It will surely not the robustness of a Fender.

The sound is great (very special) in all settings.


The sound is beautiful (except with roundwound). I do not play with a Vox Foudation but with a Hartke A70. The rendering is excellent so I can not imagine a tube amp!

The sound is great, no need to listen to present "Love Me Do" is exactly that sound.


I have since early February and I love it. Well, it's not easy to find a bass: no moult resellers.
My having ordered from Thomann. My changes are: replacing the strings, replacing the volume control buttons and change the system attaches strap to use a strap original Höfner.
The price / quality ratio is very good but parts are expensive (€ 10.70 / button, it is expensive)

It is a charming low, it is worth the money and attention.

But if I could only have one low (my god, how horrible! ^ ^) It would be a Precision because if one day I was on tour ^ ^ I do not think it supports. One day I will have the version Cavern Bass Vintage to 1900 €. ^ ^

Though? That of McCartney has traveled.
Pierre à la basse01/07/2008

Pierre à la basse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Chinese-made, certified by Höfner Germany. 22 frets, 2 humbuckers, switch on / off for each microphone, a switch "solo" (boost liabilities), a micro volume, no tone. Channel very close, as the original, where a comfortable finish Thurs poor (traces of glue around), but assemblages satisfactory. Note a floating bridge, which, once set correctly, makes it imperative not remove all the strings at the same time not having to redo everything. Cordier voltage much more satisfying than all the copies. For the price, no complaints.


Handle very nice, comfortable hooping, action a bit high (payable after purchase). Ideal access to acute, but the bass does not invite the style "solo angry." Very good sound with strings better than original (the sound of McCartney). Low lightweight, you can play for hours.
For cons, I removed everything to resolve it "as it should" just after the purchase and put "real" strings (Rotosound net flat), not only were they too long, but I farted a more mechanical holding the strings ... A little disappointed, then, since I had to order mechanical original Höfner 50 euros immediately after purchase.


To play rock and blues 60's - 70's is the top. But it can hardly be the only low of the owner, unless your name is Robbie Shakespeare, and that only the Reggae (why it is great too).
I play on an old Peavey TNT, which does the job, and I look forward to see what it gives on my Ashdown.
The sound is very very smooth, see deaf or heavy, but that's what I expected. In fact it's been years I'm looking for one like him and I have found on any bass.


I use it only for a few days, I like the look and sound real real Höfner, price, comfort gaming
I have already said, the mechanical fragility of disappointed me a lot (too plastic "cheap).
I tried other copies, always disappointing, and many other basses (I myself have 3 other basses).
This, I went to the store to try on purpose, and I'm left with!
Excellent value for money given the sound.
This choice I would do without hesitation, but I would go to a luthier before to buy plastic mechanical (I do not know what it's called) before tightening the strings.

fabfan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Beautiful bass made in China by Hofner and is an exact replica of the legendary bass McCartney. Exemplary finish, neat. Pickups Höfner, handle great, violin and quality finish. For the entire presentation, finish ... TOP.


Channel narrow, easy to play. Easy to play like a guitar. Light weight, small size, comfort for a low. Nets with ropes course and a good amp, it can get very nice sounds that can approach the low type beatles (for fans). The low E string is a little unclear on the largest sound (can be flat with nets), but nothing nasty.
The presence of a bar inside the body (semi-acoustic less than the original model) can produce sounds closer to those of a solid body if they are seeking. McCartney playing the guitar on this ... ca does it well (question as to touch).


Very good for 60s style etc. .. especially beatles (it's a low for the fans). You can get a sound close to that we love. Bein and others to other styles (where the interest of the fund "enhanced"). Personally I would have preferred a cash stripped of this bar to a sound even closer to the original. The rope half not very accurate in very low.

June 2007: the problem of the rope is tied to the middle of very poor quality of the strings fitted as standard. Just buy a game Hofner and everything is set. The bass is so frankly advantageous. It is the Inspector of the same page that had the info by the people of Hofner. Basically it's been a Hofner beatles bass to 600 euros.


It is not expensive and a Hofner. Copies have much point .. especially for a fan of the Fab Four. The game is perfect, the sound is correct and sufficient to have fun. The vivid details from the original, until the strap system for HOFNER (Hofner) with the transition between neck and body (one would think). It's a bargain!
Inspecteur Van Loke01/03/2007

Inspecteur Van Loke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

Hello! I am Inspector Van loke

This bass has everything you are looking in the HOFNER violin (this is a normal HOFNER) handle very comfortable with her size 22 frets, wilkinson 4 lifts, 2 microphones HOFNER original floating bridge and tailpiece original system switches specific Höfner, beautiful sunburst finish color on the table, back, sides and back of the handle, the wooden ribs are tight and regular, it's really very beau.les plastic pearl is also very nice and does inimitables.Cette low not a fully hollow body like its predecessors of sixties.L instrument remains very light thanks to its thin and compact dimensions that make the charm.
It is full house here.


Channel parfait.On can do amazing things a musical level, both in technique and in expressiveness. Access to acute is completely unfettered by the shape violin, which offers great playability, thanks to the extent Notes offered to the musician.
The sound is smooth, treble feutré.Dans it becomes dry, but without being aggressive and keeps its chaleur.ca is quite the sound that one instrument research ect.
The switches offer very SPEED tweaks, more or less dull or bright depending on the selected combinations.
Major weakness: The CORRECTNESS at the lowest string mi.C is quite annoying, I can fix it while playing but it's irritating, it puts a little pressure if ever it should used for a session in the studio, however, it must be possible to solve it by luthier.Peut be is this a problem of shrinking, the nut or bridge? I have not found and it bothers me.
why I got fired over this, because an instrument must be fair (whatever its beauty) without having to go in a studio setting after purchase.


The sound is exactly what I am looking for a warm and cozy limit deaf, some titles like the Beatles for example ("something", "dig a pony", "come together" etc. ..)
Two sounds emerge as major choice: deaf or a little brighter.

Despite the problem of the E string quickly returns to the mat, it keeps me really get the best and enjoy it, because I require at this level.
It's really the only flaw, this bass was perfect otherwise.


My choice was made for this bass first because I suffered my influences: I am a beatlemaniac, and I wanted to explore new sounds, new violin (which is very successful here), the HOFNER was unavoidable.

CONCLUSION: Low very easy to play, beautiful finish, nice sound, but the setting has innumerable copies revoir.Cependant innondent that the market can return to the closet.

I would do this choice? yes it is a lower than correct!

It was Inspector Van loke.