Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4

Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4

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Basic Ken Taylor 4, 4-string bass guitar from Sandberg (Bass) in the Basic Ken Taylor series.

4 user reviews
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Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Sandberg (Bass)
  • Model: Basic Ken Taylor 4
  • Series: Basic Ken Taylor
  • Category: 4-string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 06/17/2014

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Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 4 reviews100 %
Audience: Value For Money :

Blackqueen2's review"An excellent bass!"

Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4
A German-made bass that can be custome-made to taste (see their website for more details)

24 frets
2 humbucker pickups
1 balance control
1 push/pull volume control for active/passive modes
1 bass controll
1 mids control
1 highs control
1 switch allowing to get from single-coil to humbucker mode.
Sandberg allows you to choose your favorite wood and color, and to customize your instrument to taste...


The neck is good, although accessing the highest notes is a bit of a pain with the 23rd & 24th frets. A bit of regret for those who do use them (I know, I'm one), but it doesn't make playing impossible.
The instrument's ergonomy is nice!
The body is rather thin, and I find the matte finish absolutely superb (just like on the picture). This finish leaves no fingermark and the bass always looks perfect.


I consider it a very, incredibly versatile bass with which you can find the sound you're after in a breeze fo each and every style.
I use it with a Markbass, and even with all settings at midrange I've finally THE ONE sound that I love, with a heavy-to-taste E and a very Musicman-like ringing slap sound.


I've used this bass for a year and a half now. At first, it was a concession to not being able to get a Musicman Bongo HH (too expensive, and to hard to find one used that you can try before buying where I live). Plus, I only play 24-fret instruments.

I also own:
- a Fender jazz bass 24 (the only 24-fret Fender model)
- a Spector Euro LX 4 (with a great ergonomy that makes reaching the 24th fret as easy as can be), but the Sandberg has still become my favorite bass (with the Fender trailing far behind, as you imagine).

In a band, the Spector stands out very well in the mix but the Sandberg is even better as it also sounds brighter and heavier, with more presence.
Since I've found this Sandberg, I'm less attracted to Musicman: why bother with a so-called renowned brand that is so hard to find where I live, while you can get the Sandberg's "made-in-Germany" quality with such an excellent value for money (the Sandberg cost me 1290€ compared with a Musicman which is at least 1990€ - unless you buy it abroad). So... Not dreaming of America anymore, my next bass will certainly be a Sandberg! :)

Blackqueen2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EXCELLENT"

Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4
Low (made in europe) German made and customizable wish (see their website)
24 frets
2 humbucker pickups
1 balance
1 volume push / pull for Low active / passive
1 potentiometer Low
1 potentiometer Mediums
1 potentiometer Treble
1 button switch to switch from humbucker to single coil.
Sandberg in you can choose your wood, your paint, your color and customize as you wish ....


Good handle, access to acute a little difficult for the 23 ° and 24 ° fret, a shame for those like me who use them, but not impossible to play.
Good ergonomics!
Body rather thin and I find beautiful matte finish (as pictured) this finish leaves no fingerprints, the bass always look impeccable.


I think it is a complete ultra low and found sound without problem for each style. Versatility is huge.
I play Markbass and even putting everything at noon with this low I finally found the sound I like, a good heavy Mi wish a very very flashy slap "musicman".


I use this bass for 1 1/2 years, it was originally a compromise with the Musicman Bongo HH (too expensive, few vendors who have to try, even in Paris and I found one in occas at 1700 € ...) Moreover, I only play on 24 cases.
I have:
a Fender jazz bass 24 (only 24 frets Fender)
Spector Euro 4 LX one (With superb ergonomics until the 24th box fingers in the nose) but Sandberg has become my favorite (the Fender24 being far behind you can imagine.)
The Spector spring well in the mix within groups but surpasses Sandberg because it is more a less a mat, much heavier and far.
Since I discovered Sandberg, I dream less Musicman: why do shit with a supposedly famous brand that nobody then distributes that Germany is next, the German quality is found here in the manufacture of this instrument and the value for money is excellent (Sandberg Musicman € 1,290 € 1,990 less than the minimum buy in the U.S.) so ... Fuck Uncle Sam and my next bass will surely Sandberg :)

wuflea's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredible!"

Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4
While this is a low Made in Germany handmade therefore of high quality. All fittings are handmade. Rosewood fingerboard, maple neck, alder body. Channel 24 frets. The hoop is perfect in my opinion, very accurate! There are 5 knobs: volume (in push / pull to switch from active to passive) to change the micro balance, treble, mid, bass. There is also a switch to pass permmettant Humbucker pickups microwave simple. These are 2 blocks sandberg and split. You should know that Sandberg has 3 brands of microphones: Sandberg, Delano and Häussel. Sandberg seems to be the most versatile. Delano is a very modern and very vintage Häussel. You will understand, Sandberg is the Custom! We can all choose the wood, the color of the hardware, you can also add a switch. Personally, I blueburst color with matching headstock.

If you see this instrument far, we immediately said that it is very good quality. Very good finish!

Brief any good on this point.


I for almost 3 months. The weight seems just perfect! At around 3.5 kg. It does not sting at all. The neck is perfect, neither too big nor too late. Very good ergonomics. Access to acute is almost perfect until the 22nd we will quite calmly. The last 2 are also very accessible but a little less the same time, we use them every day. The right hand naturally arises on the microphone. Just one branch and direct it leaves a beautiful sound. A huge output level. No noise. We also have a true passive mode, with an output level as strong as active. This bass plays alone. on the other hand, it highlights all the imperfections of your game is the only fault I can find it if I look hard enough (if it is a fault).


Me who has a jazz bass jb42 upgraded with Crel typed very vintage sound I was looking very modern genre with its Flea modulus. Well I found exactly what I wanted to see more! It is modern but anyway typed with all possible settings, you can get a much more distinctive vintage sound. Anyway, that's the advantage of having two basses, two have completely different sounds with! My bass is my main sandberg course. The sound can be very jazz and rock and can pass funk. Anyway you can do anything with. It was the lowest of my dreams and I have hands. Finger, it is perfect. To slap it up in seventh heaven!

Brief also very good on that side.


It's been 3 months since I have it and I can not separate myself. Already aesthetically beautiful but I find more level sounds, I'm in heaven. Whether finger or slap, I can not find him lacking. I hesitated a lot with a musicman and I do not regret my choice in any case. This is one of the most comfortable basses I've tried. For 1300 €, it is important not to deprive yourself. At this price, it is a scam .... but for the seller! Even if it was worth € 2,500, it would be penny, and the client would even win.
You will understand, for me it is the perfect bass. Price / quality ratio incredible, incredible quality, amazing finish, amazing sound ... she's amazing!
1000x I would do this choice without hesitation!

Jolabasse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sandberg (Bass) Basic Ken Taylor 4
The Sandberg Ken Taylor has a handle 24 cases in Saddle with a rosewood fingerboard. The body is mahogany. It is possible, optionally, to put a plate of exotic wood (bubinga, indian rosewood, cocobolo ,...). The top is finished acid which gives a pleasant effect to the touch: less smooth than usual, and finishes with an effect of Lger relief.

The fittings are manufactured (like all the rest) Handmade by Sandberg. The standard hardware is black.

Ct electronics, Sandberg Ken Taylor is the team of two microphones Delano humbucker. Their particularity is to be split-(= separable) which allows to switch to single coil pickups push the slecteur prvu this. 3-band equalizer over a knob that allows the balance to swing a microphone the other. With all that, the Sandberg Ken Taylor has an impressive range of rglages. Not to mention the push-pull active / passive.
It should be noted that Sandberg is a German violin maker. All instruments are Entirely made by hand (the same hardware) in Germany. Three people share of manufacturing in the workshop Sandberg.

The ct is very pleasing that many customizations are possible since you your a luthier. For my part, I opt for a plate of cocobolo and Gold hardware, which is the most beautiful effect and helps give my bass its unique character.


The instrument is truly massive and imposing. Timber utiliss as dense enough (especially mahogany), the instrument is quite heavy. It should be adapting prvoir a strap under penalty of having pain after a few tens of minutes of play
However nothing dire ct comfort position right hand is really enjoyable just like the stick that is neither too big nor too late. The pickups are very pleasing to the right hand thumb (for those who play with fingers). In terms of ergonomics to say anything: the shape is really enjoyable, both for the game than sitting upright.
The instrument is specific on, even in the lowest notes.
[update december 2010]: good I admit that after three years of use I bought another bass lgre much more. Sandberg But my still my main instrument.


Sandberg with this, anything is possible. In assets, split pickups, it has a sound mind "jazz bass". In Balanant on the neck pickup and mounting mediums, we get the sound of Zender coolest: a groove!
On the contrary, if we move in so the humbucker is awesome power. a slap shook the walls and it has nothing to envy the owners of Music Man.
The range of possible sounds is truly impressive. Ct slap needless to say that a slap and the sound is truly exceptional.
Thanks mahogany, bass really has a very long sustain.
Be careful however not to let the balance in a central position on pain to achieve a more sound strange, a little smothered very thrust of mediums and with a severe lack of bass.
[update december 2010]: Big thank you P3X-231 (speaking forum bass) who has given me an explanation on what's strange in a central position. This is actually a default installation: "This is a caractristique antiphase. Your two microphones are mounted in opposition so that the two signals" cancel . Unfortunately, quite frequent providers and simply reverse the connection of microphones for the remdier problem (and rediscover the sound of his bass). I tried to open the beast but with all the electronics and son-in that yal, I was confi prfr a pro. And it was cool because carrment has opened new possibilities of rglages.
[last update march 2011]: In conclusion After more than three years of use I would say that this bass is really for the loud sounds (medium creuss). I confess to Lger & groovy sound with more medium (eg its funk) I use another bass.


I REU two days ago and frankly I love it! I love the finish and makes it unique. Ct her I'm really impressed with the precision, the quality of sound and especially the number of possibilities. Frankly it should be any style of music.
It was really a case of high-end instrument, both by finishing as the quality of sound. At this price (from 1300 Euros MODEL base), the report qualitprix is ​​simply amazing.
I tried a lot of bass before making this choice (jazz bass, music man, Warwick, Ibanez sr ...) and frankly I found nothing that really satisfies me: too CHRE, not versatile enough, too common, not very original ... When I Sandberg discovery, I'm all in to try one of the few retailers in the Paris region: Music Arpeges Nogent Sur Marne (94). Just tried and immediately adopt! I ordered it right away :-)
With my Sandberg, I have both the quality and the original price. Nothing wrong!
[update december 2010]: after more than three years of use I stays true to my Sandberg is still my main instrument, even if I sometimes use other basses for varying sounds or pleasure or to relieve my back ;-)

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