DigiTech RP2000
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All user reviews for the DigiTech RP2000

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Anonymous's review"DigiTech RP2000"

DigiTech RP2000
Bought from Musicians' Friend for $379. I got it for the built in drum deal, the learn a lick feature, and the loop effect, this helps me with keeping time while practicing scales and jamming.

lot's of effects, able to use several at once, does pickup and amp modeling

Wah pedal is sagging, I heard other people had this problem, it's supposedly easily fixed by tightening the screw.

Overall pretty good, steel box.

I think that this was a reasonable price considering if I bought, 3 - 4 good pedals, I would have paid the same amount of dough, and still not had all the features

I have fun with it, I haven't used the learn a lick feature yet, the loop thing leaves something to be desired, as it doesn't sync with the drum machine easily, but it does pretty much what I wanted. I can play my rhythm with the drum machine, it has an ok wah, the loop effect let's me play a short vamp, an loop it so I can practice my scales in time.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"DigiTech RP2000"

DigiTech RP2000
Purchased at Guitar Center Olmstead Falls Ohio for $400. I wanted a floor effects board with a lot of effects and options.

There are so many options on it. You can use up to 10 effects at once. The V-switch is very handy. It is on the toe of the expression pedal and can be turned on and off like the other foot switches. This gives the expression pedal more than one effect in each setting. Has a MIDI interface.There are two rows of foot switches and you can accidentally hit one of the bottom ones if you are reaching for one of the top ones.Has a stainless steel construction.


Sturdy and durable.

Good quality.Many effects for a good price.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Stratof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" At the time it was!"

DigiTech RP2000
I bought it to play with headphones in my attic room. Complete and in good order, he avoided lumbago throughout this period. I always used to attack the mixer is rarely used for effect or to my students when prices need big sounds.
This is and will be my only multi-effects, my pedal-board the suplante widely.
Not too complicated to use, it lacks in my opinion a bank for modeling different types of distortion / overdrive, if I find that the effects give good, full settings.
Some factory presets are wacky, but serve as a basis to create his own.
It was the beginning of the modeling techniques, then there will always tell when compared with what is done after 15 years.

bloodjob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"One of the best pedals"

DigiTech RP2000
The multitude of effects has already been mentioned, but what we must remember, it is mainly the range of sonic possibilities. While digital on the other hand, no lamp or vintage analog sound, welcome to the 21st century!

It was the famous "learn a lick" to record a passage from an external source (CD or mp3) and board at a slower speed without changing the pitch.

You will have a tuner, a drum machine with 40 patterns rather friendly as 10amplis simulated (very effective), a simulation of acoustic guitar pickups + hp, single or double coil pickups ...

In addition to these simulations, the list is arranged consequent effects: compressor, wah wah, pitch shifter, detune, whammy, harmonizer, equalizer advanced talker (with a vocal mic), (ideal for sound mééééétal typed!) noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, panner, vibrato, rotary speaker, and autoyah Yahyah (fun two minutes), envelop filter, detune (excellent to play sounds from beyond the grave), delays, Lexicon reverb types and effects volume.

The connection is not bad either: XLR outputs to console and micro (talker effect) entry, MIDI and SPDIF outputs, input jack for cd or mp3 player, headphone jack, stereo outputs for snapping loop effect, nothing is missing!

Note a bank of 64 presets nice factory and 64 for the user. I used my 128 with different tests. It goes fast, especially if you play a broad repertoire.


Editing is done via dedicated knobs with values ​​ranging from 0 to 99, a more imposing dial to switch between different effects presented in a table that classifies logic and intelligent manner.

It's very simple, but the manual is very well done and very educational, so it can tame the beast without taking the head. Digitech is known for simple access products yet extremely full and dense.

I also suggested in the manual for this tips RP2000 with a link to retrieve the PDF. The sounds are editable via the south, but I've never used this feature, I prefer the real-time editing on my console or amplifier.


Let's face it. This is huge. The sound that way through the simulation of HP or live on the amp is very flattering.

I play a rather extreme metal directory, but I love blues send small group too. The interest of such a device being able to play alone or in groups, or amplified headphones on a console with transistor amps or powered speakers / lights.

Distos are cold at first, as in almost all multi-effects. Coupled with a surge equalization, the detune effect absolutely énormissime (thank you tunings a simulated tone, it avoids having spaghetti strings or having retune his guitar every 5 minutes), with excellent Delays to magnify sound, and go!

The delays, reverbs and other wrapping effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, etc ...) are very successful, much more than most brands I have had (almost all actually).

I play bc rich pickups with EMG active pickups with JS100 Joe Satriani Di Marzio fred and distortion, Cort evl k4 fitted EMH HZ4, and Dean Dimebag Darell kind with Seymour Duncan SH13 Dimebucker and Bill Lauwrence L500 and 500XL.

Whatever the guitars used, the sound is still super good. POINT! The factory presets are poorly chosen, and still fail to EQ, or an effect that you saoulera.

The whammy is quite excellent, amazing to have almost single pedal and wholes functionality present here.


PHEW! Almost 11 years since I have. Never a problem. I even do the review to change the stack memory that was showing signs of weakness after all this time and replacing the switch of the pedal, which wears over time.

I had a RP7 I was a fan, although the lamp is included in it was saying give body to the sound, I've never been 100% satisfied. Especially because distos really too soft matter what I do.

When I bought the RP2000, it cost me more than 3000 francs, almost 450 euros. I read the test Judge Fredd who had immediately placed as the multi-purpose 2000, a MUST HAVE because there had never been a full pedal in this price range.

Today I'm thinking of buying a RP500 or RP1000 because I remained attached to sonic possibilities and qualities of simulations made by DIGITECH. I read a lot of completely wrong opinion on the amp and I sincerely believe that people who speak are not equipped properly to make a clear difference between the PA in which a multi-effect is connected with the amp and HP activated simus and amp transo or lamps not necessarily cranked either.

I see almost need to have a typical power amp combo or head, because everything is so well emulated and simulated in the end you do not lose the typical grain of a particular amp, without losing its soul.

When I see the price OCCAZ, I charge you to take you over and test. Less than 150 euros in good condition, is a killer.

jef974's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP2000
A multitude of effects available, modeller amps, compressors, integrated tuner, chorus, delay, reverb, tremolo, distortion, overdrive, volume, noise gate, wah-wah, but also the exclusive purpose to own Digitech Whammy .. .

MIDI input and output, digital SPDIF output, headphone jack, output jack (6.35) stereo and mono

Brushed aluminum finish very strong, already 10 years that I have it and no crashes!

Everything is configurable, the combinations are many and almost infinite, I have not yet done all around.


The configuration is simple, the publisher of effect as the setting interface is clear. It will still spend some time studying the manual is very complete, everything is clearly explained!


I use this to save my RP2000 models in direct to my PC, the sound is that satifaisant +, the effects are very realistic, just touch the pedal lacks precision ...


Nearly 10 years that I have this beast, it is still relevant in relation to all that came out since ... Quite expensive at the time, the price is justified largely dismembered. I do not regret my choice

kalvakinz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP2000
Oh la la, a multitude of effects!
It never ceases to discover! Fortunately you can save them in memory!
... Almost everything is configurable it is a real beast.
It is, device modeling. Rather upscale. Y's see ... brushed aluminum case is built to last.
It can plug into an amplifier, a PC sound card.
There are jacks + XLR, so a highly versatile machine.


The system is quite simple thanks to the various columns on the LCD display!
Always we know what we are doing.
Everything is virtually settings, save and combined. That's a big advantage!
You can put lots of effects following each other, without a breath and with great quality, while being able to set each of these effects. This is really a killer.
The manual is sufficient. It is useful at the beginning, as those features are worth reading a short tour to avoid going around in circles with such wonder.


I can truly say that the effects are realistic. Some modeling amps are excellent, others are not up to much (few).
I use it with bass and guitar! More votes (XLR Microphone, Vocoder + death) This pedal can do anything.
The fact that I use less is something I've forgotten the name, this is as alien (? Who play the guitar)


There are probably better, but not at this price.
Indeed, the multitude of quality effects taken into individual consistueraient a phenomenal price! Here everything is concentrated, high quality, well-coordinated. This is the class.
Moreover, it is super important, the pedal is really the ball! It can be triggered on command, can be used for volume, wah .. Everything is 100% configurable and combinable.
This pedal will make you spend hours, days and years before exhausting!

tomari's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech RP2000
All effects: chorus delay flanger phaser tremolo vibrato whammy wha detune a dozen modlisations compressor ...
6 footswitch pedals an expression
in short a complete multi.


Setting a bit to pnible beginners (no rule that only one parameter at a time ...) but you get done quickly.
good one can choose to put the wah and modulation before or after the modeling.
6 footswitch with easy access to preset (cool on stage)


The effect works well. The Wah is average but the Whammy is excellent (requires digitech) great for the trips RATM!
The modlisation honntes but are lacking a bit of natural tear out distos but even when well. Simulator HP limit for connection in DI.


F in 1800 bought secondhand, I'm glad it works trs trs good, BMOL the footswitch and expression pedals tire force jump. Good sound, usable at home or on scne.