Yamaha RBX270

Yamaha RBX270

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RBX270, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

25 user reviews
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Yamaha RBX270 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Model: RBX270
  • Series: RBX
  • Category: 4-string bass guitars
  • Added in our database on: 02/02/2013

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Yamaha RBX270 user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 25 reviews )
 20 reviews80 %
 4 reviews16 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money :

boristhespyder's review"great bass"

Yamaha RBX270
made in taiwan 2002 dec.volume,master tone,pickup balancer
24frets pj configuration,standard bridge,maple neck rosewood fretboard


i bouth it in 2003 april for almost 400euros here in macedonia and blew me away,once you tune this bass the other tuning is gonna happen when you are gonna change the strings.i put nickel wound and the sound is amazing,the thinest neck beatiful disign i would not change for anything.the pickup balancer is the real deal-no toogle switch no pickup selector.whit balancer you can get a p-bass but swich just a bit to the right and you have 80%p and 20% j and huge diffrence,if you want just a j sound all the way to the right and ming blowing growl like tube tone,the j-pickup is so agressive i would recommend for metal players,i know it's said that is beginer's bass but it has better features then a mexican fender and it is i would say head to head whit american standard basses,now i speak on behalf of my bass that is made in 2002 in taiwan i dont know about chinese and indonesian rbx270 but my bass,,, i give 4.5 out of 5


i use 18"RCF 300w 1992(italian made-awesome speakers),15"celestion green back 100w 1991 whit one head 100w d'larios(england) and cajavec(yugoslavian made in 1984)150w monster head GA100B
because on d'larious the bass control is missing when i play whit the j-pickup is like overdrive sound from massive tube head
i mostly play the who and john entwistle technicque of plucking p.s.not sloping and poping


ther is not a single dead spot on this bass like fenders have(9 fret on d string)the harmonics the playability,there are only one thing that bother me.i payed cash and the guy in yamaha just gives me tha bass whit nothing,no tools no free cable i mean nothing i can not adjust the e string i need the lower her down just a little and can not because he did not give me the tool for adjusting the string
i try ibanez,jackson,new at that time fender precision that was made god knows where(china or indonesia maybe was a mexican but it sounded like sh.t.i bought this one and never gonna sell it people that have seen it thinks it's brand new it's in a case cleaned every week and i have offers all of the time

MGR/Moley's review"Yamaha RBX 270"

Yamaha RBX270
I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and bass for about 6 months (due to necessity). I'm in two gigging bands in and around South Yorkshire playing regularly. We play a wide variety of music from Dylan to Uriah Heep, although bluesy rock would cover most of what we do.

Paid £140 from Sound Control in Sheffield 6 months ago (July 2007). I went in to look at bass amps and used this guitar to try them out. Ended up buying the the guitar with the amp 'cos I liked it so much with the amp.

This guitar just sounded so sweet through the Ashdown MAG C210T-300 Combo I was trying out. I tried some other basses with the same amp (including some that were 2 or 3 times the price, fenders among 'em) but this pair had the best sound - it can really growl at you when you want it or it can be as sweet as a nut. It feels comfortable too - nice and easy to play. It feels like a darling in your hands. Good looking too, I got the natural finish. The fretboard is a nice, dark tightly grained rosewood too.

The only problem I've had was with the jack socket. It felt a little loose so I tightened up the nuts, but then it wouldn't play when the jack was pushed fully in (I had to try to balance the jack halfway in!). Anyway, took it back to the shop who ordered a replacement guitar for me, but I liked this one so much (especially the fingerboard) that when it came I asked them to switch the jack sockets (which are sealed units by the way). The gladly did that for me and it's been sound ever since.

Apart from the jack socket, great. The guitar is a basic bass, but everything is solid and works fine. I particularly like the pickup selector knob which allows for a real mix of pickups with the roll of just one knob. Combine that with the tone pot and there are so many different sounds from this guitar.

As I've said, I'm a beginner on bass but I've played guitar for many years and know a quality instrument when I see one. The ABX 270 is just that. It's well made, looks good, sounds well, and plays as good as any of the other basses I've tried. Would I buy another if it was lost/stolen - probably. I don't know if I'll need anything better as my experience grows with basses, but if I had to stick with the one I've got for the rest of my life I'd be quite happy.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Jives's review"Yamaha RBX 270"

Yamaha RBX270
I bought the guitar at Surridge's music center in brandon man. I paid $329

I really like the sound quality of the guitar.

Has problems with regular guitar cords.

Solid Alder Body Maple Neck w/ 24 Frets

It is a good bass to start with and for the price it has great sond quality

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Spyder's review"Yamaha RBX 270"

Yamaha RBX270
I bought this baby at guitar center for 140 big american dollars. It was on sale so I couldn't resist.

First off this guitar just feels nice. It is balanced and unlike the fenders and Fender clones it doesn't feel like it came off an assebly line.

playablility. I tought myself how to play with this baby so it is very easy to play. the neck is nice and narrow accross the finger board.

nobs. what the heck are plastic nobs doing on a beutiful guitar like this? somebody got confused because a peace of art like the 270 should have diamond inlay nobs not stupid little plastic things off of a lego set. That and I honestly can figure out what the third nob does. It doesn't control volume or tone or my hairdoo or anything else. (the first nob is volume and the second is fade in between the pickups) other than the nobs this is a fine peace of work.

Built like a tank. unlike fenders and squires you don't have to sand the neck to avoid getting a whole figgen tree stuck in your hand. everything is nice and smooth. the finish is awesome (birght red) I wouldn't trade this for anything that suire can throw together.

If you can find this for anywhere under 200 get it right now!!!!!! This is a good first guitar and will last you for at least 4 years. My buddies and myself only play yamaha basses because they are so supior to anything else out there. given the choice now though if i coulda go the 170 for 50 less I woulda dun it just because there is an individual volume control for each pickup instead of a fade.

in review

If you think you want to get a squire DON'T

If you can't afford the rbx 270 get the 170

If you can get the 270 for 140 like i did DO IT NOW

If you think this guitar sucks get back on your medication!


This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

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