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All user reviews for the Ibanez SR400

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 5 reviews63 %
Audience: Beginners
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MGR/ctargia's review"Ibanez SR400"

Ibanez SR400
Black Finish

Had it on loan from a friend for a while, its a great bass and not that expensive.

This is a great simple bass. It is like a more professional version of the GSR200 I learned how to play bass on. This bass like most ibanezes is great for rock music and has just the tone you need. It has a lot of control with the different EQ knobs on it and is more versatile then the GSR beginner models. This bass is also great for slapping. And I love slapping, the tone holds real well for it. It has 24 frets which I can't stand not having, once you play with 24 frets you will wonder where they went if you play without them (unless you only play root notes and fifths)

I am not a big fan of rosewood fretboards, I always prefer ebony, something about the feel of it just suits me better, but that is more a personal preference then a con. Also I prefer my strings a bit closer together, but again that is a preference.

Well constructed and built to last as long as you do not abuse it more then normal use.

It's a great bass and a good deal if you are a rock player. If you play different genre's calling for different tone, you may need to look elsewhere though.

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MGR/blablablablabla this guitar is radicly narley 09/30/2004

MGR/blablablablabla this guitar is radicly narley 's review"Ibanez SR400"

Ibanez SR400
oh man,this is a long story.I started playing bass around 2002-2003 with a 1970 fender music master that was given to me by my youth paster.but it got stolen at our hotel while on a road trip through arizona.i play bass for my church so i needed a bass immediatley.i decided that i liked ibanez(after about 3 hours research)and went to The Guitar Center and shopped.i found a nice sr400 clearanced at $449.99 and talked the dealer down to 400.after ibought it i went to my cousin's house and borowed his musicians friend magazine and found my same exact bass for $249.99!!!!!!!.i went back to guitar center and they handed me a check for 150 bucks!!!!!!!!(because they have a best price guarentee) . i feel like i got the best deal in the world!!.i walked away that day with a $500 bass that i got for $300, a big smile on my face,and a check for a new bass amp(i just bought a fender rumble 100, its awsome).

i personally think that the Guitar Center and Musicians Friend are the best music dealers ever.period

everthing.the style is aawsome.the axe look is cool.the neck is so thin and fast.you can control the sound so much without even touching your amp 'cause of all the controlls(bass,volume,treble,tone,and more)
the pickups sound awsome

i dont like the weight of it.after about 15 minutes my shoulder starts to hurt(even with a pad).and after a bout 6 months the input jack came loose and started crackling, but once again the guitar center saved the day.they repaired it for free!!!.

well i dont know the input jack came loose fro no reason. the pickups get in the way of slapping,but you can get used to that.

just stupid little stuff

alright i woould probally have to say that its a good quality guitar for a good price.sound awsome . beginner to expert ,jazz, punk, country, worship, rock, metal, it sound good fror all of those.

p.s. dont buy this guitar it sucks

just kiddin'

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MGR/GT's review"Ibanez SR400"

Ibanez SR400
I bought my soundgear secondhand at Music go round in Tulsa. I bought it because it was reasonable priced sounded good and looked fantastic. I paid about 220 for bass and case.

good sound, good price, good looks

while the bass sounds great it could use some active pickups.

built to last- ive been to 2 different countries with it played in front of thousands of people and its still rockin'

A very good buy.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez SR400"

Ibanez SR400
I bought it at Music Warehouse for $500 with the case. I was only able to get this great price because the salesman had mislead me about a Jackson base guitar that I took back and exchanged for the SR400.

This base fits alomst everything I was looking for in a base. I have been playing for a while on a beginer base for about two and a half years. After very extensive research I decied this was it. Everybody I found gave good reviews.
The kneck is very nice and fast. The light amber color goes very well with the hardware. The controls are amazing! I am able to manipulate the sound from the extreme deep base to the classic slap style. For all the specific details just check out www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=SR400&color=2. As far as the pickups and sound of the SR400 goes I have found nothing wantng.

If you are used to playing one of those really light bases, the SR400 will take a bit of adjustment. The neck needs some slight adjustments like all new bases in my experience. The only other complain I would have is that one of the knobs was not very well tightened, and after some abuse has come off. This is easily fixed though.

The quality and construction is great and I have nothing but praise for this product.

During my research I came upon a statistic that said that Ibanez was the most popular bass guitar maker. I was interested in another base at the time so I did not think much of it. Now I know why. The SR400 is well priced, has great sound, and as far as looks go, not many come close. I only rate this bas as a four star because I have yet to find a perfect base.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Mark  Saltis02/02/2002

MGR/Mark Saltis's review"Raven SR400"

Ibanez SR400
I aquired my bass a todays music inc 7770 w. sahara,las vegas,nv 89117
I bought my bass well its my first bass dec 2001 its my gift to my self Ive allways wanted to learn how to play bass since I was 8 years old but Im left handed and every time I would ask some one to teach me they would say you have to learn right handed well I must be dumb or something because I just cant do it right handed any way in november 2001 I turned 41 and I decided its time I found a very patient teacher that teaches leftys and scoured the town for a good looking, and sounding bass this was were I found it Todays music in las vegas nv, the price was $369.00 its a beautiful blue color and when plugged in the sound is thundering with great susstain so if your in the market for a great bass check out the Raven SR400 the price is too good for the quality of the product my hats off to the people at Raven

Price, look and style, shielded electronics
sustain thundering sound


quality is great for the bass not being a neck through their was nothing I could find wrong with this model well built great paint solid soun like I said shielded electronics on a bass at this price is almost unheard of

Great BASS, well made priced just right if its your first or 50th a great addition to any bassist arsenol

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez SR400"

Ibanez SR400
I bought my SR400 from Ritchie's Music in Rockaway, NJ for $375.00.

The entire Soundgear series is extremely versatile, though I went straight to the 400 for the black hardware (chrome is not my thing). The Dynamix P/J combo is great, offering the sound of a jazz bass, a precision bass, or a combination of both. Along with the three band graphic equalizer, the sound can be customized for almost any style of music without using effects. The SR400 has a fast neck, not too wide, but not too narrow. The rosewood fretboard sounds great too. The body itself is sleek and sexy. Made of solid wood, it is relatively light due to its small size.

The SR400 is a well built bass. Although a bolt-on neck, it is on there pretty well and not likely to have any problems. The tuners, nut, and the rest of the hardware ore of outstanding quality for the price of the axe. The only upgrade I would reccomend to anyone is Schaller Strap-Locks.

I love my Soundgear. I actually like it more than the Rickenbacker's I've played.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

jackololo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR400
Low-active electronics has made in Korea (ca may have changed mine a bit dated ...)
-I do not know the type of wood used, but it's not very noble wood (but hey, considering the price ..). I would say the lime
Micros-type precision + Ibanez jazz bass
Cordier-classical, but not type "tole pliea right angles."
-Because it is an old series, volume one general, one volume knob and a microphone to Tone.
-Typical Ibanez neck: thin, light U fast.


-As said before, fast and handle end, a typical brand. The setting of this one is easy and efficient access.
-Good ergonomics. If like me you have the guitar (Ibanez, also), you will not be confused by the size of sleeve. Weight is enough content and form goes everywhere with easy access to acute.
-The knobs are very effective. When you turn, it changes the sound really. Without that it becomes extraordianire. But considering the price of the beast, it is very correct!


-I play metal, and for that Ibanez is the bon.Mais can easily deal with other styles.
-It is played on a Hartke HA3500 head, couple (soon to replace my old VX410) a baffle XL410 in the same brand and a 15 'Ampeg.
-As for sound, I t very happy for years. And then we see that the highs are very sharp, not very interesting, and frankly it lacks the foundation in large bass. Problem solved by mounting a set of EMG PJ. Therefore, the low has a new heart and it shows! I chose to keep this instrument to mount this set is worth almost as much as the bass used, because it is very well made despite its price! She took a good flight plan several years ago, and it never goes out of tune! Indestructible! From the I am saying that it was well worth a lil investisement and frankly, it makes a good instrument. But keeping the original set, it is worth its price already widely.


"I have this bass for 8 years including 2 years with the EMG
Low super-sturdy, adjustable tuning rare and anecdotal handle. Cordier, who, even if it is beefy, a little "cheap": The saddles are of the Fender
T-ca was my first bass. I tried others, but given the price / power, I care!
Qualitprix-report very good. What appears is not always the case if one goes up in line with Ibanez.
-If I had a choice (and under), I let myself be tempted by a Vigier Excess. But (I had bought a 2300E that time used) the same amount in my pocket, I do it again this election!

cocobass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR400
Low 4cordes mahogany. Channel 2 octaves. 3micros. Active. 5 pots: low / medium / high. More volume and overall balance.


A good small bass my faith. I started with the MODEL and I have much trs happy for over two years.
The handle is nice, we enjoyed both octaves and has been ergonomically. As against it is heavy but good .. At this price you can l not have it all ... The shape is nice, simple but modern with plain colors and metalliss for most models.

As for the sound is pretty good. Trs is versatile thanks to its small active pre amp, you can have a lot of good sounds, although DIFFERENT from each other, the pots are trs reagents.
Now for a bass that will now cost about 200euros, it was not a round brilliant and the mediums are too pechus to my taste, to the detriment of serious ... I put all the time the medium rather low because they spit too. As for the rest I was pretty satisfied with it own trs.


I rather rock, funk, jazz and fusion ... It works well it is clear, even if his lack of size really.
The medium of extreme EHJV fact that nevertheless the precision. TRS is a good little low if you're not too demanding, so for beginners and medium level is good and trs trs most versatile! We can do everything with this machine as the large metal jazz.
I got rather sounds pretty fat, but when I wanted to slap the switch I really had nothing left behind at the scale of serious if I want a potato, too bad ...
Personal liked the sound with the tone was serious functional trs I find, but the treble blah ... The slap sounded really metric ... APRS also depends on the amp. I was playing on a Trace Elliot and I got when commando15 even have a proper sound trs when I was beginner.


I used this bass for two years and I changed to a GAL Jaccobacci 5cordes ... There's a world that is clear but it is obviously not the same price. I therefore strongly recommend this bass to a beginner who wants to make all styles and there will be using it explodes it is not especially well trs CHRE and sounds good on all amp types.