Squier MB-4 Bass
Squier MB-4 Bass

MB-4 Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Modern Bass series.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 1 user review14 %
 4 reviews57 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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heads on fire12/30/2011

heads on fire's review"It's an ok bass."

Squier MB-4 Bass
Made in China
Agathis body
C-shaped maple neck
Rosewood Fingerboard with 22 frets
P Bass split single coil
J Bass single coil
Pickup blend pot
1/4" output jack


Aimed at the budget or first time market, this MB4 bass from Squier is of decent quality. It gets a good sound for the price point, but the bass I owned had some minor neck problems out of the box. There were a couple of high frets, and this caused buzzing in some inconvenient locations. I made sure the bass was setup from a professional, but the buzzing didn't go away without some fret hammering work. That's not really a terribly big deal, but most people wouldn't know what to do to correct the problem. And it shouldn't have done that out of the box. Other than that issue, there were no problems. The neck played well after the setup and fretwork.


The bass sounds good. It doesn't get a ton of different tones, but it does make some good ones. There is a good variety of timbres with use of the pickup blend pot. The P-Bass neck pickup had some good growl and warmth, and the J-Bass bridge pickup allowed me to get some good bright Jaco tones. Slapping especially sounded good on this bass, so it would be a nice funk riff bass.


Overall, it's ok. It would have garnered better reviews from me if the bass had come with a good fretjob from the factory, but I understand that the company is making a very low-cost instrument here, and fretwork labor is one of the first areas that many manufacturers cut. My bass might have just been a fluke on the fretwork, to be honest, but to anyone seriously interested in this bass, I'd recommend playing the actual instrument as opposed to just ordering online.
MGR/Jeremy Read01/21/2004

MGR/Jeremy Read's review"Squier MB-4"

Squier MB-4 Bass
My dad bought it for me from a local music store called Pecknel. I think it cost $180-200.

I really like the finish. It is called Pewter Grey Metallic with a Rosewood fretboard. It is unique and I was totally suprised at how nice it was. It has a P/J pickup configuration that produces nice tone. The neck is nice because it isn't really thick or thin, i find it good because i have small hands.

I really love this guitar. Call me biased because its my first but i love it. Its not the best bass in the world but i love it. I dont dislike anything about it.

The bass is really sturdy. I've crashed the neck against the wall a couple times and it hasn't done anything, it hurt the wall more than the bass. The guitar didn't even go out of tune. The neck is connected to the body by 4 screws and it is rock solid.

This is a good bass with overall great tone for any beginner. Its probably one of the best starters in my opinion.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Squier MB-4"

Squier MB-4 Bass
I traded my Ibanez gutir to my brother for his Squier MB-4 Bass. He got it at a local music store for $199.99. Which is a little more than he should have paid.

Nice slim neck and light agathis body.

Goes out of tune way to fast and strings have too much buzz. The pick-ups don't give you as much range as you would think but it is only a starter bass.

Constuction doesn't seem too bad. We have had it for 1 year and 7 months. Nothing has broken or came apart. No strings have broken either.

Ok starter bass. Pretty good for price. You will grow out of this bass quite quickly though.

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MGR/Ben Bourgeois02/01/2002

MGR/Ben Bourgeois's review"Squier MB-4"

Squier MB-4 Bass
I recently purchased this bass through the Musician's Friend website. I was looking for a good beginner bass and this one had all the features i was looking for. I paid $179.99 for it, and shipping was only about $15.

The MB-4 is a great starter bass. It has both a P-pickup and a J-pickup, making it good for different styles of play. It is extremely light--lighter than most of my friends' electric guitars. The neck is fairly slim and is easy to play on. It has 2 tone knobs and 1 volume knob. The paint job looks pretty good, mine is cobalt blue metallic, but it is also available in pewter and black.

The pickups don't offer much tonal range. No matter how much adjusting you do you usually end up with a dull thud, which is not unbearable but annoying. That is my only real complaint about the bass, but it's understandable at the price.

The bass seems to be solidly built. The neck bolts on with 4 bolts but it still seems sturdy. The springs under the pickups are pretty weak--I tried to raise the pickups and only succeeded in taking out the screws. The strings rattled a bit but I raised them and it's fine now. Overall, it's a well made bass for the price.

The MB-4 is an excellent beginner bass. The price is great for what you get.

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faltas7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier MB-4 Bass
Featured Articles The one was already given ... I do not remoulded ;-)


Handle very pleasant thin, perfect to get to know her sleeve!
Access to acute right
Low very light: no back pain after 5 min of games

Obetenir a good sound, it's easy: the 3 knobs and make a "let's Rock"


It is Assé versatile, I have made the study of style with this low ...


Good little low to begin with, I could not fall I feel better now

gaby34000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier MB-4 Bass
See other caracteristik.


The handle is quite classik, and not the most pleasant k'il be, but also the price c, access to the treble is pretty good with 22 frets. it's very light and nothing to say well Balanced, for against the knob unscrews and it tends to move in must be removed for forcabt remetre,! ft. there are not many adjustable so you get used to his or her or else we beh suporte is changed and microphones.
A bass beginner koi. c for tapping this shit down.


IN for this ki sounds! pfiou! asssez classik a mank of immediacy, I jou a laney HMB160w. the sound is super kan I hammered my strings but its just the amp you worry. So slap sound is simply modest. remains low normal without character. pi normal sound is still the bof I.


Yes so I have not try to buy low that the ofSuite (God forgive me) Paske there was a cort action bass ke ke I test and my favorite! but a good 300 euros is not too much to ask mtn I save to buy another! warwick, musicmanSUB hesitate. I ft jou up on my warwick pot at least I pase my nerves! aler chao

Impirius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier MB-4 Bass
The MB-4 is produced in Indonsie (which Reduces the cot, but I t surprised at the quality, it has 22 frets, pickups style of P & J. There three rglages: Volume, Tone and slecteur.


The neck is thin and comfortable, perfect for slapping and is DGIG along its entire length, thereby accder all frets. It is a lightweight and versatile instrument. I t tonn by comparing the instrument of Godin, Fender and Ibanez, the vast range of sounds that can be produced by the MB-4. I had the choice to replace it with a more expensive instrument because the very first time I t victim of a default on the instrument manufacturing. DCID I replace the MB-4 with an identical instrument because of its jouabilit and sound. Excellent qualitprix. I have found as much quality in a much more Godin CHRE.


I can vary the mtal to rock and funk into a sound that adquate. I use a Fender Rumble amp. The sound of the MB-4 is one of the clearest I have given t heard, and also one of the fat. On the SETTING THE Tone is really excellent. We can do a good slapping, tapping the light and heavy rock with only a few rglages simple and intuitive.


I possde the MB-4 last year, the only default that I have found is that the edges of the pickups are sharp. Just file them or add protective, what I did. The handle allows a good fast and it has lots of cargo, compared with the P-Bass. I tried a Squier P-Bass, a Fender jazz bass and (Brive) an Alembic. The alembic I liked, but c'tais above my means. This is definitely the instrument which has the best quality price t given me to see. This is an excellent instrument for the price. My next purchase will probably be a pro-Tobias conklin groove 6 or 5, but the price is suprieur twice in both cases.