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All user reviews for the Ibanez BTB200

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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eric 6511/28/2008

eric 65's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez BTB200
It's a low from Indonesia whose handle has 24 frets. He has a respectable length of 889mm, width at nut is 38mm and 62mm at the table. The two big pickups have DX4 template double coils. This bass is active and has 3 knobs: 1 volume, scale and micro phat 2 which is a kind of boost control for graves.L set is rather light and well finished with a nice shape to me but whose side "metal" will not please everyone.


After a proper adjustment of the string action, the handle, very fine, turns out to be a real highway .... but a long highway ... This may be disconcerting at first, but you get used quickly. Access to the treble is very easy. This guitar is well balanced and light weight allows it to play too long without tiring. The sound settings disturbed me a little early so I quickly gave up looking for the roundness experiment rather big sound very heavy. I also used a lot for the slap: a low action on this four-lane highway is a real push to crime, and there, as there is no radar, there is no reason to sulk its fun ....


This bass fits one or two styles of music I play. I plug in my bass kick 515 in setting the matrix on the position slap. I put the phat 2 and the volume up and I'm just playing with the balance microphones to type in the heavy fingers, pick or see the funk slapper. However, there still this lack of warmth in the sound that bothers me but do not forget that this bass, I bought it new at 270 €. So the contract is already largely filled ...


1 year ago, I went to buy a set of strings and I'm back with everything that goes around. A favorite due to envy of the motorway, the discovery of an original look, sound and heavy metal and a lightweight, all for a small fee. The only real flaw is the accessibility of the cell that requires the use of a screwdriver and lack of roundness in the sound. If today I found out this low, I do not know if I buy it. It is a favorite, an atmosphere of Christmas and New year. I've thought about selling it but every time I play, I tell myself it is certainly limited in styles of play but in his chosen fields, keeping in mind its low cost, it is excellent

Cendri's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez BTB200
24 frets made in indonesia
1 volume knob and two knobs activating the 2 humbuckers

Not much to say else.

I put 10 because it Sufis to concerts and is reliable as mieu ask for a low low end?


Of your purchase I strongly advise to change the strings. For without AC, the access to the handle is so so (rope too high then back down the original) the same for each access to acute but with a new and good game of rope there's really no problem.

ergonomics, nothing to say, eg a little big for a bass but hey it's not a proper one real problem and it has a very correct weight.

very low "plug and play". lower for those who are very "I not break the head and I play"

I put 7 because it's still a low-end. but for a low-end is really good.


It is especially good for those who likes metal or something a little more hard.
the sound is nickel. the two are not in the double lace but with a good amp can ca dchirer in power.

the sound is easy to find. not need to be a chopper pany for his style ... it's a bass that works well is the key I think ...

I put 8 out of 10 because it is "boom boom" when I play with and I have no problem at this level of reliability l.


I for 2 years. but I pass on something else simply based Pasqua I am more typical rock-progressive-blues and disco as metal.

I love the most: it is the correct one for the price. floyd good mechanical and good.
what I like least: its not the knob nickel level quality (not really a problem, there are ways to resolve them very easily on its own without being a pro yourself: I lai proof is one of my knob .. left a little live but a good shot of glue and hop it moves more ...) and surtotu STRINGS! I will change the Suplie ^ ^

RAPORT quality prices correct but I suggest you take the hand because I find that more than 300 euros is theft (I am sorry for my french friends who pays the price ..) come here to have it in belgium below 280 new. Or take a OCCAZ.

I do not know if I do it again because this choice is a way to find very good OCCAZ nine for the same price but if I buy a new one (280 for me) so I remake bin choice .. but I it's a low prcise exclusively for beginners or a little less beginners.

I put 8 because it is very correct