Warwick Streamer LX 4
Warwick Streamer LX 4

Streamer LX 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Streamer LX series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Jazz Bass man10/01/2013

Jazz Bass man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great tool!"

Warwick Streamer LX 4
Warwick Streamer LX4 "made in germany" 2012

AAA flamed maple body finish "natural oil finish"
3D Ultra adjustable easel warwick
Handle three parts made of wenge and ovangkol in touch with 24 frets, nut brass adjustable
Freight Bronze: super solid

1 micro-precision type MEC but in reverse, one such micro MEC jazz bass
It has a 2-band EQ:
- 1 volume knob switchable active / passive
- 1 control the balance between the two microphones
- 1 bass setting
- 1 treble


The handle is a real highway! But it is carved a unique way (between PB and JB) and you can love it as hate. The body is also a sculpted ergonomic which makes it very pleasant to grip the instrument. Access to acute is correct.

The weight is quite high but better balanced than a jazz bass, I who suffers from back I can play for hours without complaining.

The sustain is excellent, the precise mechanical, highly efficient and intuitive electronics, and indeed I have not felt the need to change the preamp (despite a dip in the mids), the sound palette is already huge, and this makes it a versatile instrument.

The oiled wood breathe better if it was painted, and I feel that age better that way. Maintenance is very easy. Only gaffe to belt buckles.


This is a very versatile bass that will suit many styles of music, yet it retains a very distinctive sound Warwick, quite aggressive.

In acute swelling and directing the balance toward the bridge pickup was a typed but its Pasto stuffed amphetamines!
Unlike passing passive and using the microphone Accuracy was a sound move, worthy of the old bass and precision of the greatest players of rock.

Even playing on a small combo 100W Hartke this bass is able to express himself and make the walls shake! ;-)


I use this bass for 2 years, I also have a Jazz bass highway one and they complement each other very well.
I found the perfect at all levels except the absence of an electronic three bands that would have been the icing on the cake ...

I searched for a long time and I fell madly in love with the sound, look, and exceptional build quality of this instrument.

This is not an instrument, but especially given the return on investment is huge! We therefore say that the price / quality ratio is totally justified.

I recommend it to any bass player for its sound range, the rest is a matter of taste!
Urban Koala01/23/2012

Urban Koala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A super low!"

Warwick Streamer LX 4
Made in Germany, 97 years, this bass has a great look.
P-jazz configuration, eq. MEC 2-band (which I changed to a Glockenklang 3-band), MEC active pickups. The settings are flying. ball. severe acute for the MEC, and theft, ball, stacked bass / treble, midrange for Glockenklang. The MEC was great, but it lacks media ...
Bolt Wenge, 24 frets, no marks on the button but on the side of the handle. A little thick, but very comfortable, it's the personality of the low nervous, offering his most slamming, lots of harmonics. The body is also something ...


So nice handle, good ergonomics, the body is sculpted, hard to describe, this reference to the touch!
The weight is therefore, I think, but it is very correct.
Access to the extreme treble is not very easy, although I play my bass high.
The sound is just fantastic, with the config as the new home.
It's powerful, nervous response in extraordinary slap, it must try to understand it. The electronics and pickups are very transparent, you can feel the wood grain to each note, no matter the equalizer.
The lack of heat due to mixing of wenge and maple (a very raw, so happiness slap!), Can be corrected with a 3-band preamp. I tried several, and I recommend either MEC or Glockenklang order not to distort the sound of that bass!


Base, so, given the choice of wood, this bass is very typical.
The bass is massive, crystalline treble MEC 2-band version.
With the Glock, it was more of the following heat and presence to the chorus.
You can play everything with this bass. Personally, I play jazz, and I think it brings a very interesting grain, both in rhythm and solo.
I guess for rock, metal and other energetic music, hey ben it must be monstrous?
Otherwise, I typed a little reggae with rastaman, no worries, by inflating the bass, they took the big climbs as they say!
I also took some rehearsals with my jazz-funk, it's huge!
There's a way to have a p-bass supercharged!
It is clear, it can be heavy burr-free, but also fine, delicate ... A palette of sound ill (with 3-band ..)
Accuracy, I play on a Markbass LMII and a NY cab 121.


It's been over a year I use it, and I'm delighted!
She stands up to my stage II (well, at least sustain the same, and then not have the same wood, not the same sounds, not very comparable in fact, but it's low in two very different character!)
I tried the thumb, corvettes, fortress, LTD of, well, the stream is still my favorite model in warwick, warwick and my favorite brand (after a period of worship longuue fool for fender. It over!)
What I like most is its unique grain, his nervousness, his versatile caractètre after upgrade.
It is a low to buy OCCAZ, warwick haircut soon. I would definitely do it again this purchase, the price / quality ratio is unbeatable (in OCCAZ).
I strongly recommend to install a PR2AMP 3 BANDS, transparent to boot.

socare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Streamer LX 4
Well it's Warwick so we will make a quick little presentation despite the fact that it is already known hyper.
Made in Germany
Easel 3D Warwick
Channel wenge and ovangkol
Maple body (I think)
Microphone configuration: MEC Precision + Jazz
Electronics: MEC active in passive switchable by the switch


A very nice bass to play despite the fact that I find it a bit unbalanced.
Strangely I do not agree that my counterpart over the Corvette seems more balanced (may be because the Corvette that I have a custom stick maker)
Body shape (concave) is particularly pleasant and beautiful effect.
In terms of access to acute: no worries.


With regard to the sound is really great!
This gives a very wide range, always the grain Warwick: it "growl" and group it refers directly compared to other basses.
I use it on a head Ashdown Mag 300 Evo II Ashdown coupled with a 8x10 Ampeg SVT 12 or ET depending on the circumstances and an Ampeg BA115 in repeats. Personally I prefer the config for all Ahsdown when I play on this Warwick (after it's only a matter of taste).
I play rock and it's really appropriate. Anyway Warwick is a brand known for its versatility, so it would match most styles in my opinion.


I have this bass for about 3 months and I will not let go of here a long time!
If I had to redo what choice I would not hesitate a single second I am a "Warwickien" done and this bass reinforces my image I made of Warwick, a perfect violin, a great sound, comfort games almost flawless (except the small imbalance).
Value for money simply enormous!
I recommend it!

kamtar35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Streamer LX 4
Made in Germany 1998
24 frets
A micro and a micro precision Jazz MEC Active
table Saddle marshes, wenge neck classic 3 parts, brass nut
mcaniques dores
A volume button (switchable active / passive)
An acute one and a low balance potentiomtre rglage microphones


Channel trs though more enjoyable "pais" than average, ACCS Acute easy, good sustain. Less prcis of r and G strings (dj problem encountered on a corvette WW).
Although balance and you do not feel its too 4 kg.
Warwick is above all the low types that have the characters. As for some low high marks we like it or not. no need to compare Fender, MM and others.

edit of 15/07/2011
After a few concerns mtal rod in the handle that vibrated (not the trussrod) I did change the key (BNE). Now everything is nickel;) and she saw me too!


I've mostly rock (prog, rock 70's) mainly Thurs fingers, no slap (but be great).
It's a bass that has a lot of power and more personality than the Corvette. The spectrum is REPRESENTATIVES (acute, med, low) to give a quick rglage balance.
I played on Trace Eliot, Eden, Acoustic, Peavey, always with much pleasure.


I bought OCCAZ 9 months ago.
I love its power. INTERESTED Possde a sound spectrum. May be lack of "crystal" but I do not drang what I want out.
Even when a default, varnish and wood are somewhat fragile, it is quickly registered (and yet I'm like "maniac").
I had a WW standard corvette active before, and frankly there's no picture, outside of the handle that is identical (except the saddle) the Streamer has more characters and sound balance, many more p che in med / high.
I do not regret that choice. the report is qualitprix trs good (700/800 euros OCCAZ).